I’m at the point in training where I’m questioning why I signed up to run a spring marathon. I’m tired of being cold. Despite my house being a lovely 71 degrees, I walk around wearing a hat and finger-less gloves. The thought of running 18 miles outside this weekend is enough to make me want […]

I highly recommend skipping a long run or changing up your schedule if you are sick. There are however going to be situations where you still need to get it in and will have to make the best of a not fun situation. The weekend before last I skipped Marine Corps Marathon – I had […]

Last Friday I did something I don’t typically do. I quit. 3 miles in to my run I couldn’t take it any longer. The heat and humidity were making me feel like I wanted to throw up. I tried to push through and remind myself that summer running is hard but it didn’t work. I […]

I believe there is a magic that happens on race day. If you asked me to hold the pace I can run 26.2 miles in on a long training run, I am not certain I could do it. That’s the magic of race day. I do believe however that the magic only happens if you […]