As I started to write out all the changes I’ve made, I realized just how many changes have happened. I didn’t do them all at once like I have in the past, I did them little by little. The changes have become part of my life, a habit if you will, that I no longer think […]

Littles: Moooooommmmy – can we buy some more bandaids. Me: I will buy them just this once, but band-aids are a waste of money, they don’t help things heal. Littles: Ummm ok. Can we get the spiderman ones? Me: Yes {thinks to self that I’m throwing $2 away again on bandaids that will get placed all […]

I’ve been trying new things lately, realizing more and more than if I want to feel stronger running then I have to pay attention to all the details that aren’t running. Running is what I will call the *easy* part. In the past 6 months I’ve tried Spin, Pilates, Zumba, Body Works {with abs} and now […]

I decided to join a gym after 6 months of talking about it. Taking a spin class was first on my list of things I wanted to do at said gym. Joining a gym is an easy thing to do. Walk in, sign up, pay the money and you have a membership. It wasn’t easy […]

The first step to any marathon training program is figuring out the long run situation. I write down the date of the race and work backwards. 10 – 12 –  one week out 16 – two weeks out 20 – 24 – three weeks out I know the week before my longest long run I like […]

I know in order to recover properly and keep doing this marathon thing year after year I have to rest. I enjoy rest and I hate rest. After a marathon I usually take a week off from running or working out. I’m typically in pretty good shape physically post marathon so sliding into my jeans […]