First Race DTB

Are you a female who has never run a marathon before and wants to? Is 26.2 your DREAM distance and 2014 is the year that you are going to tackle it? Saucony and Competitor Magazine are putting together a 2014 Team for their 26Strong Program. The team will be comprised of 13 coaches {I’m one of them!!} […]

Find Your Strong Headshot

I firmly believe in my head and heart that I GET to run rather than HAVE to run, yet I often have to remind myself of this fact. Lately running has felt like something I have to do instead of something that I make time for because I enjoy it. At night I always go […]

April 1 - 2

April is my favorite month of the year. Its not too hot - not too cold – just riiiiiiight. The thought of April approaching in March makes my heart leap. April 1st is a very special day for me. It’s the birthday of my great grandmother who died of TB when my grandmother was very young, I […]

Another Mother Runner 2

I’m a big fan of the ladies at Another Mother Runner so I may have been a tiny bit giddy when they included me in their podcast round up post today! Thank you Sarah and Dimity!!!   Link to their blog post: {my little blurb is around 45 minutes in to the podcast} Link to […]

March 1

In a world that doesn’t often make sense I’d like the weather to – I know – I know – there are bigger issues. It’s been REALLY nice all week and now we are supposed to see a 30 degree temperature drop in one day. I can’t handle this - please get it together mother nature – […]


Making room for new spring colors! All tri-blend shirts, men’s, sweatshirts, and blue/yellow 50/50 blend shirts are on sale! Quantities are limited. All sales final and no adjustments on previous purchases.


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Valentine 1

Happy Valentines Day my friends!   Hope you have all enjoyed a nice day filled with lots of miles and smiles. My gift to myself today was 20 treadmill miles <3

Yoga Runners

I recently did the 7 minutes with Sima Hip Openers you tube video and highly recommend it. Sima suggested I try this video out pre or post run. I’ve done it post run and felt a difference the next day! I’m NOT a yogi but I am on my way to feeling more confident when […]

wod trail 1

Saturday’s 13 miler was the type of run that makes you remember each and every reason why you fell in love with running in the first place. It was not easy and it certainly was not fast but it was beautiful and it was OUTSIDE. After spending what feels like weeks upon weeks on the treadmill […]


Want to win an I Run This Body Shirt? There are 3 ways to enter! Please leave a separate comment for each entry. If you comment once it will only count as one entry. Follow Mile Posts on twitter and tweet – I want to win an #irunthisbody shirt from @mileposts check them out here   [leave […]


‘Tis a lesson you should heed, If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try again; Then your courage should appear, For if you will persevere, You will conquer, never fear Try, try again; Once or twice, though you should fail, If you would at last prevail, Try, try again; If we strive, ’tis no disgrace […]


Today is the last day to place an order and have it arrive in time for Christmas. The USPS website says that the last day to ship a priority mail package and have it arrive is this Saturday 12/21/13. I have however noticed that some of the packages that have already gone out are taking […]

Saucony Travel Tips

Wanted to share my recent blog post from the Saucony blog!! I’d also love to hear some of your tips for traveling and running!     Saturday I ran 12 miles before the winter storm hit us on Sunday. I don’t know about you but I find winter to be the most challenging season […]

Greatist Article 1

I’m always on the hunt for new and interesting people to help motivate me in my lifelong fitness journey. I was honored to be included in Greatist list of 50 bloggers making a difference and wanted to share it because there are some incredible people on this list. If you are like me and always up […]

Active Article - Final

Looking for tips on how to become a morning runner? Some of my tips are included in Sarah Wassner Flynn’s article for! Check it out below…. is on: Twitter - Mile Posts Blog is on: twitter – pinterest – facebook – instagram – Snail Mail – Dorothy […]

Vegas Neg Split 1

I’m going to start this post out with a little disclaimer. I do not know any of the women who finished in the top ten at Rock N Roll Marathon, so I don’t know what was going on during their race or if there were other factors that caused their slow down other than starting […]

Vegas 2012 1

 As with any marathon, you know how to prepare better once you have actually completed the race. I’m 4 days out from running Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon for the 2nd time and completing my 26th marathon overall. These are my top 5 tips for making Vegas your best marathon yet! Don’t party too hard […]

Dream big run long website

On November 20th, 2011. I registered the blog name  and the website URL and both have sat there since that day waiting for a big dream of mine to come true. As someone who used to work for and closely with Ellen and Elizabeth the founders of Moving Comfort – I have been inspired […]


If you have never run a marathon before you have most likely heard of this thing called THE WALL. Some runners believe that you can’t run a marathon without hitting the wall and others know better. I’ve hit the wall {many times}. I’ve also NOT hit the wall and had great races where I finished 26.2 miles […]

Lagos - Enso 5

As it turns out returning to normalcy after being in paradise is much harder than I thought. That or the two 19 hour travel days still have me a bit thrown off {wink} so thank you for your patience!! The WINNER is……Janice Please email me at to claim your prize. Thank you to […]


Today’s giveaway is for an I Run This Body Wrap bracelet. I’m a {big} fan of this bracelet for obvious reasons!! I believe in the power of the mind and think that it can control the body. I believe that this statement relates not only to running but also to life. Every day you have […]

ESD Stackable rings

I love when a giveaway gets me excited!!! Today Erica Sara Designs & Mile Posts are giving away one of Erica’s beautiful stackable RUN rings. I am a HUGE fan of wearing things that remind you of what you love, are capable of, or want out of life. I am often seen wearing words, or […]

Hood To Coast Time 5

Last Wednesday I left my house at 4:30 in the morning for 5 days in the Pacific Northwest running Hood To Coast with nuun. There was probably more crammed in to those 5 days than I have done in the past month and my body feels like it! I typically get up most mornings at […]

Nuun 2

I’ve signed up for a bunch of local races in my area but the race that has been getting me out of bed in the early morning hours this summer is Hood To Coast! {} For the second time I get to run Hood To Coast with a team that nuun has put together!! If you […]

Believe I Am Butterfly

Wanted to share a fun giveaway with you all!! Believe I Am is offering you the opportunity to win one of their Believe I Am butterfly necklaces. A couple of months ago I ordered one for myself after lusting over it for awhile. I literally wear it every other day and it’s become an important […]

I run this body --- Jacinthe Jolicoeur

There are so many amazing stories out there of women {and men} who made the choice to change their life and followed through on that choice. Each and every story is inspiring in their own way. I {especially} love stories of mothers simply because I am one and I have realized MORE than ever the importance […]

Sparkly Soul Giveaway

Sharing my LOVE of sparkly soul headbands again today! Most of you have heard me rave about these bands – they are frequently in my pictures – and are one of my favorite pieces of essential running gear. I have an oddly shaped head and in comparison to most women my age, it’s large. I […]

Instagram - Run

I’m at the point with morning running that I crave it. At night I look forward to going to bed so I can get up early. I look forward to browsing instagram while drinking my coffee in almost darkness. I enjoy those first black moments outside and the sound of hundreds of birds awake and […]

i run this body - ctownfitforlife

The winner of the pink I RUN THIS BODY shirt is…. Amber – I have noted that some of you want to enter giveaways but aren’t part of the various social media platforms that are usually required for entry. I’ll be changing this up a bit so you can be included in future giveaways […]