I post a lot of selfies on my instagram page. Not because I like looking at my face all the time, seriously I don’t – there isn’t even one solo selfie on my personal instagram page, but because those posts get the most likes. Hear me out….. I’m always dumfounded when I post a picture […]

My part of the #PathToFit campaign with Garmin and Whole Foods is coming to an end this week. Each week they have given us topics to talk about and we get to “run” with them and make them ours. It’s been nice having someone give me a topic to think about rather than getting lost […]

For the past ten days I’ve been eating Whole 30. I say eating and not doing Whole 30 because I drank on Christmas Eve and Christmas {Café Patron on the rocks – YUMMM}. I needed an internal reset after all the junk I ate in Hawaii. Eric likes to remind me that I didn’t eat THAT […]

Today’s question comes from Robert…. One question for you, if you have the time…  You’ve made some amazing strides in your pace.  The thought of me running a 6:09 mile is so far out there right now…  As you put it, I’m chugging away at 5mph on the treadmill these days, and it feels like […]

After I wrote my running goals post for 2013 I really started to analyze my goals and why they were what they were. I think introspection on multiple levels is what I REALLY need in 2013. Here are my thoughts. random. raw. Other than my 10 mile time my goals remained the same for 2013 as they […]

The new year gives us all a chance for a fresh start. The reality is that you can start fresh any day you choose, but something about the new year and everyone around you setting goals helps to collectively motivate. The words I write on this blog publicly are most often for my benefit. I […]

As we enter the New Year many of our thoughts turn to what we want to resolve to do in 2013. I don’t much care for resolutions anymore. Years ago I got tired of listing – loose ten pounds as one of the things I resolved to do that year and then realizing at the end of the year I […]