There were many things that went wrong during marathon #24 and a few things I did wrong AHEM overdressing but there were some things I did right! I use body glide on every single run. It doesn’t matter how much I weigh, my thighs rub. It doesn’t matter what sports bra I wear, I always […]

NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY. I’ve repeated this little nugget of wisdom to myself and countless other runners. Race day is not the day that you want to have a variable that could cause you unknown stress or make matters worse. You want everything that you can control to be controlled. There are VERY few companies […]

Just as I thought the mornings were getting cooler the weather threw me a curve ball this morning with its high temperatures and muggy humidity. My speedy running friend and I agreed the weather was miserable but decided we probably should not complain about it because in a few short months our runs will be filled […]

With a plethora of energy bars on the market today you would think it would be easy to find an option that tastes good and does what you want it to with out fake ingredients, lots of sugar and way too many calories. It seems that often times if something tastes great – it’s not that […]

I’ll be honest with you and tell you that before I tested out this heart rate monitor/watch I didn’t really run with my heart rate monitor that much. The reason being I hate the chest strap and more often than not the times I am most curious about my heart rate are when I am not […]