I’m always on the hunt for cute running related gifts – I was VERY excited when I found this little lady!

Playmobil Mom and Stroller 4

I bought her and a couple others for gifts on amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Playmobil-4697-Special-Mother-Stroller/dp/B00316YO16/

Playmobil Mom and Stroller

I love her so much I did not give her to my kids {though she does go missing frequently and show up in a certain little persons room}. She sits on a shelf in my office next to my favorite drawing of our family that Chloe drew for me a couple of years ago!

Playmobil Mom and Stroller 6

This would make a cute little shower gift for a new running mommy, or a fun present to encourage a mom who pushes her kids on runs! Chloe turns 7 in less than a month and as our stroller running days together are soon coming to an end, I find myself already looking back with fond memories. Stroller running is in many ways like childbirth – hard as heck – but when it’s all over you really only remember the good stuff!

Playmobil Mom and Stroller 2 Playmobil Mom and Stroller 5 Playmobil Mom and Stroller 3



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  1. I love that Dorothy. I miss my stroller running days sometimes, the little talks, the noticing that took place around us, definitely happy, running days. (but oh so hard sometimes:) I will have to look for that Playmobil piece. I have a new running mama friend who I think deserves it. Happy Monday!

  2. I know we are not eating cake these days, but wouldn’t that be SUCH a cool cake topper for a birthday cake?

  3. My mom gave me that same playmobile when my daughter was about 6 months old, and I have it on my desk in my office. It makes me smile each time I see it!

  4. Love this. I’m not a stroller running mommy but know many!

  5. This is so so cute! I hope to get one of these one day! how adorable and a great find!

  6. ummm that is a REALLY good idea!

  7. That’s so cute! My daughter has a Playmobile doll house and it is one of the things I will actually sit down and play with her. Plus who doesn’t love miniature things.

  8. This is awesome!

  9. That is very cute miniature gifts. I have a miniature portrait of my self given as appreciate gifts by one company. It makes me smile every time i see my handsome face:-)

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