This weekend I finally sold my triple running stroller. My kids have been much too heavy for it for over a year {it has been sitting in my garage}, but a part of me didn’t want to let it go.

Stroller Running 2

When I was a new mom and older moms or dads would tell me how fast it was going to go, I would smile and say thank you, but inside I thought – are you crazy?! Fast?!? I haven’t slept through the night in 15 months. The sleepless nights and utter exhaustion felt like they would never end.

The triple stroller opened up a whole world in my world. It allowed me to run {mostly} whenever I wanted to. I didn’t need a sitter or a treadmill, I could just take my crew along with me. And along they came, on many a memorable run.

Stroller Running Triple

It went fast….


I’m not a baby mom, not a toddler mom – I’m a mother of little kids. It’s crazy when you feel like you are just learning about life at 33 and your daughter is entering the 4th grade. When Eric and I talk about our car situation – we talk about what car Chloe will end up with. Chloe?! My little peanut is going to one day drive and I know this moment will arrive just like …..almost 9 years have gone by in the blink of an eye.


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Last Monday and Tuesday Colton and I ran together. School ended Tuesday for Chloe and Miles, so the runs may have been the last of ours together for the summer. The stroller running that I thought would never end, is ending and I find myself wishing it wasn’t….

Monday: 6-23-6

Tuesday: 6-23-5

Stroller Running 1

Time marches on and as it does – perspective often changes….when I look back at the early days of my blog…I was tired…and worn out…and struggling with running and being a mom…The older I get the more I am savoring each moment instead of wishing I was on to the next “easier” stage. Yes I’m often tired and worn out, but I embrace it instead of letting it bring me down.


Life is like running – if you aren’t enjoying it along the way, what’s the point?



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