For the past 7 years Chloe and I have been going on stroller runs together.

Chloe Run 8

Two weekends ago after a failed attempt at a treadmill long run {9 miles} I hoped off and asked Chloe if she wanted to go outside with me for the rest of my run. We shared 6 miles together – making my total for the day 15. It wasn’t exactly the greatest long run in terms of effectiveness but I was pleased to get in the miles and to share 6 more sunny miles with my little-who-isn’t-so-little girl.

Chloe Run 1

I am happy to see this season of our lives come to a close together BUT it does make me a tiny bit sad.

The runs where it was all 4 of us running she was my helper – keeping the boys entertained – grabbing them snacks and reminding them of the rules {like we don’t ask mommy questions when we are running up a hill!}. She chatted with me when the going got tough and would cheer me on when she could tell I just wanted to be home. This is what we do – we would say. We are runners.

I love remembering the times that Miles complained I wasn’t running fast enough {happened on most runs} and Chloe gave him a long explanation as to why it was very hard to push three people and run at the same time. She would ask him if he saw any other parents pushing three kids or if it was just his mom. I had to smile inside and feel in a strange way that she was proud of me.

Chloe Run 7

One of our most memorable solos runs was when I pushed her for 20 miles while training for Boston. I was not motivated to run long that day so I asked her if she wanted to come along and keep me company. I had no intention of running that far, but she was having fun, we were chatting it up, and every mile that we went got her even more excited. She walked around the rest of that day telling people we had run 20 miles together. I did not have the heart to correct her and say I ran and she rode, and to this day she still talks about the time we ran 20 miles together.

Boston Stroller Post:

I haven an older version of the BOB Ironman {7 1/2 years old to be exact} which fits larger children better. At 7 her weight and height are finally too much for me to push and get a decent run in. In 2013 I was given the BOB Ironman Single Revolution and there is NO WAY she would have fit in that stroller to this age.

It’s funny for me to look at my paces on our run and KNOW that the miles in the 10’s I was out of breath and REALLY working. We wanted our last mile together to be fast so I pushed it as hard as I could – literally.

  • Mile 1: {Mile 10} 10:00
  • Mile 2: {Mile 11} 10:18
  • Mile 3: {Mile 12} 10:18
  • Mile 4: {Mile 13} 8:28
  • Mile 5: {Mile 14} 8:03
  • Mile 6 {Mile 15}  7:07

Chloe Run 2

With the end of running with Chloe comes the end of running with the triple stroller. I’m looking forward to double stroller runs this summer with her biking by my side!


While on our run I gave Chloe my phone and told her she could take pictures of things she thought were pretty. I loved seeing our run through her eyes and will certainly treasure these photos for a long time to come.

Chloe Run 5 Chloe Run 4

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Chloe Run 6


  1. What a great post! I’m so glad you had a great run with her. And I love her pictures! I can’t imagine how exciting and almost sad it is to move onto the next stage. Since Miles is on the smaller side, I’m sure we have many years of stroller runs ahead of us!

  2. As a mom of three around the same age as Chloe, I can see why you’d be a bit sad. It’s always hard to see the end of a era with your kids knowing they are growing up and you won’t get that moment again. Love the final photo, what a sweet reminder and especially love that you ran a 20 miler for Boston “with” her. You’ll never forget that!

  3. I love those stories – all of these little things that connect us to our kids are so important … our youngest went to Quebec on a school trip this weekend and we sat with our oldest reminiscing while eating a relaxing breakfast …

    I never even knew about jogging strollers when my boys were little – I have learned since that people used them back then, but I had no clue, plus I run before dawn so it never would have occurred to me. Now that my boys are 6’2″ and 6’3″ … well, THAT ship has sailed, but I still hope to get one of them to run a race with me someday :)

  4. THE SWEETEST. And she better be proud of her mommy!! You are awesome Dorothy :) xoxo

  5. Sweet post! Love how much she loves going with you.

  6. Such great memories! I know your’e going to miss pushing her, but you’ve got to be excited by the thought of her biking with you this summer.

  7. Awww what an awesome post! Your stroller running is amazing to me! I can’t believe how big Chloe has gotten!

  8. What a neat experience to share with your children. My grandma wants to buy me a running stroller now even though I am 3 or so years away from having children. Apparently she already knows I’m going to be an active mom, and will share some special moments with my kids on the running trail like you.

  9. I love this. I’ve loved your stroller posts (and tips – running while pushing that thing is hard!) and I wish that my little boy and I can share runs like you and Chloe one day. Right now he goes straight to sleep!

  10. What a great post! I think it’s AMAZING that you can run that fast with a stroller! Also, how cool is it that your daughter will be biking with you this summer!! :) I love that you have made your training a family affair.

  11. I love what Chloe said to Miles – do you see any other moms pushing three kids? Ha!! I really don’t know how you did it. The best part is that they were such a part of your running – what you saw, how hard you worked. Very cool.

  12. One chapter ends, and another begins. It sounds like as young as she is, you’ve already inspired her with running. Before you know it, she’ll be running on the high school cross-country team, and YOU’LL be cheering HER on! :-)

  13. What a special thing for you and your girl! So sweet and dang women you pushed hard that last mile! Great job! I love to hear I can do it I can do it out of my girls mouth when we are out for a run/bike ride and her legs get tired! Yes our girls sure can do it!

  14. This post brought tears to my eyes. I don’t yet have children, yet I’m looking forward to stroller runs!

  15. OMG that made my heart melt.
    I would’ve guessed that as a parent one of the best feelings is being proud of your child, but it sounds like the opposite is true as well.
    Also so cute that she still refers to the 20 mile run you guys did together 😉

  16. Thank you for this fun and special post. I have a 7 yr old daughter. I didn’t start running until she was 5 and I am not much of a stroller runner, but this makes me think of how much we show our daughters about being fit and that exercise can and is fun when we do what we love. Thank you for reminding me of that and the importance of including my daughters in that experience. I pray that my daughters have the same love of running, or just staying fit, that I have found!

  17. What a BEAUTIFUL post. If I ever become a mother one day I hope I can start this habit with my own child or children. What a beautiful bond and beautiful 7 years of memories.

  18. I have to say I always read your blog and consider you a true ROCKSTAR but today I found myself instead crying like a baby. I also have a 7 year old (and a 3 year old ) so your post “hits home” in a way. Thinking about them growing up. Thank you for your post today.

  19. I recently gave up the running stroller (just a single) as well…my little man learned to ride a bike so we’ve started that ‘I run, he rides’ thing. It is blissful. Utterly blissful!! I’ll keep it for trail running but the thought of never pushing it again makes me VERY happy!!

    Can’t imagine pushing three though – I am always in awe of this.

  20. Awwww, I remember when my kids were too big to fit in their jogging strollers. Bitter sweet. I love her explanation of the “rules” to her siblings. I always thought I was mean to have rules like “not talking to mom when she is running up a hill.”

  21. Whoa. Those last three miles while pushing a stroller are impressive. Maybe I should stick my 19-year-old son in a stroller and push him and see if I can get stronger. It’s the only way I could get him to run with me.

  22. what will become of big red?

  23. Awww, I loved this! Little ones grow up so fast!

  24. I’m late catching up on posts, but wanted to say how much I loved this one. My little girl is almost three, and still fits in the Bob Revolution for now – and I’m sad to think about the end of those days. Love the pictures you got to capture the memories.

  25. Wonderful post, really enjoyed reading it. I only got a jogging stroller about 6 months ago and absolutely love bringing my little girl for a run. She’s 4 now and I’m dreading the day when she doesn’t want to come along, but it is inevitable. But I am very confident that all the times we spent outside going for a run will pay off in her life, as she already has a lot of interest in exercising and doing different sports. Lead by example!

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