It’s been awhile since I have had to log any serious mileage while pushing the running stroller. I knew before starting my run this morning that it was going to be hard no matter the pace.

May Running 1

Colton hasn’t been in to running or going to the gym with me lately and for one reason or another I haven’t wanted to push it with him, but now that I am determined to get me back and get back to the fitness level I was at last summer, he had no choice but tag along with me on some sort of workout. It’s sunny and warmish here so we {me} decided on a stroller run from my favorite spot on the W & OD Trail. I knew once we were out there he would love it {he did} and he would be back talking about how much he loves going on runs with me.

I love the W & OD all year round but it’s particularly beautiful in the spring. We saw horses, a snake, goats, chickens, dogs, and more on our run. Colton was very certain he saw a dinosaur footprint and asked me to take a picture. I don’t know if it’s because he is my baby but I let him get away with way too much and never have the heart to tell him things like the fact that dinosaurs are gone – for good buddy. For now in his 3 year old head he believes that dinosaurs still roam the earth – notably the same trail we run on.

May Running 2

I haven’t figured out how to view my splits {if it’s even possible} on my Tom Tom watch. Any running mom or dad that has pushed a stroller will agree that your pace varies drastically on a stroller run because of terrain. There were a couple of points I found myself running 6:30 only to have to climb a mini hill and see my pace jump up to 9:30. Overall I averaged 8:21 for 8 miles and was pleased with that.

May Running 3

I realize that Colton is much larger/heavier than he was a couple of years ago BUT I couldn’t help but think about my stroller running PR’s from 2011 nd wonder how on earth I ran those paces pushing littles. I really think that I was in some sort of delirious new mom of three state, that changed how I felt pain. {that or I was just insane and wanted to be out running THAT bad}

I really don’t think I could even come close to my single stroller mile pr at this point…..{though now that I put that doubt on paper – I’m sure at some point this summer I will be a crazy person and try to match it or break it}

Single Stroller Mile: 6:08 (2011)

Double Stroller Mile: 6:16 (2011)

Triple Stroller Mile: 6:05 (2011)


  1. Nice Mommy and Colton bonding time! I hope he enjoyed his time and y’all can get out there together more!

  2. Great Mommy, I think Colton would remember such exciting experience when he grows up.

  3. Nice to see your so active, I have an one year old but running with stroller haven’t tried that (yet)
    Greets from the Netherlands.

  4. I really love your new watch! I have never run with a stroller but I’m sure I will once little ones come into the picture – it’s nice to see you doing it – gives me hope!

  5. I am just amazed that you can run a 6 minute mile while pushing a stroller! I used to run with a double stroller and never got close to that speed. Just running a sub-8 pace was hard for me! Sadly, my stroller was stolen from my front porch a few months ago and with my girls being ages 3 and 4, I just didn’t want to invest in another one. Kind of sad that I never got to go on my last run with them knowing it was the last one!

    Sounds like you two had a great run together. Love the dinosaur tracks!!! :)

  6. So glad you two got to enjoy the pretty weather and get some nice miles in : )

  7. Triple stroller mile was your fastest! Wow!! I just started out with stroller running and it is hard, but I feel I get a really good workout, plus bonding time with the little one :)

  8. I love how your triple stroller mile was the fastest. xD Maybe the added weight pulls you forward with more momentum?

  9. You totally will. You know it;) You’ll get that fitness back.

  10. Reading posts like this makes me want kids RIGHT NOW! Colton is absolutely adorable. And I can’t wait to run with a jogging stroller (I promise that’s not the only reason I want kids though). But whenever I see pics of your cute kids, it makes me want some of my own!

  11. You are inspiring! My three beautiful babies (twin 2.5 yo boys and 10week old little girl)and I celebrated Mothers Day today with our first run in the triple stroller. It was absolutely wonderful! Doubt I will ever achieve your speed but still look forward to enjoying many runs to come with my running buddies!

  12. Brittney says:

    Reading about your running adventures with your kids is so INSPIRING! I am due with #3 any day now and I am on the hunt for a triple jogger. After a lot of research I have learned finding one that doesn’t shake or pull to the left or right is really hard! What brand/model was your triple jogger? I think baby jogger q series may be the answer (they are discontinued) so I need to find one used, but I am curious to know which one you were able to log so many miles on without problems pushing. Thanks so much!!

  13. You would probably still pass my with your stroller! I am dying for the new kinvara 5s…know of any shoe contests I can enter??

  14. Thanks Jenn!

  15. :) Thanks Cecilia!


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