Sunday I ran 6 miles with baby C on the section of the W & OD we now live off of, so I knew what I was in for this morning.

The first 2 miles were going to be mostly uphill with only a couple of little bits that were either flat or a tiny rolling downhill – the 3rd mile of the out and back would be completely uphill with no break till the turn around. Last night while sitting outside in our new screened in outdoor porch I remarked to Eric that I was pretty sure the first three miles of my run were going to be close to 11 minute miles but that I didn’t really care because of how beautiful I knew the run was going to be.

If I could make it to three miles with all three kids – the last three miles would be mostly downhill – I could just coast and enjoy the views of horses, farms, barns and the like.

Chloe told me our run was the prettiest run we had gone on together. The triple stroller doesn’t fold so at our old house our options to run anywhere other than the side of the road were limited. It’s the little things in life that add up to make a big diference in the quality if your life. I am so very grateful that we now live on a trail. I see many more HAPPY stroller runs in our future.

*photo by Chloe

Mile 1: 9:37
Mile 2: 9:29
Mile 3: 9:37
Mile 4: 7:59
Mile 5: 7:42
Mile 6: 7:35

After our run we headed to the basement to clean up the new playroom. It’s going to take awhile for everything to find it’s place, but in the mean time we are enjoying every moment in our new house.


  1. Those runs are the best, I am so happy that the move went well! You got the best of both worlds, great running trail and a beautiful home that your family can enjoy! CONGRATS!

  2. Look at your flipping times…rockstar! <3 that Choloe loved it too! Hurray!

  3. What a beautiful trail! Reminds me of a stretch of one of my favorites in Columbus! :) Love the photo your little one took, photographs from a child’s perspective always make me smile. :) PS. You are a BEAST! Those splits are oh so fast!

  4. I love looking at the pictures they sneak and take with my phone. She also took the other picture of the trees!!

  5. THANKS Gwen!!! Did you get your bracelet yet? I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

  6. Thank you!! We searched for houses on this trail because we both love it so much :) :)

  7. jenn zschunke says:

    Did you move back to Reston or farther out?? Gorgeous views…

  8. This trail looks wonderful….how lucky to live there! So shady!!!

  9. I miss that trail. So beautiful! PS What an inspiration you are. Your time with 3 kids going up hill is my standard time LOL

  10. Wow, that is such an amazing scene. Thanks for sharing your experience with your stroller :)

  11. I LOVE the W&OD and miss it so much since I moved to Fredericksburg!

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