Last night the littles {who actually aren’t that little anymore} and I marked something off my bucket list – run a race pushing the triple stroller.

I had mistakenly thought our last triple stroller run had been earlier in the year. I said goodbye to *big red* {the name the former owner gave it} and tried to make peace with the fact that my kids were growing up.

I really can’t believe how much they have grown up since some of our first triple runs together. NEVER ever did I think I would sit here and reminisce about how much I have loved running while pushing them.

Triple Stroller Run August

Triple Stroller Run

Triple Stroller


Prior to signing up for the race we tested out pushing the kids around the drive way and it actually felt *better* pushing them than it had on that last run. Colton and Miles are now within two pounds of each other, so they balance the weight better. Chloe in the middle serves as the anchor. I was worried that their weight would be too much to push, but it felt no different than any other stroller run – hard.

The whole race experience from start to finish was amazing!Triple Stroller Race

It was VERY cool pushing them in a race and listening to what they had to say all four miles. YES they did talk to me all four miles! Go Mommy Go, Go Mommy Go – they cheered for me throughout the race. The best and also hardest part of the entire race was during mile 4. Mile 4 was mostly uphill, not the kind of uphill that is particularly hard when you are running solo, but the type of hill that makes you run sideways when you are pushing 100+ pounds of kids up it. Our pace slowed from the 7’s to the high 8’s – Miles goes Mommy YOU ARE REALLY SLOWING DOWN Chloe responds – Miles be quiet she is tired….. I respond – Miles we are going uphill……. Miles responds – oh well I like it when you go fast…..I don’t feel any wind anymore…..  

You have to love kids….

This was my first stroller race but it certainly won’t be the last. The crazy runner inside of me already wants to beat my new PR {wink}.  

  • Mile 1: 8:04
  • Mile 2: 7:47
  • Mile 3: 7:45
  • Mile 4: 8:37
  • .07: 6:51 {sprinting to the finish line!!}


How was your weekend? Did you race? Run Long? Have you ever run a race with a stroller before?


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  1. Great work, Dorothy! I have raced with the jogging stroller a few times, but just one kid! :) I love hearing my little Currie’s thoughts during races. They are much different than how she acts during training runs. She’s really motivating and funny, does a lot of cheering for me and others. I think it’s more exciting for her than the usual trails I take where we don’t see many people.

    I can only imagine the other conversations your 3 little ones had! It can actually make the race easier (mentally at least) with the stroller because you have something to think about other than yourself. That’s how it is for me anyway. The times are DEFINITELY slower, but there’s another element of fun involved. Great work again!

  2. Nice work mama! I’ve never run with my kid in a race but I think that might be changing this summer. I’ve never run a 5k before so why not debut with a double stroller? 😉

  3. Phew! Your stroller-pushing mile times are almost as fast as my full-out sprinting one-mile times :-) Way to go! You are awesome!

  4. Wow, awesome job! You never stop impressing and inspiring me with everything you do Dorothy!

  5. You are seriously amazing!! You truly inspire not only me but everyone else EVERYDAY!! I’m pretty sure I would have pooped out at mile 1!! lol… You rock Dorothy!! :)

  6. Congrats! My husband and I entered a local 5K with my daughter in the stroller last summer. He pushed her for the first km, and then I took over…and took off! It was such a great day. I know that my runs with my daughter will be some of my favourite memories from her early years.

  7. That is amazing! I’d love to have my kids close in age like that. And hearing them comment the entire time would be great motivation!

  8. Wow! I am so impressed! You stroller running moms inspire (and often pass me!). Congrats and thanks for inspitration!

  9. You are seriously a rockstar! Great job.

  10. ROCKSTAR! ALWAYS!! I love this!

  11. You are amazing! I can’t ever imagine anyone running that fast pushing that much weight!!

  12. I am seriously in awe. I ran a 10k trail race pushing my 3 year old son a few weeks ago and it was a split between feeling like I was about to die and feeling totally invincible and hard as nails!! Can’t even imagine pushing three. Congratulations on an amazing run!!!

  13. So cute – kids just say what they think! Too funny. Congrats on the race!

  14. Holy cow, you are amazing! I can’t even run that fast WITHOUT a stroller.

  15. You are such an inspiration to all of us running with our little ones in strollers. My first official chipped timed 5k was a stroller roll with my hubby and the baby (she was only 3 months so we took it very easy). I love my runs with her, but I find it’s more difficult as she gets older and more fidgety. I couldn’t imagine keeping 3 kids happy at the same time. Your endurance and strength are just two qualities I admire. You must have extreme patience as well, something I’m working on for myself. Cheers

  16. Great job pushing the stroller. That is very impressive. The conversations between your kids and you is so cute. I did not race this weekend, but I watched one of my athletes run. It was such a great weekend for me too!

  17. I love that even pushing 100 pounds worth of stroller and kids, your splits are still faster than mine! To echo your children, “Go, Mommy, go!”

  18. I have been wanting to get a double running stroller for my younger two (no way am I pushing the 7 year old in a triple with the boys!). I find that most races ban strollers, maybe I’ll look for one to do with my 1.5 year old this summer if I can find one that allows strollers.

  19. I am impressed! Your kids are so cute. I would love to hear them chatter away during a run or race – what entertainment that would be! The conversation during the uphill mile 4 was too funny. :)

  20. Vanessa says:

    So impressed! I’ve only been running for about a year. I started running for my daughter. She can’t run (or even walk) because she has Rett Syndrome. I ran my first (and only) race in February – the Disney Princess 1/2 with Team Girl Power. What an experience! I still have trouble considering myself a “real” runner. I just keep struggling and feel like I’ve gotten slower instead of faster. Anyway, this summer I have been trying to run with my daughter in her jogging stroller. She is 10 and I estimate the total weight is 100 lbs. Maybe it is my imagination, but I feel like my running form is better and I don’t tire quite as easily when I am pushing her. Since I am not an accomplished runner anyway, this really doesn’t make sense. Any thoughts on this?

  21. This is so sweet. Love their conversation during mile 4. I will never know how you run so fast while pushing that much weight. Awesome! Looks like a great time.

  22. Wow!! You are too inspiring. I hope one day (when kiddos come along) that I am as coordinated as you are to push a triple like that! Way to go! How special to run with your little ones :)

  23. Krystin Castro says:

    This is awesome Dorothy! I have the same mommy can’t talk going uphills rule too! You did fantastic! Kids chattering away during a run is great, I always ask my daughter to sing to me!

  24. Great job! I run with my double jog stroller all the time. I started Run Stroller Run (, a stroller friendly race calendar. I have more than 1000 races listed in the US and adding about 20-30 daily.

  25. I saw you on Saturday! I actually said something along the lines of “way to go, mama” when we passed each other at the turn around. It was my first race pushing my son in the ol’ BOB. You beat me by 1 min and 9 seconds….but who’s counting!? 😉 The last uphill was tough on me – I can’t imagine with two more kids! You’re such an inspiration. I’m working on dreaming big and running long 😉

  26. Sarah Dunn says:

    I am in a desperate search for a triple stroller much like yours for my two toddlers and baby so that I can walk/run again with the family. The only problem is, I can’t find any that look like they would actually hold up/work after a few walks/runs. Consumer reviews for the ones I can find seem to confirm this suspicion. We had two Instep Safari double strollers with our toddlers-one worked fine (wish we had kept it), but we later purchased another ‘updated” one that was an engineering disaster (a wheel’s innertube kept blowing out [with every single use] despite our meticulous adjustments and the stitching of the seats unraveled until my children were in danger of slipping out). My point is, I respectfully request any information you can give regarding that gem of a stroller you and your children run with- primarily, is it custom-made or available to the masses? If the latter (please, please, please!) is the case, where could I get it!?!? Thanks!
    Sarah Dunn


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