I get obsessed with things fairly easily. Starbucks is one of those things.

I have:

Starbucks mugs. Starbucks cold cups. Starbucks travel mugs. Starbucks ornaments. Starbucks reusable drink sleeves. Starbucks gold card. Starbucks reusable straws.

I started out as someone who went there once a week or so for a treat.

Then I started running more and felt that I deserved a treat every day for how much running I was doing. This is totally backward thinking in my opinion.

Then I stopped thinking of it as a treat and thought of it as something I needed every day to make it through the day.

I easily was spending $7+ a day on my soy latte or chai and scone.

Then I realized how crappy the scones, apple fritters etc. were making me feel. They weren’t a good for me breakfast and they weren’t doing anything to aleviate my stomach issues.

So I quit the treats on a regular basis but still spend $4+ every day on a venti soy, no foam latte. No foam because I want as much soy as possible. If there were a larger size than I venti I would get it. If I get a chai I ask for it with no water because again I want as much soy with it as possible.

The bottom line is that I feel like I deserve to spend this much money on a glorified cup of coffee because I workout hard and I am constantly tired from three little people among other things. This is ridiculous thinking. I can think of many other things I’d rather spend this money on or better yet save it and put it towards something we NEED rather than just what I WANT.

I want to quit. I spend at least $20 or more a week on Starbucks and for what? Sure I enjoy it but I also feel like I HAVE to go there and that’s not a good feeling.

I’ve tried quitting the daily routine before with no success. This time I’m serious about it. After being at the beach for a week and not having Starbucks for 6 days I realized I don’t NEED it. Black coffee with a little Splenda [yes I use Splenda – judge away] is just fine.

I know this is not the end of my relationship with Starbucks but instead of this crazy obsessive love affair I’d like to return to a simple friendship. Once a week is plenty enough.

My beach analyzing has lead me to decide this is one of those places I should let go of ….. [http://www.mile-posts.com/2012/06/03/less-is-more-at-the-beach-outer-banks-north-carolina/]

Do you have tips for how to stop doing something that you can tell you have an obsession with or that simply has become a habit you no longer want?

It’s only Tuesday and I already want to go back – I need help breaking this habit!

Running: I’m ready to kick it into gear for fall training. I took 5 days off at the beach to let my body relax and to have a little fun. It turned into a lot of fun and WAY too much over indulging. It was fun while it lasted but now I’m ready to get serious.

5 miserable miles yesterday am with both boys. Why is stroller running so hard when you don’t do it for a week? My pace was fine but it felt WAY harder than normal.

3 semi miserable miles after dinner with the whole fam [yes all 5 of us]. I pushed for 1/2 and hubby pushed for 1/2. My pace the 2nd half was basically the same was it was the first half when I was pushing. I swear that triple stroller gives me super mental power and I loose it when I am solo.

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  1. I was able to kick the Starbucks habit but it was hard. When I am in the car, I always make sure I have something to drink, usually water. Being a stay-at-home Mom, I rely on coffee to give me that jump start on days I am not feeling it. I also bought a Keurig so that helped a lot. I am able to have 1 cup of coffee whenever the mood strikes and I don’t have to spend $5 for it. Good luck!!

  2. I know how you feel. I am in NYC where Starbucks is a dime a dozen. I have one regular place where the know me so well. But they are always so packed and jammed that even when I would suck it up and go, I would feel awful because I’d ultimately would be late for work by 5-10 mins for a cup of coffee. I would go to other places and then feel so guilty. I would even grab something from Dunkin Donuts and then run past the Starbucks so they wouldn’t see me, ha! Also re: splenda?? I use Sweet&Low. No judgment from me.

  3. Good for you!!! It’s a hard habit to break, but I love my weekly Starbucks date…makes my Monday seem like a treat!

  4. I gave up drinking caffeine two years ago in July and while it was the hardest thing I think I have ever done, it was also the best thing for me. I finally quit cold turkey when I realized that coffee had a hold on me and I felt that I needed it (which my body did.) I too had a Starbucks addiction, but once I made up my mind to quit, it took 2 pretty miserable weeks and 2 years later I can say it was worth it. Not only do I save a ton of money but my body isn’t dependent on something that it doesn’t really need. This extreme isn’t for everyone but it works for me. It was also much easier when I got pregnant last year since I didn’t have to limit caffeine from my diet. I will still treat myself at Starbucks every now and then, but I’ll get a lemonade or smoothie drink instead.

  5. Just think of the cool running stuff you could buy with that $80+ each month! Buy a French press, good coffee and make your own! The CEO of Starbucks says French press is the best!

  6. My husband and I were avid Starbuck goers…we sat down one day and realized how much money we were wasting!! It was an obscene amount! So we started making our own “mocha” at home…we use our favorite coffee, a little hot chocolate (Swiss Miss powder) and some flavored creamer…we have very different tastes on this LOL. We have come to love our coffee so much that we stopped at Starbucks the other day after not going for a long time…and realized we didn’t like it anymore!! Try making your own at home…if you like Chai, grab the Oregon Chai Latte concentrate!

  7. kathryn says:

    I was in your boat. Then I got out my dusty espresso maker that was a wedding gift 16 years ago and learned how to make a really good one. Now I get so excited about how much money I’m saving. Better yet, I’m training my 8 yo son to make it exactly the way I like it. Service with a smile!

  8. I had a BAD CC’s (a Louisiana version of starbucks) addiction in law school. I went every single day. To break my habit I would – move money into my savings account or spend it elsewhere so I couldn’t spend it there and I took a different route to school so I would never see the CC’s. Out of mind, out of sight. Oh! And I left 5 minutes later so I didn’t have time to stop, which worked out because by time the 5 minutes had passed, my roommate had made a huge pot of coffee.

    So yea, I took quite a few steps to break my addiction. It was worth it and now when I go, it IS a treat!

  9. kathryn says:

    Third Street Chai is also excellent if you don’t want to make it yourself, which is also really easy! (And I have 4 kids at home).

  10. I get obsessed with things so easily and for me it’s usually spending too much time on it. But I’ve found if I don’t give in no matter how hard, soon I don’t even think about it anymore. And if I do, I ask myself if my life is lacking without it and the answer is usually no. Find a good substitute and move on. Perhaps as a previous poster suggested treat yourself to new running clothes occasionally…

  11. Thinking back on the times when I have kicked some sort of craving like Starbucks it’s usually the easiest when I’ve been sick for a few days and coffee just sounds so gross to me! It weens me off and I try to slooowly go back to it and not dive in. Love the keepin’ it real on your blog and sharing your own struggles big or small with us!

  12. Make a ritual of your coffee at home. Get a special mug or a teacup you use every day that you just love to look at. Get a french press – making coffee in a french press somehow feels more cozy and ritualistic than a regular coffee maker. Make it a habit. I get up at 6 every day to run w/ my dogs (usually short – 3 mi or so). All along my run I’m thinking about the minute I get home when I get to sit down, make my coffee in my special mug, and take about 15 minutes to read (your blog being one of the things read!).

  13. I have the same issue and am working to correct it as well! I don’t know why I want to go there but it does make you feel special getting that cup of coffee. I have cut it back to getting a short though, which saves $$, only 2.77 with the gold card.

  14. I’m the same! I did some research and found recipes online on how to replicate Starbucks drinks. It’s not nearly as good but it’s pretty close. I still go every once in awhile but I have to remind myself to reign it in. I don’t need it.

    I hear you on the stroller running! I haven’t run with my stroller in a couple weeks (just have been doing solo runs) and practically died pushing the kiddos around for 5 miles!

  15. Nothing like a beach vacation to clear out the mind of those unnecessary things! I’m a coffee snob and I totally agree with Jen and Cindi, find a way to treat yourself at home…french press, pour-over, whatever method you like. I use the single serving, pour-over version. SB has the container for the filter, I got mine at Williams Sonoma. I love my caffeine, I don’t even buy my beans at SB, I go to a local roaster. It’s a ritual every morning, it does take 15 min and that may be too much time with little ones at home, but think of the $$ you’ll save.
    When we do our long runs on Sat., my friends want to go to SB because they like the foo-foo coffee. That’s perfectly fine, once a week, the ambiance is great and we see other running friends, but that’s it…although sometimes I splurge during the week and buy SB here at work, but it is an exception, not a habit.
    Good luck!

  16. About 5 years ago, I decorated my house as a starbucks. Velvet furniture, art that looked like the art in the stores, posters, a menu above my TV in the living room. It looked really cool. I was going twice a day for drinks. Now, I go once a week or 3 and never buy a Venti unless it is a green tea lemonade unsweetened.

  17. Hey Dorothy – I would suggest you set aside $20 a month (or more/less) for Starbucks. Get the CASH out at the beginning of the month and set it aside in an envelope. You can only use this money for Starbucks. Once the cash from this envelope is gone – no more Starbucks. When you spend cash and you know you only have so much, it will put into perspective how badly you want it. The discipline will come in when you do not let yourself refill the envelope until the next month starts. Then decrease it each month, since your goal is to wean yourself off of it. During this time, try making the drinks at home in some way. This is actually how my husband and I budget ALL of our money. It is a phenomenal way to live and I highly recommend it! I love reading your blog :)

  18. Melissa says:

    Hm. Maybe go back to the “Starbucks is a treat for a job well done” plan, but change the goal to something you usually only do once a week. Like only after long runs, or stroller runs where you maintain a certain pace, or something…

  19. I used to go to sbux a couple of times during the week and then my hubby and I would go together on Saturday & Sunday. Not to mention his office is right next door to sbux so he probably frequented it more then me during the week. THEN we realized we were spending an excess of $250 + a month on it! We dropped that habit VERY quickly after we discovered how much money we were wasting. Now I make my coffee at home every morning (not sure what he does) and only go to sbux 1-2 a month. I like to make my coffee at home with SF da vinci syrups (I mix it up between vanilla, carmel, and english toffee) and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. So good!

  20. I too used to have a Starbucks addiction as I worked really long hours and there was one downstairs in my office building. I knew I had a problem when the Starbucks barista friended me on Facebook and started commenting (negatively and positively) on my outfit choices, hair style, etc. It took a while to get out of the habit, but I try to make it an every once in a while type thing and just put x amount on my Starbucks card a month and use that. I really like the coffeehouse ambiance so now I enjoy it more when I pop in every so often. Sometimes, you just need a soy latte =)

  21. Starbucks hmmmm that’s a tough addiction. Sorry I can’t help you with this one. I have a similar weak spot for Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. No worries about your first few post vacation runs. You’ll get your pacing back! I just know it!

    Run Happy!!! :-)

  22. When wanting to create lifestyle changes it helps to create SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-sensitive) goals. So for example you could create a long-term goal (say 3 months from now) of something along the lines of I will limit myself to 1 starbucks beverage per day, 1 day per week. Then you can make smaller weekly goals based off of your long-term goal. So maybe the first week you will limit yourself to 1 starbucks beverage per day 6 days per week. Then the following week would be limit yourself to 1 starbucks beverage per day, 5 days per week, etc. You want to make your immediate goals something REALISTIC for you right now and something that you are CONFIDENT in. So ask yourself, ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being MOST confident, how confident am I that this week I can limit myself to 1 starbucks beverage per day, 6 days per week? If it is something between 6-10 of a confidence level then that is a realistic goal at this time, if it is lower than 6, then you need to tweak your goal a bit. In addition to the goal-setting, coming up with strategies on how you will accomplish this goal will help immensely. So a strategy could be that you purchase a coffee pot and some coffee beans and start making coffee at home, or you carry a bottle of water or another beverage with you at all time so that you aren’t tempted to stop by starbucks, or drive, walk or run a different route so that you avoid even passing starbucks. You already accomplished a huge strategy by sharing with the world what you wanted to accomplish. Things like this will help you stay accountable! (sorry for the LOOOONG comment, I am a Wellness Coach and I help people make goals for lifestyle changes on a daily basis :) )

  23. I LOVE this idea!! I like Starbucks for a treat and don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as a treat – maybe go once a week, or as Megan says until your money runs out!!

    I’m also trying not to reward myself with food in particular – I read somewhere ‘You are not a dog, you don’t need food as a reward’ and I love that quote! What else could you reward yourself with? I allow myself a bit of internet time or reading time as a reward for doing stuff. That works well.

    But now I’m going to borrow Megan’s idea. Thanks for that!!!

  24. I have given it up…and then in the past two-three weeks I’ve been getting it only on Fridays and Saturdays. Then on Tuesdays. GAH?! They suck you in. I get a grande iced americano with a turkey bacon sandwich. It’s healthy but it’s PRICEY!

  25. have tried on some days t not have starbucks and have come to the conclusion from those days that, my $2 venti bold is WORTH IT. I get far more than $2 worth of work and productivity out of myself when I BEGIN my day strong… AND…. gold card– I go on days when I know I”ll be around AGAIN to get my free refill…so tht boils down to actually CHEAPER than th coffee maker in my kitchen!! I will not even try anymore– it’s a habit/ obsession that gives me tons of pleasure! Granted I don’t ever get anything fancy, unless I use my free drink from having a gold card to get something fancy… but I am so thankful for the starbucks energy I get!!

  26. Good for you! Ugh. stroller running. It killed me today and I have no idea why. I have a list of excuses a mile long but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why I ran an entire marathon two weeks ago wo stopping and I had to rest during a 4 mile stroller run this morning. And I NEVER rest. Very discouraging. But then again, the next run has to be better. Right?

  27. Hmmm…maybe wean yourself off slowly rather than going cold turkey? Think of all the cute clothes, shoes, jewelry and BAGS you can buy with the money you save? Mind you, I tried only allowing myself chocolate on weekends a while back….failed by Tuesday! Solution? No chocolate in the house. I can’t justify going to the store just for chocolate.

  28. Good for you. It is hard to give up something that’s become a habit. I recently “gave up” Facebook: I paired down my contacts to family and friends I see on a weekly basis. Now my contacts number in the 20’s instead of the 100’s. It has reduced the amount of time i spend on the computer, now I spend that time focused on my daughter and husband instead of mindlessly scrolling through status updates of people I barely know.

  29. I feel like this post is the story of my life! I constantly feel like “I deserve” something yummy, like a latte, after exercising which kind of defeats the purpose of all that hard work in the first place. In the past I’ve tried replacing that Starbucks reward with something else, e.g. a manicure. This works, but not necessarily if you’re trying to kick the habit to save money. I’ve even tried posting pictures on my vanity of something I want to buy and how many cups of Starbucks that item costs. I always thought seeing it visually laid out like that really helped me decide what I wanted more (sometimes the Starbucks won out!). I really like the comment by mollyberries–it is so important to create realistic goals so I think starting out by decreasing how often you go to Starbucks versus attempting to drop the habit cold turkey is a smart way to start! Good luck!

  30. I go to Starbucks every day and have no desire to quit! I get the Awake black tea. It really makes my day happy–starting it off with this tea. I figure it is a harmless addiction:-) Good luck!

  31. In December, Starbucks had a promotion that if you purchased one of their travel mugs then during the month the January you could get that specific cup filled for free with their brewed coffee. I took advantage of it and hit the drive thru everyday in the month of January to get my cup filled. I found it to be a complete waste of time. Sure I enjoyed the coffee but hated the time it took to get it. My husband’s theory was this was Starbucks way of sucking me in and after January I would be hooked on going everyday. It’s now June and I can’t remember the last time I was in Starbucks or at the drive thru. I’m just not willing to spend the money everyday on their coffee. Glad to read you’re wanting to kick the habit. $4 to $7 a day on coffee really adds up.

  32. On twitter this came up as i want to quit:mile posts and i almost fell out of my chair. Thank god its only the coffee!

  33. lol, sorry, but how’s that healthy? 😀

  34. You are not alone. I spend all too much money on Starbucks but it’s just so darn good. it’s my happiness in a cup. Now that I’ve graduated college and don’t really have a ‘big girl’ job lined up I feel like I have to part. I have promised myself I’d only get it once a week this summer. Now we just have to look at it as a wonderful treat that we DESERVE. It’ll make it worth it :)

  35. I’m battling my addition to Diet Dr. Pepper. I have easy days and days I give in. I really wish it was easy. I wish I had some great tips. I could give you the cliche ones:
    try to find a tea you l ike (I love their Tazo Green tea), try switching to that
    find something healthier/cheaper that fills the void
    Try to figure out if there’s a bigger “Root Cause” to your addiction.

    Ok, that’s all I got. :) I’ll let you know if I’m able to successfully conquer mine.

  36. I’ve always read that it takes 2 weeks to stop a bad habit. I try to tell myself that it’s only two weeks – I did this with Sodas (I love, LOVE Dr Pepper). After two weeks, I found that I didn’t crave them anymore. In fact, my sweet husband has ordered one a couple of times for me when we eat Mexican food – and I can’t drink even half of it. I can’t stand the sugary after taste. I’m a firm believer that if you can convince yourself to stop something, ANYTHING, for two weeks you’ll be able to give it up. Just take it day by day and soon the two weeks is over.

  37. My suggestion is to put the money you’d spend on Sbux in a jar/envelope/account each day you don’t go there. In a couple weeks, you’ll have a nice chunk o’ change to spend on something else. It’s quite shocking how quickly the money adds up.

    I used to have a bad Sbux habit, but looking at the cost was what cured me. Now I give myself $20 cash mad money for two weeks to spend on whatever I want. Usually I spend it on a couple Sbux coffees, some frozen yogurt. I’m much more careful when I can LOOK at the cash and see how much I’ve spend vs. have left.

    Good luck! They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, maybe it takes 21 days to break one, too? :)

  38. As every commenter has said – I have/had this problem, too! I resorted to behavior modification once I realized that, even if I made iced coffees at home that were awesome (and then I’d certainly have more then one a day, as opposed to maybe having one a day if I were just getting it from Starbucks) – I was still physically and emotionally addicted to the caffeine in a BIG WAY – I found myself snapping at my children and just wanting to RAGE, and then I’d make myself an iced coffee, and ahhhhh, it RELAXED me. Sure, it gave me energy to gogogo, but in reality, my body relied on it for normality. I always told people it wasn’t the caffeine – it was just the THOUGHT of the coffee, the wonderful funness of it, especially a Starbucks, the fact that it was a “treat.” Then I happened to compare the amount of caffeine in a SBUX coffee to other coffee, as well as to decaf and to tea. Wow! It HAD to be the caffeine then that had me hooked, because there’s a lot of it! So I resolved to get myself UNaddicted and then move on from there. I started out by switching from iced coffee to iced tea just to lower my caffeine intake. I even POSTED PICTURES from magazines and ads of delicious looking iced tea – in a few places in my house and car – to combat all the awesome pictures of iced coffee at McDonalds, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts – wherever I looked I saw delicious iced coffee, and it made me want it. So I just swore off coffee completely for a period of time (I was going on a trip in a few months to see my husband on deployment and set that as my goal.), and I still allowed myself Starbucks – only it was Starbucks iced tea — which meant I was going there a lot less often. Once I made it to my goal without coffee — that meant that I was now addicted to only about 60-100 mg of caffeine a day in much smaller doses. So I let myself have a coffee here and there with my husband when we together on that vacation. After that I became pregnant again a few months later, and I was able to maintain a basic “tea only” approach, allowing myself coffee if I was around it with other people or with my husband on a date. I outlawed it from my house to that I COULDN’T make it there (quite the opposite of what many others said) because I wanted to keep my access limited. Whenever I had it I drank decaf – Venti iced decafs only had about as much caffeine as one cup of tea! (I was in Hawaii so I drank it iced all year long :)) After that baby came I kept up with the decaf, still allowing myself a Starbucks once or twice a week, but I’ll tell you – once the caffeine habit was kicked, it significantly reduced the force of gravity pulling me towards Starbucks around every corner. With this pregnancy now, I even have to drink decaf tea because I noticed I was too jittery with caffeinated tea. Crazy, right!?! I always, only, have decaf now, and it has made my need for it all insignificant. Now I can control my intake, and it doesn’t control me :)

  39. I used to go to Starbucks 2-3x a week, but their prices kept going up, and so did gas for my minivan!! I made a conscious effort to cut back to only 1x a week. Really I’d love to get an espresso machine and learn how to make my favorite drink myself! I buy Cafe Bustelo or La Llave espresso coffee to use in my coffee maker at home—makes delicious strong coffee–but I love my weekly caramel macchiato!

    Also I recently learned that through Blood:Water Mission, $1 will provide an individual with clean water for an entire year! That puts a new perspective on my $4 drink too.

  40. Dorothy, I have a somewhat different take on this (which is not entirely contradictory to other commenters). Coffee is GOOD for you. There have been many studies showing that coffee consumption reduces the risks of depression, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and early death. If you’re having yours with soy, then you’re gaining all the benefits of phytochemicals that fight cancer as well – breast cancer, bladder cancer, etc.

    So I hope you are not thinking of quitting because you’re afraid of the health effects – it sounds as though a venti soy latte is one of the healthiest things you could give yourself. If money is an issue, maybe you could consider getting a Starbucks Rewards card (free soy, free refills of certain drinks, a free beverage once in a while) or use some of the tips others mention here to make your own soy lattes at at home. If you have Costco membership, buy one of their huge boxes of soy milk, and make coffee with a French press or coffee machine or Keurig.

    Good luck!

  41. LOVE this comment! Fear not :) I am not giving up coffee – have no intentions of doing so. I love it and honestly it’s really one of my only vices so I am sticking with it. What I don’t love is my addiction or whatever you want to call it of NEEDING to go to Starbucks. I also don’t love that I spend $4+ a day on it. I have a VERY bad habit of always using food as a reward for things and I’d rather get a Soy Latte because I wanted it, not because I needed it or because I was rewarding myself for a hard workout.

    I have a Keurig – so I have been drinking coffee from that all week. Haven’t gone to Starbucks yet – though I almost broke down yesterday :)

    I’m glad that you say it’s healthy :)

  42. I think the car is the time I crave it the most. I need to start bringing snacks with me for ME rather than just the kids. I get hungry and/or tired and so I head to the Starbucks drive thru for a pick me up that also helps me not feel so hungry! Congrats on kicking the habit!

  43. A once a week date would be nice but this 7+ times a week stuff has got to stop :) :) no one needs that many dates – right? :)

  44. I totally understand the hunger in the car. I make sure to grab a Larabar or something similar when I know I will be in the car for a while.

  45. Sara – I was able to go cold turkey all 3 times I was pregnant – maybe because it was important to me? No idea….but it just seems harder to do when I am not pregnant! Congrats on kicking your addiction!

  46. Oh, it’s definitely healthy. :) However you decide, enjoy it as a guilt-free pleasure! (Now they say red wine is good for you too… and dark chocolate.)

  47. I quit smoking about 7 years ago (OMG, it’s been that long?!). It was, by far, the toughest thing to do. I still struggle with it when I’m around “triggers” (i.e. consuming alchoholic beverages beyond a glass of wine, if you know what I mean). And obviously, 7 years later, my body doesn’t need the nicotine… but my brain clearly wants it sometimes. I think, for a strong addiction to anything, it turns into mind-over-matter (once you’ve broken the chemical dependency). You just have to remember that you really don’t “need” it, per se. You just think you do. To help me, I took all the $$$ I spent on cigarettes & put it in an envelope so I could observe the physical, real-world savings I had by not buying cigarettes. Then, after a month, I bought myself something nice as the reward. And it wasn’t cigarettes. 😀

  48. Good to hear you’ve made it 19 days. Starting June 20th, I’m doing a sugar free challenge so I am giving up my daily Starbucks double tall soy latte because it has 14 grams of sugar. I’m dreading it – that little cup of soy latte brings me such joy every day. I don’t think black coffee will be quite the same. Hooray for you and hope I follow in your footsteps. :-)

  49. I am addicted to SBUX as well, but not as deep. I would visit one spot close to my route to work about 5 days a week, so spending about $7 a pop for my drink and KIND bar was my splurge. Now, I buy the VIA packs and have that in the morning on my way to work, and occassionally stop at my spot for a “treat”. I guess I’m a coffee snob, and not only being a (beginner) runner but a professional truck driver as well, I want good coffee, darn it!!!!! :0)

  50. Oh oh oh – I just had the best idea for you (well I think it’s good at least :)) I just read your post from today about Hood to Coast and Ragnar DC and your struggles from the last month — and had posted previously on this one (which I was directed back to at the end of today’s post) – rereading the comments about how you don’t want to give up coffee — just your starbucks “addiction ” — and how you always reward yourself with food type things — what about rewarding yourself once you’ve truly kicked your starbucks habit with a babysitter for one of your runs each week that would normally be a stroller run? Not that you can’t do those – because you just did 10 miles at 8:30 pace – but just as a perk – using the savings from starbucks to pay some nice teenager $20 bucks one day a week which is normally impossible for running alone and get to have that time to yourself? Just a thought :) I’m even in bed already reading this before going to sleep and sat up (38 weeks pregnant – which you know is a challenge) to be able to type this because I thought it was such a great idea heehee :)

  51. I know exactly where youre coming from. I just worked out how much i spend in starbucks and it adds up to £3500 a year. About $5500 a year. I worked out that it is the equivalent of visiting, from the UK, 3 US cities for 2 weeks each.
    Not only that, it’s 125,500 extra calories a year. Or 36lbs. :(

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