Forgive me while I get excited for a moment.

I happen to be working on catching up on an endless amount of email when I looked at the date. May 1st. Note to self – remember to say Happy Birthday to my cousin. Then I thought oh hey let’s go see who Sparkly Soul picked as the blogger of the month this month, maybe I’ll find a new blog to check out.

Thank you thank you thank you Sparkly Soul for not only including me in one category but two!!!


You can visit the Sparkly Soul blog by clicking HERE or visit their website by clicking HERE.


Disclaimer: I do not get paid by Sparkly Soul to wear their headbands. I like them just as much as I say I like them. As with all products I endorse on my blog. What I say is what I really think.


  1. Congrats! Couldn’t have picked a better person!!

  2. Thank you Alex!!! Happy Tuesday :)

  3. Congrats!! so excited for you :):) Im so lucky to have such a GREEEEEEEAAAAAAT (said in Tony the Tiger’s voice) friend first and coach second :)

  4. Yay for you! You deserve the shout out. :)

  5. You are such an inspiration, the folks over at Sparkly Soul know what they’re talking about!!

  6. Congrats, Dorothy!

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