Sharing my LOVE of sparkly soul headbands again today!

Sparkly Soul Beach

Most of you have heard me rave about these bands – they are frequently in my pictures – and are one of my favorite pieces of essential running gear. I have an oddly shaped head and in comparison to most women my age, it’s large. I can remember the doctor at one of Colton’s doctor’s appointments asking me if big heads ran in my family because he was off the chart for the size of his head compared to his age. Hoping that’s the worst thing I’ve passed on to him!

I’ve tried other bands from other bands and they just don’t work for me. Every single runner I’ve recommended these too has come back to me and said – you were right – I do love them!

Sparkly Soul Saucony

I use the thin ones when running and the thick ones for every day use – no one said they had to be just for running!! My two favorite colors are the ice pink and black, but really I don’t have a color that I don’t like.

Sparkly Soul Giveaway

If you have seen them and wanted to try them but haven’t bitten the bullet and bought one here is your chance to win one thin sparkly band and one thick sparkly band.

Here’s how? Please leave separate comments for each entry!

If you follow Sparkly Soul on instagram you will also notice another fun giveaway from them!!! Another great reason to follow :)

Sparkly Soul


  • Three ways to enter – leave a separate comment for each entry completed.
  • All entries will be verified.
  • This sweepstakes is open to those over 18 and residents of the United States.
  • Contest ends on 6/29/13 at midnight EST. Winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
  • Winner chosen at random by and odds depend on how many entries are received.
  • Winner gets their choice of ONE thin & ONE thick Sparkly Soul headband.
  • Winner has two weeks to claim their prize before a back up winner is chosen.
  • Void where prohibited by law.

Want to purchase an I RUN THIS BODY shirt before they are sold out {only pink remains in small, medium and large}? All information can be found on this page –

If you have purchased a shirt and not yet received it – the next batch is shipping out tomorrow 6/25!


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