I mean it’s no big deal right that in mere hours I get to pick up one of the coolest and most talented female distance athletes around – right?!?!

From the airport Shalane and I will be heading to our hotel in Arlington to get a good nights sleep before the Capital Challenge Race tomorrow morning. She is the VIP Celebrity Running Guest and I am a VIP volunteer. You laugh but that’s my title and there are only a handful of VIP volunteers – I take this volunteer job seriously :). I’m in charge of awards and though it’s a tiny bit stressful race morning – I absolutely love it and look forward to these two days every year.

Two years ago before MCM I had the privilege of meeting Shalane and doing a mini interview. Of course I found her to be one of the cutest humans alive. Not kidding – she is this tiny little spunky blonde who talks about dreaming big. Maybe in real life I can be her bigger, slower, brunette friend who also talks about DREAMING BIG & RUNNING LONG?!


Yesterday’s run was 10 miles pushing Colton. I knew my legs didn’t have any sort of speed in them after my afternoon 12 miler on Sunday, so I planned on running an easy pace. There is no pace that is easy while pushing the stroller. I’ve often thought about how there is only ONE pace that makes any sense to run while you are pushing a kid and that is GO PACE – you just go go go and don’t think about how bad it hurts or what the pace is but you keep pushing as hard as you can, because the second you let up you go from running a 8:15 to a 9:45 and then your form gets all wacky and you find yourself cursing the stroller. My mind got lost in thought on the run, so I wasn’t going go pace and it didn’t feel like an easy pace even though a good amount of the miles were in the 9’s. I deleted the splits right away because I didn’t like them and didn’t want to focus on them. I wanted to focus on the time spent with Colton and the fact that I ran 10 miles pushing a 3 year old kid that weighs as much as my 6 year old.

This morning I was wavering between squeezing in 4 miles before I dropped Colton or running after I dropped him off at pre-school. I ended up needing to run an errand, so after I dropped him off was the plan. It’s funny how you look forward to the break you get when your kids are in school but the moment they are away from you – you end up missing them like crazy. If I could sit at home and hug my kids all day long {and squeeze in runs} I would. They make every day of my life better and give all this running stuff meaning.

10 miles – I tried to consciously not care about the pace because of how tired my body feels. I didn’t look at a single mile till just now. I also somehow turned off the vibrate/beep function per mile on my watch so I haven’t been watching my pace as consistently. I swear to you it should not be this hard to figure out how to turn it back on……I like the beep. I also swear based on these splits you would think I was in la la land. Hey – recovery right? I believe in it.

  • Mile 1: 8:31
  • Mile 2: 8:35
  • Mile 3: 8:43
  • Mile 4: 9:09
  • Mile 5: 9:04
  • Mile 6: 8:22
  • Mile 7: 8:07
  • Mile 8: 8:38
  • Mile 9: 8:31
  • Mile 10: 8:23

Tomorrow I will be volunteering at the Capital Challenge race – if you want to follow along my adventures you can follow me at @mileposts on twitter and @mileposts on instagram!

If Shalane was in the front seat of your car – what would you ask her? I just hope I don’t get all tongue tied and act like a moron. True story.



  1. How fun!!! Hey, races would fall apart if it weren’t the volunteers that took it seriously 😉

  2. Anna R. says:

    Might a silly question but I would want to ask her if she goes runs for pleasure anymore. Just to get out and clear her head. Most escape their jobs and everyday routine and go on runs but what about her? Running is her job!

    I strongly believe that the reason the Boston Marathon women’s time set a new record was because of her. She pushed and push and made all those ladies work for it. Ugh, she rocks!!

    Super awesome you’re her VIP pickup and that title is pretty legit! 😉

    Have fun!

    Anna <3

  3. Have fun! I can’t think of a single question to ask because I would just be in awe. Knowing myself I’d ask something silly like, “do you need to stop for food before we get there?”

  4. That is so awesome!! You are a lucky lucky girl! Enjoy it!! I would love to hear about her diet. I am always curious about the diets of elite athletes!

  5. That is amazing!!!! Enjoy every minute :)

  6. That’s awesome! How’d you get that gig??!!
    I would probably be all goofy if I met her and would completely mess up my questions.
    However, I would love to know more about what speed work she does and other hard workouts as well as her diet and how she keeps up eating healthy. Oooo, also strength training routines and core work.

  7. What a great gig! If she were sitting next to me I’m not sure I could stammer out a coherent thought! LOL!

  8. I’m so excited for you! Both of you are simply amazing! Have fun!! xoxoxo

  9. So cool! I would probably have a million things to ask her, but I too, would be so star struck that’s I’d just jabber! :-)

  10. I had a stroller day like that today too! My daughter is 3 1/2 and I feel every pound of it. My arms end up so sore! But she loves our runs together which makes me excited to bring her along. You do have to throw the splits out the window! And be thankful for the added arm workout 😉

  11. SO exciting! Have a great time! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  12. So freaking cool. I hope you’re enjoying your VIP Volunteer status at the race today =)
    If I could ask Shalene something, it would be what does she look forward to most after a race?

  13. Thanks Monica :)

  14. Nice post. Hope you enjoyed every pulse of the minute… :)

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  17. Ha ha, that is amazing, funny! 😀

    Hope you enjoyed every moment!

  18. That is so amazing and funny. You are a lucky lucky girl, Enjoy it!!

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