I was taught from a very young age that you should stand up for what you believe in. That you should always be respectful, but that being respectful does not mean that you have to agree with everyone you meet.

This morning I stood up for something I believed in – my opinion.

Some of you agreed – some of you didn’t. I love in America that you have a choice. A choice to read this blog or to delete it. A choice to spend money on Rock N Roll races or to find other less expensive options. A choice to agree or disagree with me.

My post this morning has everything to do with who I am as a person and who I am as a blogger.

I don’t endorse products I don’t believe in. I don’t write positive reviews on my blog simply because someone is paying me. If I think something is wrong or runners are being treated unfairly, I will say something even if it burns bridges. I’d rather be a REAL NOBODY that a FAKE SOMEBODY. Same goes for my blog – I’d rather lose every last reader by being honest then have hundreds of thousands of people reading my words and believing them – but knowing inside they were untrue or I was being misleading. Yes there are posts that I have done on my blog that are paid [I spend countless hours a week on many things related to this blog and paid posts help pay for the costs of hosting this blog among other things] – but hopefully you will see that if it was a positive review it was an honest review.

There are two companies I talk about the most on a daily basis  – Saucony and Nuun.

I am not paid by either of these companies to talk about them. I blog about their products because I believe in them. I stand behind these companies and the people who work for them. If I had a problem or issue with something they were doing – I know they would respect my opinion and even more so value my input.


A little bit ago I arrived home to a package.

I love getting mail so I was excited to rip it open.

To my surprise I found that contained the Kinvara 3 and a hand written note.

Love is a strong word but I’m willing to go out on a limb here and tell you that I literally love Saucony. It helps me FIND MY STRONG every.single.day.

Can’t wait to get these shoes on my feet!!!

Note: I ran a PR in the marathon in 2011 in the Kinvara 2 – 3:13. I ran a PR in the marathon in 2012 in the Kinvara 2 – 3:11. Will the Kinvara 3 be the shoe that helps me go under 3:10? Dream Big my friends DREAM BIG……


  1. Handwritten notes from companies are so great! I think I’ve only ever gotten two, to thank me for ordering something/opening an account. I love businesses that see the value in that.

    And, I appreciate you sharing your opinion and your honesty in your posts, so thank you!

  2. Okay, now that is just about the coolest thing ever! I’d have a hard time wearing them knowing that they were the only pair out there.

    ps – I love the fact that you are so honest and open. :)

  3. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Well I am not sure they are the ONLY pair out there :) Happy Tuesday!

  4. Keep being YOU – honesty and all! Honesty should be valued more in our society. I want real opinions and that’s why I frequent your blog. I know that if you’re reviewing a product that I may be interested in that I will get the God’s honest truth. So, thank you!

    A handwritten note is such a lost art, especially from big companies. Kudos to Saucony. I want to know that I’m appreciated as a customer, especially if I’m a repeat customer. Enjoy your new kicks. I can’t wait to hear all about them!

  5. Love handwritten notes! :-) And, my daughter just started to write in cursive (thanks to “Handwriting Without Tears”) so she’s writing handwritten notes, too! :-)

  6. Personally, I would rather have someone who has opinions and honesty with their feelings and beliefs then someone who just uses the blog to just post pictures of themselves. I stopped reading one popular blogger because I was getting tired of her same boring posts that don’t inspire me.

    Congrats on the super cool shoes! Not very many big companies send handwritten notes and I find it impressive that Saucony did. I have respect for them as a company.

  7. Dorothy! you are such a kick a$s person!! I hope your first run goes amazing in those shoes :) :)

    Matt just got his first pair of 2’s to try, we ran last night and he loved them!!

  8. That is so freaking cool!!! I am jealous and happy for you! What an AWESOME day to receive such a wonderful surprise package. :-)

  9. Ahhh that is so cool!!! I am beaming from ear to ear. And yes, I think big dreams are going to come true for you in those shoes!!!

  10. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    @Meg – *blushing* so excited for you for this weekend!!!!

  11. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    @Jess – you ready for your BIG day!?!?!?! I think you should run a 3:17 on 3:17 😉

  12. oh please say those shoes are as great as they look cause I am already in love with the kinerva 2.

  13. Can I please borrow your “real nobody, not fake somebody” quote?!! I feel there are way too many fake somebodies in my life, but I try my best not to let it bug me, because I am only in control of myself. I really aim to always be a real nobody!

  14. Dorothy you are a REAL SOMEBODY!! When I read your posts I feel like I know you because you don’t just write fluff and you tell it how it is, whether it is glorious or horrible. Never change who you are because YOU ROCK!!

    I think that it is totally awesome that one of the designers of the Kinvara 3’s sent you the first pair, they look sweet!! Can’t wait to read the review on them. :)

  15. Catching up… so glad you stood up for yourself – and rightfully so! Count me in on ‘your side’. :)

    Those shoes look shaaaaaarp – enjoy the run!!!

  16. Jealous to the max! My Kinvaras took me to a Boston qualifier of 3:24:41 on my first marathon (San Fran last July). I’m a diehard Saucony fan.

  17. eeeeeeeeee! how fun & exciting is that!!! looking forward to reading your review on them!

  18. Stephanie says:

    That’s amazing. I’ve been a Brooks girl for a while but maybe I should give Saucony a chance. :) I enjoy reading your blog because I like how honest you are. You tell it like you see it and that is very refreshing. Definitely keep doin your thing lady!

  19. First person in the world to receive and a handwritten note. That is like running gold!! :)

    Cheers to you and your dream of sub 3:10!! You got this, lady! xoxo

  20. YOU ARE SOOOO COOL!!! I love this and am so jealous! I hope you frame that note Miss Zippy :-) Maybe I should give Saucony’s a try. I’ve been wearing Asics for years now but need some new shoes to get me through the remainder of this pregnancy and some fall races hehe

  21. This is SO awesome! I can’t wait to hear about running in the Kinvara 3! When are they supposed to come out to the general public?

  22. Hi Dorothy,

    Those shoes are amazing! I keep toying with the idea of trying the Kinvaras… maybe after my spring racing season I will finally do it!

    As for your commentary on sponsored/paid posts, I find it very interesting (and not just because I work in social media and digital marketing!). Quite a few of my favorite bloggers posted about this topic in the last two days and I think it’s really interesting to have this conversation.

    For me, I love reading bloggers’ whose opinions I value reviews on products, services, brands, races, and experiences. These articles make me a more informed consumer. So long as bloggers fully disclose their relationships (hooray FTC!) and still maintain the integrity of their blog, I am fine with paid posts/giveaways/etc. When people are writing sponsored posts, I like to see pros/cons to be sure that it’s an unbiased report rather than more of an advertorial. That makes me feel better about trusting the blogger and the brand.

    Thanks for always being true to yourself. It’s why I purchased about 10 Saucony products over the past few months – you are very honest and when you love a company, I know it’s legit. :)


  23. Oh those are pretty!
    I love my Kinvara’s they have helped me PR in every race I have done in them. I just haven’t tried them for anything longer than than a half.
    What shoe do you train in? I know I wore out my first Kinvara’s in two months because I only ran in them.
    Just wondering if you train in another shoe and do you do your long runs in your Kinvara’s. I would love to try them in a marathon.

  24. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    I train in the Kinvara’s – sometimes I mix in the Shadow Genesis but for the most part everything is in the Kinvara’s including my super long runs. For races I go back and forth between the Kinvara and the A5 racing flats. Once I worked into running in the Kinvara for the longer distances it felt strange to wear anything else!

    P.S. Ran in the Kinvara 3 today and it’s EVEN BETTER than the 2!

  25. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    They come out in May. Ran in them today and they were beyond awesome! I hope I don’t wear them out before May comes :)

  26. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    You should totally give them a try – don’t know what you are missing till you try them 😉 I also used to be a Brooks girl!

  27. Congrats on the great shoes for free. I hope to hear more updates on how they do over the next month or two.

    I got my first pair of Kinvara 2 two weeks ago. They feel great and I don’t notice any pains from them while running, but I was still careful to keep the runs short (typically track workouts) and alternate with my previous shoes. However, as expected, I did have some issues after running in them 3 days in a row. My right achilles was a bit achy. Doing my next run in my other shoes (Saucony Triumphs) didn’t make the pain any worse…if anything, it helped alleviate it.

    I’ll be running my first race (5k) in them this weekend, with the goal of building up my legs for them for my next half marathon (04/22).

    I think that anyone without minimalist experience who is considering these shoes should realize that they need to be worked into slowly or the risk of injury is high. Dorothy makes that clear in some of her older posts on the Kinvaras.


  28. How can you be first in the world to receive the Kinvara 3 when I was? :-)

    I am also a big, non-paid proponent of Saucony. And I appreciate it when they appreciate my appreciation of them.

  29. Awesome show!! They look fast! :)

  30. Love the personal handwritten acknowledgement, an art that is slowly disappearing in this digital world. I inculcated that to my 20 y/o twin girls and hope they still do as they are away in college. I even gifted them a set of cards for their convenience….can you tell I am old school? :))

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