It’s no secret that I love Sparkly Soul Headbands – they are one of the ONLY companies who make headbands that actually do not slip off my head. What’s the secret? Unlike other headbands that use elastic at the bottom part of the band to make it fit around your head, these bands use the no-slip material all the way around. They fit perfect my larger than average head and don’t slip.

I have been obsessed with sparkling a little bit on each run since I ran Hood To Coast last year in a Team Sparkle Skirt.

Here is your chance to win one thin sparkle band and one thick sparkle band of your choice.


Tell me how you FIND YOUR STRONG and SPARKLE ON.


That’s all you have to do to enter.

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*Winner will be chosen randomly on 4/18 and notified via blog post. Winner has 1 week to claim their prize before a back up winner is chosen. Giveaway ends 4/17/12 at midnight EST.


  1. I FIND MY STRONG and SPARKLE ON by setting goals and celebrating each step closer to them :)

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  6. I find my strong by continuing to push through each day. In early 2010, I herniated a lumbar disc in my back. I ended up in horrible pain for months and months. Finally, after not running for over a year and a half, I returned to the sport in December of last year. Even during the times when my back caused me misery, I did my best to be strong and stay active. It’s important to me to be and stay strong and be fit because it makes me who I am.

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  9. I find my strong by thinking about all the tough things I have faced in my life and use that as a confidence boost to keep digging deep and pushing my limits. I also find strength in reflecting on the blessings I have in my life – I feel I was given healthy lungs and legs for a reason, God has a big plan for me and so much good and love can be spread by lacing up my shoes, heading out the door and not taking a single run for granted! It’s the best way I know how to show gratitude for the healthy body I was given.

  10. I find my strong by reminding myself on runs that I can do anything I put my mind to!

  11. The timeliness of this giveaway is crazy! I was just thinking that I’d ask for one for Mother’s Day. After using slippery headbands for years I’d love one that actual stays put. I find my strong each day by just doing. No complaints no excuses. I get it done no matter what I’ve got going in my day. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

  12. I find my strong by trying new things. I’m dabbling in triathlon world right now and am taking a kettlebell class. I also took adult swim lessons this winter and finally learned flip turns!

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  18. @ Jess:

    Oh, and I am going to sparkle on by wearing a Team Sparkle skirt in my half marathon May 5!

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  20. I find my strong by being thankful for what I’ve achieved rather than envious of others.

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  25. Yvette Marie Fernandez says:

    I FIND MY STRONG AND SPARKLE ON by living my life to the fullest – to never give up on anything my heart desires and to keep myself pretty and healthy! :)

  26. Yvette Marie Fernandez says:

    @imyvettemarie on twitter

  27. I find my strong by finding races that challenge and inspire me – like trail races (although I seem to have coordination challenges, I will figure it out!). Never give up!

  28. I find my strong by remembering where I started and how far I’ve come since then. I also remember WHY I do what I do and how it’s going to help me go where I want to go.

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  37. Amy Howard says:

    I find my strong by helping others find theirs!

  38. I “Find My Strong” everyday by digging deep and practicing what I preach. As a Personal Trainer I give it my all in my training, but also to my clients. It’s important to share and educate my passion to those who need my help. I “Sparkle On” by smiling, laughing, and spreading my love for health and fitness. Positive energy is contagious, especially when you sparkle. :)

  39. I would LOVE to win the headband!! I find my strong by always trying to be better than I was yesterday. My body is my temple and I treat it lije a the best I can. Love staying strong, being a role model for others, and keeping fit!! :)

  40. kathryn says:

    I find my strong by not giving up and giving in to lies in my head that say, “you are not a runner” or “you will never be fast”. With 4 kids it is easy to find excuses that I am too busy, but I won’t give up!

  41. Laurie Cyr says:

    I follow; I tweet; I am looking for a quality headband that works with shorter hair and my teenny-tinny head.

    @lcyr on Twitter

  42. I find my strong by being active in every way I can. I love the feeling in my legs after a good run. I love to run, but I also love to play football, soccer, softball, and dodgeball. I’m on social teams for all of the above and it’s nice knowning I’m not the out of shape person on the team!

    Oh, and I find my strong so I can wear ridiculously tall heels for hours on end! You need muscles to pull off 4 inch heels :)

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  45. I think about my kids saying things like: “look at everything you do. this is nothing. you’ve got this.” OR “When I was running up the hill I thought about the big hill you train on. I thought if you can do that one, I can do this.” I find my strong to be an example and to feel accomplished!!
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  46. I find my strong by staying focused and dedicated. Reminding myself of all that I’ve accomplished reminds me I can do anything! I’m a huge fan of sparkly soul and all things purple so those definitely help me to feel sparkly!

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  51. I FIND MY STRONG and SPARKLE ON by digging deep and doing it even when the mind is weak of course wearing my sparkly headbands all the way :-)

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  56. I find my strong and sparkle on by thinking about all of the people who have supported me and challenged me to be the best me.

  57. I find my strong and sparkle,but challenging myself to do things I never thought I was capable of doing. Like running a marathon. Signing up for my first WARRIOR DASH. Getting involved with a group that does Crossfit.

  58. Laurel C says:

    I find my strong by pushing myself out of my comfort zone every day, and see what my mind and body can really do.

  59. Laurel C says:
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  64. I FIND MY STRONG by focusing on the positive. Changing what I can and accepting what I can’t. In terms of fitness, there is nothing more motivating than RESULTS:)

  65. adria biasi says:

    I just recently found my strong. I am running the Boston Marathon but was injured last Sunday in a race, I just pushed myself to hard. The last thing I wanted to do was stop running completely. But through out all the ups and downs of taking a week of rest, I found that I am really a runner. Injury is a part of being a runner and during that time off I reflected and found that I truely missed running, and that just goes to show how passionate I am about it and that it is not just a form of exercise for me.

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  70. I find my strong by thinking of my son. He plays competitive baseball. So he practices 3 days a week and plays between 4-6 games a weekend. He’s only 8, he never complains, and he works hard. I tell myself if such he can push himself to be the best he can be, then I really have no excuse.

  71. I find my strong by remembering everyone I know who’d love to be able to run but can’t.

  72. I get my strong on every day by training for my upcoming race – I find that having a race on my calendar helps me stay dedicated and passionate. I get my sparkle on by rocking running outfits that make me feel confident and fun.

    Thanks for hosting!

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  76. Constantly reminding myself that I’ve done this before is one way that I find my strong. And I LOVE LOVE sparkly soul headbands! Wore one on a bike ride this weekend!

  77. I FIND YOUR STRONG and SPARKLE ON by continuing forward. Some runs (workouts) aren’t fun, but that doesn’t mean the next one won’t be!! Learn from it and continue on!

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  79. I find my strong every day I put my running shoes on a commit to just a mile….and I sparkle in pink!

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  84. I found my strong in the second half of a 15k this past Saturday, as I steadily passed all the people who’d blown past me in the first mile!

  85. I find my strong and sparkle on by setting goals, staying focused on my training plan to reach them and keep on keeping on when obstacles arise. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. I also follow @mileposts on Twitter. :)

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  88. I find my strong and sparkle on by helping my mom train for her first half-marathon!

  89. I focus on my running goals!

  90. Jo Anna says:

    I find my strong and sparkle on by staying healthy for my daughter!

  91. Tweeted!

  92. I find my strong by reminding myself everyday how lucky I am to be able to run. It is the one thing that I can do that is completely and totally for me. And me alone.

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  97. I find my strong by pushing myself harder and not wasting my training time. I sparkle by showing my smile after I run because of how great I feel!
    Thank you Dorothy!

  98. I FIND MY STRONG by running hill repeats. And could totally use more SPARKLE in my life…and a headband that does’t slip when I start to sweat!

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  102. I find my strong and sparkle on by constantly setting new challenges for myself and not making excuses. It’s the only way to get stronger!

  103. I find my strong by thinking positive thoughts before and during long runs! I CAN run a marathon (in 6 weeks!).

  104. @chu_bacca says:

    I find my strong in prayer, the love from my family and friends, and learning to be consistent in all things. I sparkle on through remember to laugh and find the joy and goodness in all moments!

    I follow @saucony and @mileposts on twitter!

  105. Great giveaway! I find my strong every time I head out for a run when I have a million other things to do, or I’m feeling tired, or whatever. When I get out there, I run strong!

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  108. I find my strong by running! Thanks for a great giveaway!

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  114. I find my strong and get my sparkle on before 5am. I drag my weary self out of bed before the crack of dawn to get my run in before my husband leaves for work so I can spend the rest of the day with my two little ladies. :)

  115. I find my strong by pushing myself to run a little farther…run a little faster…and staying true to myself (and if there’s a sparkly headband on my head–then im obviously that much stronger)

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