It’s only natural that my kids are starting to take an interest in running. They see me run weekly, have gone on countless stroller runs, and cheer me on at races. Monkey see, monkey do as the phrase goes.

I absolutely love that they are taking an interest in being athletic at such an young age. My parents weren’t athletes growing up and the school I attended didn’t focus on physical strength. My parents placed a large emphasis on learning, reading and being smart. My first forte shall we say into a group sports setting, other than at recess was when my parents signed me up for FPYC soccer, I think this was around 7th or 8th grade. At this point all the other girls were light years ahead of me, I could barely run a lap around the field, let alone do anything with the ball. Rather than encourage me, it discouraged me because I felt like I wasn’t good at anything sport related and I should just go back to reading book, something I felt good at. I knew when I “grew” up that I wanted my kids to know that academics are important, but being physically happy and strong is also equally important – you can’t have one with out the other in my eyes. I don’t need them to be stand out athletes or even be *crazy* in to a sport, I want them to grow up healthy both physically and mentally, if you know what I mean. Saucony Kids 1

Colton, at age 2, was the last member of our little family of 5 to get “running shoes.”  Honestly I didn’t even think at this age he would be excited at all over a pair of shoes. I was totally wrong! The second he saw the mini me version of my Saucony running shoe box, he asked if they were running shoes for MEEEEEEEEE?????? {imagine his little voice excited asking}. Yes bubba, they are for you.

Saucony Kids 2

He put those shoes on and walked all around stomping his feet, telling me and my husband that now he could run. Run with us.

At $40.00 these shoes are WELL worth it. They look and feel like adult running shoes. They are a collaboration between Saucony and Stride Rite, two brands I know, love and trust.

Saucony kids 4

The shoes are designed with “kide-rite” so instead of being a shrunken down version of my Saucony Ride’s they are specifically designed for the healthy development of a child’s foot. The outsold is extra flexible and durable. Colton’s version have the elastic x strap and Velcro closure, Miles’s version have laces.

Getting shoes for the boys completed our family Saucony shoe collection. Now we truly can say we are a FAMILY WHO RUNS TOGETHER.

To purchase Saucony shoes for kids or babies visit the Saucony section of the Stride Rite Website.

Questions? Are your children interested in running because they see you run? Did you run when you were younger?

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Saucony Kids 3

*I am not being compensated for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I am part of the Saucony Mom Bloggers program and received the kids Ride 6 as part of that program.


  1. I don’t have any kids :p but I did grow up with a dad who is a cyclist and triathlete so seeing him compete certainly got me into running!

  2. I love my (adult sized) Ride 6 shoes — it’s so sweet to see them in pint-sizes here. Go, Colton, go!

  3. I don’t have any kids but I know growing up my parents put a focus on being active and healthy. They didn’t care what I did as long as I was being active. I didn’t start running until after college – but I think they put a great focus on what is important when I was growing up.

  4. So cute! Love the shoes lined up :). It is awesome that you are getting and keeping your kids active. It will help them in sooo many ways :)!

  5. I’m only 23, but I originally got into running (a few road races in elem. school, then cross country as a sixth grader) because my parents were running road races and had run xc in high school. I went on to run in college, then coach at the high school level, and now I’m a college coach! I think it’s fair to say that running will always be a part of my life, and it definitely has given back to me…and my original interest was solely due to my parents’ minor involvement in the sport.

  6. My girls (2, 6) just got Saucony Cohesions from Stride Rite. We call them their “speedy shoes.” =)


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