Just signed up to run Riley’s Rumble Half Marathon this Sunday August 7th. Who’s up for the challenge? Register today for $20. No frills, no t-shirts, no awards — my type of race. Just me, my garmin, and the clock.

This will be my 1st half marathon since November 2009 and I’m taking on my Riley’s Rumble course PR [wink] from 2005 of 1:48:38. I am ready to rock it in my NEW Saucony ViziPro pink uniform!!

You know you want to come run with me!!! Comment below if you will be there.


  1. if my legs were all healed i would totally join you for this! GOOD LUCK!

  2. have fun!

  3. Um… I have run this in the past. I live just 15 minutes away. Definitely NOT a PR course: hot, hilly, and in the sun the WHOLE time.

    Praying you ROCK it and really have fun.

    I debated about doing it this year too, but decided a 2 mile open water swim in Baltimore for charity made more since in hot August!

  4. Enjoy! I am sure you will crush it :)

  5. Amanda@runninghood says:

    Um, yeah, that is going to be a really tough time for you to break there Dorothy. Take it easy. ha! :) You'll crush it without even trying. Btw, LOVEd your team Nuun shot on Mel's post. Beautiful!

  6. {will run for margaritas} says:

    GOOD LUCK! Hope your pink outfit makes you fast 😉

    Wish I could do it with you but my foot just sin't up to a 1/2 yet :(

  7. I gave consideration to that race but it's so hot! Best of luck to you.

  8. {lifeasa}RunningMom says:

    Love the pink running outfit. Good luck!

  9. Woo hoo! 3 more days… this should be fun and you're going to look so cute in all that gear! Good luck – not that you ever need it.

  10. Good luck! Love the pink so much I looked at the Saucony site to grab it and couldn't find it! 😉 It must be special just for you!

    Kick that course PR out of the water! :)

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