It will probably be the only time in my life I can say this so I am going to use this line for all it’s worth for the next week or so.

I’ve been MIA from Mile Posts for the past 5 days because I have been in NYC filming something fun with Saucony.

About two weeks ago I got a phone call from a company that represents Saucony – they told me they had an upcoming project they were really excited about and my name had been thrown out there as someone who they might be interested in contacting.

Okay hello vague….

Me? What would they need to contact me for?

I called back and talked to a lovely woman who was a bit intimidating because I could tell this woman a. knew what she was talking about and b. was very successful in her field. My heart was racing – my hands were sweating – I’m sure I sounded 15.

We talked about running, my life and what FINDING MY STRONG means to me. I was able to keep it together and not cry – but like I said I’m sure I sounded like a 15 year old girl. UGH.

She said that they would be in contact – she wanted to present *my story* to the board and see what they thought.

My story?

I’ve thought about this concept for the past two weeks. Saying you have a story sounds silly. I don’t have a terminal illness – I haven’t overcome cancer [see Mark Herzlich below] – I’m just a regular average mom who decided that enough was enough and I was going to get happy and turn my life around. In the process I found and fell in love with running, got married, had three kids and became a marathoner who happens to think one of her specialities in life is stroller running.

But my story? Who cares about my story? And do I even have a story?


After thinking and thinking and thinking…..something I do well and something I do a TON of.


YOU have a story. WE all have a story.

Some stories may be more dramatic than others but that doesn’t make them any less important or any less transformative.

My story of how I FOUND MY STRONG and how I KEEP FINDING my strong is coming to soon…..

Here are some sneak peak photos of the filming.

When I tell you to DREAM BIG my friends I mean it. NEVER in a million years would I think that anyone would even consider me for something like this, let alone actually pick me as one of a select few who would get this opportunity. I keep thinking over and over in my head how my words will never be able to fully explain how grateful I am for opportunities like this. Someone decided to take a chance on me and in doing so is helping me to live out my dreams every day.


Want to know who they filmed the day before me? Mark Herzlich. If you haven’t heard of this guy. Google him.

Not very long ago when I heard of the partnership with him and Saucony I judged. I didn’t understand why they were going to sponsor a football player? I mean come on – does this guy run marathons? Is he even a runner? Sure he is a pro-football play but can he push a triple running stroller with three kids in it and run a 6:05 mile? [I think not]

The more I learned about him the more I was taught again that judging is a terrible thing.

No he hasn’t run a marathon.

No he hasn’t pushed three kids in a stroller.

BUT YES he is a runner, though he admits he’s never really gone over 2/3 miles all in a row.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes and we specialize in all different distances. If you happen to only run a mile in your life but you run that mile consistently year after year – you are a runner just like those of us who happen to run 26.2 year after year.

We all have a STORY of how we find our strong.

His story of how he FOUND HIS STRONG, overcame cancer and ended up going to the SUPER BOWL is also coming soon to


I also hear that there is something SUPER FUN planned for Boston Marathon this year to do with HIS video and other FIND YOUR STRONG people. Stay tuned for more info!

If you are running Boston Marathon this year – leave a comment – I’d love to meet you in person!


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  1. Simply amazing! Congrats!

    I’m running Boston and would love to meet up!!!!!!

  2. OMG, so exciting for you!! Congrats and I can’t wait to see the final product of your photo/video shoots. I’m sure it will be amazing. I love Saucony’s “STRONG” campaign. It speaks so much to me on why I run. Heading now to give you another vote… :)

  3. Love it!!!

  4. Awesome! Congratulations on the opportunity that you earned because your story is truly a great one!

  5. I love hour story, because it shows how hard work and motivation can accomplish so much!! What an amazing opportunity and I’m sure its an experience you will never forget!

  6. LOVE the Strong campaign! Couldn’t agree more – everyone has a story and it’s so interesting to read of those stories. Guess that’s why I’m a blog follower!

    Congratulations on a fantastic opportunity. I’ll be running my 3rd Boston (will be 10th overall) and never tire of the excitement, the anticipation, and the hard work. Bring it on!

  7. I’m not surprised they picked you at all. You have an amazing story and you inspire people every day. I’m running Boston this year and couldn’t be more excited about it. Was on the course yesterday and Saucony was out there in full force, it was great.

  8. adria biasi says:

    That is so awesome you get to be apart of this! and I am running Boston too!!

  9. Would love to meet you in Boston Dorothy! This is too cool. And thanks to you and “finding your STRONG”, this phrase has stuck with me and is perhaps my new mantra. Find my strong. Gosh, I wish we lived closer girl. And I must say (even though you already know this I’m sure), YOU ARE GORGEOUS. Drop dead. Beautiful.

  10. So well deserved because you are an inspiration to everyone who knows you and reads your blog. I constantly channel your positive thoughts when I run!! Congrats!

  11. Wow!! Favor of God!! Love this Dorothy!!

  12. You look so pretty! What an exciting thing!

    Yes, I’m running Boston (we tweeted!) and can’t wait to meet up!

  13. What a super cool experience!!! I can’t wait to see what the finished product is. You are such a talented runner and inspiration- I am not surprised that they picked you. You deserved this recognition. :-)

  14. So awesome. My husband is planning to run Boston for the 4th time this April if he can stay injury free. :) Of course I am going to cheer him on!

  15. Awesome!
    That looks super intimidating but fun. You look so cute by the way.
    Congrats on a fun adventure!

  16. What a cool thing to be able to do and this post really spoke to me today after a tough race. I am not running Boston but I will be traveling up to visit a friend and cheer on the runners. I look forward to looking for you out there!! Thanks for the inspirational posts you write!

  17. Congrats! What an amazing opportunity! I’m running and would love to meet up!!

  18. Congratulations on the awesome opportunity! And by the way…you look amazing in the pics!! Totally rocking the outfit!!

  19. YAY! I love this!! Can’t wait to see the video!!

  20. I am going to be in Boston! Would love to meet. :)
    I’m finding lately that finding my strong is as much about me as it is getting my family on board. I don’t think people realize the mental capacity it takes to do this and the reward we intrinsically feel. Congratulations on such an awesome experience.

  21. how cool!

    I googled him and he was born a year after I graduated from grade school. I R old now. But he will have a great story and I hope he remains cancer free!

  22. SO exciting Dorothy! I can’t wait to see the result!

  23. This is HUGE! OMG- you must be so excited. I can’t wait to see the video. You look amazing! I can’t think of anyone more deserving than you.

  24. That is so freakin’ cool!! Congrats on such an awesome experience and we cannot wait to hear more about it! =)

  25. this is exciting! and awesome!! you are famous :)

  26. Ashley Simpson says:

    you are not only strong, Dorothy, but oh so gorgeous! If I didn’t love you so much I’d hate you for it 😉

  27. Dorothy I love checking your blog {almost daily}. This will be my first trip to the Boston Marathon. I’m nervous, excited, prepared yet doubting…you name the emotion, I’m feeling it. I am a young mom of 4 beautiful kids {the oldest 9} that challenge me no doubt. I find running helps me be the best me, a better mom. I love your strong spirit and how much you love God. Running has taught me a lot about not giving up and by pushing myself I can become stronger; however, it requires being uncomfortable. Isn’t that also true in life? I love your blog, your spirit, your strength. I have thought how awesome it would be to run into you at Boston. I am a big fan. Keep being you!!!

  28. I can’t wait to see the final video! You inspire me every day. I would run your pace, pushing a stroller in my dreams, but someday, I will run Boston, that’s my dream! I already voted for your blog.

  29. Congratulations!!! It looks like you had an amazing time and we all can’t wait to see the videos!

  30. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Thank you Page :)

  31. I wrote it when you won your marathon but AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL! Great job!

  32. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    Thank you Sarah!!!


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