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What headband are you wearing in the Saucony Find Your Strong Pictures?

The headband is from a company called Sparkly Soul. The company was started by two sisters who were sick of trying non-slip headbands and not having them work, so they created their own.

I love them like NO other headband. My husband tells me I use the word LOVE too often to describe things so I tried to think of another word to use to describe how much I like their bands, but nothing other than LOVE works. In the Saucony pictures I am wearing the thin band in Ice Pink.

They have some fun new bands – hello RED, WHITE and BLUE for the Olympics and have recently added satin bands. I haven’t tried the Satin bands yet but you can bet I will be placing an order for these soon. If they are anything like my sparkly bands then I am pretty sure they rock.

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Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post or any others I have done on Sparkly Soul.


  1. I get told that I use the word LOVE way too often but I just LOVE so many things!! I’ve never tried Sparkly Soul headbands but I have been hearing rave reviews about them for the longest time now.

  2. Melissa W says:

    I used the sweaty bands. They are the only ones I have tried that stay put.

  3. The sports bra that you are wearing in the top photo… would you consider it low/medium/high impact sports bra?

  4. Gripping head bands were a genius invention! What did we do without them?

  5. I always thought you headband was purple every time I saw it. hmm. :-)

    At the end of the year I’ll start training for my first half and I hope to have a sparkly soul by then.

  6. i tend to prefer thicker (wider) headbands while running–do you find that the thinner ones do just as good of a job (esp with longer distances?)?

  7. I lost my Sparkly Soul headband on the first run I wore it on. It was a sad day. Now I go headband-less.

  8. Denise P. says:

    I use BIC bands (Because I Can) and they have a very similar look. I was skeptical that it would stay put the first time I tested one on a lunchtime run and was quickly in awe when the thing didn’t budge. They come in various thicknesses, and I now have them in silver sparkly, pink sparkly, thin sparkly white, a thicker one with wave print and one 13.1 printed all over.

    I have a host of other bands and buffs, but those puppies are my go to these days.

  9. I use Sweaty Bands! I have it in sparkly purple, sparkly blue, sparkly black, sparkly silver, and a black and pink combo. They stay on great!

  10. ok

  11. Melissa says:

    I only use Sparkly Soul since I discovered them. They are better quality then the others out there with the elastic at the back only. I like that Sparkly Soul has the full elastic and full glitter throughout the headband- very well made and expensive looking compared to others. And they stay on and don’t give me a headache during my training! Love them – almost have every color!

  12. I bought these cheapie 1 inch thick color stretchy headbands from Walmart and love them- LOL- They came in a rainbow of colors and initially they were for my girls- but I wore one and they were immediately mine- when they wear them i say “HEY! Those are my headbands!” hahah- they say- NOOOO they’re ours! hehe

  13. Thanks for sharing this – they were actually selling these at new york road runners when I last went to pick up my race stuff and I thought they were just pretty and wouldn’t work (like every other headband out there). Good to hear you like them cause they are too cute!

  14. These headbands would be so cute for my everyday life! I love headbands but tend to wear hats more when I run to protect my face from the sun. :) Thanks for sharing.

  15. I actually like the thinner ones better. Maybe my hair isn’t thick enough for thicker ones? I don’t know – they seem to slip more than thinner ones :) It’s all personal preference! I’ve run 20+ miles in my thin sparkly soul ones!

  16. When I went back and looked at the picture – it actually does look purple :) but yes it is indeed the ice pink one!

  17. I would say it’s high impact for a/b cup but once you move up to a c cup or larger I would say it is medium impact. I’ve been various different bra sizes over the past couple of years [a/b/c/d due to pregnancy and nursing] and it was less supportive the larger I was. It is my favorite bra to run in now. :) Hope that helps!

  18. I’ve never tried sweaty bands! Glad to hear you like them :) may have to give them a try

  19. i have a huge variety of headbands and love them!!! i have 2 sparkley soul ones :)

  20. I have that same Sparkly Soul headband that you are wearing. A friend gave it to me before a Fall marathon that I ran. I LOVE it too!

  21. These headbands look great and very similar to the Kitsch headbands which are a little less expensive and come in a pack of cool glitter colors. Find them at

  22. Claudia says:

    I wear Lucy’s double strap headband. I feel like this is a good compromise between the thin and thick headbands because it is two thin headbands together! I’ve been wearing them for about 6 months now and they have never come off while I’m running.


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