Introducing the Saucony Shadow Genesis…..

I’ve been running in this gem of a shoe for months now, alternating it between my Kinvara’s.

If you asked me 6 months ago if I believed you could buy an $80 running shoe and have it be a GOOD shoe I would have told you no way. [Insert foot in mouth]

What the Shadow Genesis proves is that you can have a great shoe and not have to spend $100+ on it. For those of us who want to/need to be careful with how much we do and do not spend on running this shoe is fantastic. [Well actually it’s great even if you are rich and cost is not a worry of yours].

I’ve run over 500 miles in this shoe, the longest run being 23 miles. It still feels great. I am only now starting to feel that it is breaking down. Most shoes last between 300 – 500 miles. I usually start to feel the breakdown on the earlier end of the range rather than the later, so it’s new for me having a shoe still feel good on my body at the 500 mile mark.

The shoe retails for $79.99 making it the perfect AFFORDABLE holiday gift for the neutral runner in your life!

P.S. Saucony has FREE shipping on all orders from now till December 16th. Coupon Code: MILEPOSTS will get you 15% off apparel!

I highly recommend this shoe!


  1. Nice to see a review on these. I usually alternate the Tangents w/ my Kinvaras, but with the former being discontinued, I was looking for something new to put in the rotation. I've done a few runs in the Genesis so far, and they are an excellent alternative (especially for the price!)

  2. fashionablemiles says:

    sadly, i'm not a neutral runner- love the shoes though! i'm digging all the fun colors companies are starting to make running shoes in- i know it's more about function, but when you can have the best of both worlds, WIN-WIN! Happy Friday!

  3. mickiruns says:

    I seriously need to get into Saucony's. I just need to see what all the fuss is about. I tried Rides a few years ago, but wasn't crazy about them and wound up taking them back.

    I'm currently in Asics, but definitely would like to explore the Saucony route!!

  4. I usually run in asics, but just bought a pair of Saucony Progrid Ride 4s (I think)… they start in the rotation next week. I can't wait. :)

  5. I got these a couple of months ago because you mentioned them in a previous post. Agree! They are a great shoe, especially for the price point.

  6. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Micki – I used to run in the Ride's too :) If you run in Asics then they would have felt very hard! If you are neutral I would totally try the Kinvara's – more of a cushy feel than the Ride :)

  7. Anna Crouch says:

    How funny–I just saw these shoes being sold at TJ Maxx the other day! I think they were around $40

  8. Suh-weet looking shoe! Seriously, it does help to have you post a review after you've worn them in (and then some)! Thank you!

  9. Wicked looking shoes, love the colour :-)

  10. Just ordered a pair today! They’re on sale, just $60!! 😀 Will let you know how I like them soon :)

  11. I love this shoes

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