The Saucony Hattori is Saucony’s neutral minimalist shoe. I have been running and walking around in it for over two months now.

According to Saucony the Hattori is:

Our most minimal and lightweight shoe ever, the Hattori is literally an extension of your foot. Unlike other very minimal shoes, the Hattori’s mitten-like toe box gives your toes room to naturally arch, grip and push off. To further leverage natural toe movement, the sole features a visible flex groove in back of the toes and in front of the metatarsals. The sculpted foam of the sole also includes strategically placed impact cushioning and delivers a slight piston effect without ever compromising natural motion. Weight: 3.8 oz.

What follows are my thoughts on it.

After transitioning over the period of a year from the Saucony Ride to the Saucony Kinvara I was interested in seeing how the Hattori felt.

The Hattori felt great from the moment I put them on. The upper is one piece so at first glance they seem more like a  shoe you might slip on to protect your feet from the bottom of the pool, rather than a running shoe. They were comfortable but I questioned whether I would really be able to run in them. I first tested them out on the treadmill because I did not want to take them outside, I wanted to really be able to control the speed I was running and I wanted to be able to stop immediately.

I ran about 2 miles and could literally feel muscles I have never felt before. I waited a week and then tried them again. This time I was able to run 3 miles and did not feel the muscles as much as I had on the first run. I could really tell the difference in the heel drop from the Kinvara and this has not changed for me yet.

I’ve walked around in them a lot and feel that they are better suited for me for walking around or light workouts. I don’t want to do a crazy amount of miles in them because 1. you need to work into minimalist shoes so you don’t get injured and 2. I’m not injured and would like to stay that way. So for now I will be sticking with the Kinvara for the bulk of my training right now, but if you have already transitioned to minimalist shoes or want to give them a try, I definitely recommend the Hattori.

When not racing at Hood To Coast I wore them everywhere. They quickly became one of my new favorites.

They cost $80 and they come in a variety of fun colors. Saucony has released an all weather version exclusive to their online store. The true test of whether I love something is always whether I would pay full price for it. I’m seriously debating buying this version of these shoes.

*as always I was not paid for this review and the opinions are my own


  1. saucony running shoes says:

    Lovely shoe! Thank you for sharing this article. Hope to read more from you.

  2. Carolina John says:

    I love a good minimalist shoe. Those are really barefoot driven, which are great. I have been running all year in Mizuno Musha's, which are almost as thin as the saucony's. Good call!

  3. Very nice shoes, thank you for the review.

  4. Mandi Runs says:

    Nice, I have been thinking about getting these! I think I will have to now. Thanks for the review!

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