Good news, our elf has remembered to move this week. I for the life of me do not understand why people have such STRONG polar feelings about this little elf.

Elf 2

My kids like it, so I do it, end of story.

Elf 3
Ok maybe it’s not the end or the beginning of the story….I great up in a VERY {to put it mildly} religious family – I never once went trick or treating as a kid – we would go to church functions and get little toys and such there. Celebrating Halloween was celebrating something pagan, so we didn’t do it {note: I celebrate it with my kids now and haven’t ever once felt I was doing something evil}.

I was never told that Santa was real, in fact I was told from a very young age that he wasn’t real and that adults lied to little kids about it. It had something and everything to do with people taking Christ out of Christmas. I’m happy to say that most of my family has toned it down. I believe that if my parents had to raise us all over again, they would do it differently.

So that my friends is why I do the elf. My kids one day last year told me that their friends had this elf, and they wondered why they didn’t have one. I made up some lame story about needing to ask the elf to come to our house, so they said little prayers asking the elf to come to our house too. A quick trip to target the next day and we had the elf. Because of the way it happened my kids are 100% convinced it’s real, even if it doesn’t move every day.



Jillian and I became friends again yesterday morning. Her workouts are getting easier and I can feel gains I’ve made strength wise.

I took Monday completely off to rest and recover from the entire weekend and didn’t run at all yesterday – no regrets there.
Danielle and Dorothy

In 2 days – 2!!! Danielle, my 26 Strong Cadet, and I leave for Honolulu. I can not wait to run 26.2 miles with her and then celebrate with drinks in the sun. Have I mentioned I love the beach? It’s my lalalalala happy place and I’m giddy that I am making my way back to that part of the world.

Competitor Inside 1

I have to figure out how to get the splits off my Tom Tom watch. I’m sure it’s not hard, I just haven’t attempted it yet, which is why there is no recap yet for Rock N Roll San Antonio.

Did another Jillian workout again this morning and plan on going for a run once I get Colton off to pre-school. Volunteering at Miles school today, which always seems like a great idea when I’m signing up but not such a great idea when the day comes and I look at my to-do list. It makes him SUPER happy, so I know it’s more important than crossing stuff off my list. One of these years I’ll figure out how to manage everything. Until then, I’ll keep trying.

Happy Wednesday! xoxo Dorothy

If you want to follow along while I’m in Honolulu with Danielle and other Saucony 26 Strong teams you can follow me on instagram here Instagram

Danielle is also on there too!


  1. It’s weird how people have such strong opinions on the Elf. I don’t forsee my family doing it, just because I never did it as a kid and my husband wasn’t raised in this culture, so it’s just not something that feels natural for us. And yes, I find the Elf a wee bit creepy, but it looks like a lot of fun and I love how it seems to make Christmas magic come alive for kids in the days leading up to Christmas, not just on the day itself. And yeah, I guess if my daughter asks for it in the future…. I’ll run out and buy an Elf too! My husband also grew up in a very strict religious household, and there was so much pressure around celebrating the “right” way that it totally killed the holidays for him, he dreads the season. I’m hoping that, now that we have a kid, developing some fun family traditions will help him learn to love this time of year :)

  2. I also grew up with no Santa or Halloween (also due to religion). But I do those things with my kids because I like it. I don’t do the Elf on the Shelf, for no good reason other than I just don’t like them. Lol. But I certainly don’t begrudge other people from doing it. Good luck in Hawaii!!

  3. I was originally against the idea of getting an elf and my husband got one anyways. :) The kids LOVE Sammy and with all of their excitement I can’t help but love him, too. Ours is not mischievous at all and they can’t look for him in the morning until they are dressed and brush their teeth. Mornings go very smoothly before school in December!

    Have a blast in Hawaii! When my mom lived there I always thought it would be my first marathon someday. Have an umbrella drink for me!

  4. Krystin C. says:

    We have the elf as well, my daughter LOVES It and I think its super cute how she thinks its all so magical. Its fun. There are very strong feelings about the little elf but they don’t matter, we don’t use ours as a bribe or for any other reason other than FUN! Can I jump on a plane to Honolulu with you? Have a BLAST!

  5. Seriously, the “elf on the shelf” debate is nearly bigger than “to breastfeed or formula feed” in the mommy world. I don’t get it either. I believed in Santa until I was 11 (yes, you read that right!) and never ONCE was I pissed off that my parents “lied “to me. In fact, the excitement surrounding the idea of Santa holds such amazing, magical memories for me. I’m not so sure my boys really believe in the elf or not, but regardless, we have one, and we all love him.

  6. i have a 5 year old who has never believed in santa. I see nothing wrong with it though. We go every year and sit on his lap and take picture and have fun with the idea of him but that is it. I have always thought the elf on the shelf was a cute idea. I have been wanting to get one for him :)

  7. I have many people who tell me that I am a liar for doing Elf on The Shelf but what’s wrong with your children living with joy of xmas. My boys look for Buster every morning, its something we have done year after year. You know what I say to everyone, when you are their parent than you have the right to parent them however you want HOWEVER you are not their parent, I am so end of discussion. I am tired of people not believing and taking the joy from children all over the world. Let them be kids because its hard out there when they grow up.

  8. Kudos to you for doing something special for your children that they love and remember!! I did EOTS last year, and this year our Elf is permanently placed on the top of our tree, in place of an angel. Ha! My son was not entertained with our Elf’s hijinks at all. I spent hours on Pinterest, being inspired with all the creative ideas, but I just couldn’t get him interested. LOL. Oh well. We have a pretty cute tree topper now. 😉

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