My alarm went off before 4 am this morning.

Hit snooze twice.

Told myself I would run later.

Admittedly I stayed up later than planned reading Endurance.

I snuggled up to my husband and he nicely asked me if I was going to run.

I said no I’d run later.

He said there was no time later.

I got mad inside {irrationally} that he pointed out the obvious – but got out of bed.

I got dressed and surprisingly wasn’t tired at all. I headed out in what I knew would be warmish weather.

The moment I opened the door I was greeted with a blast of warm, wet air.

I love rain.

It wasn’t raining right then but I could feel it in the air. The heaviness.

As I ran I tried to be present in the moment. To stop the constant mind chatter. I didn’t want to think about PR’s or paces. I didn’t want to think about calculating and recalculating different scenarios for Army Ten Miler and for my marathon. I just wanted to run.

I wanted to feel the wind, to hear the bugs, to smell the air, and to feel alive.

I love running in the morning. On days I don’t get up because I can’t seem to find the willpower – I am mad but mostly sad. I miss those moments alone with myself and the dark world.

The world seems like a different place early in the morning. There is no hustle and bustle.

There are three bulls that live in a house near me. I LOVE seeing them in the mornings. I have no idea why or even what about these animals makes me happy.

On mile 7 of my 8 mile run I heard the leaves swirling all around me. Early in the morning your senses are all mixed up. You hear things before you see them, but you must listen to hear.

I danced with the leaves, I hit my stride. I felt strong. Strong because I truly, truly love running.

Running fast {fast is a relative term to the individual} is fun. Running races is fun.

But running for the pure love of running is just about one of the best feelings in the world.

I came back home grateful that my husband had pushed me out of the house to run.

You NEVER know what runs will be good ones or great ones unless you actually just go RUN.


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  1. I wrote about gratefulness this morning. I found it myself at a yoga class on Saturday and I compared it to the high you get when you run for the love of it! Great minds think alike! :)

  2. I love your post this morning. I love early morning running, the sites, the sounds, the gentle conversation between me and my running buddy. Really for me it is all about the quiet. Glad you felt some of that this morning. Happy Monday.

  3. “But running for the pure love of running is just about one of the best feelings in the world.”

    Love this SOO much. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I hit snooze this morning 4 times and missed my run. Now I’m regretting it :( I think the hardest part is deciding to get out of bed. I’m usually not as tired as I thought.

  5. Getting up when it is still dark out is very admirable! Running in the dark makes me nervous. Do you take any precautions?What do you wear when you go running in the dark? Do you wear anything special? Do you stay on the main road? sorry for so many questions, but I really want to run in the morning and have been struggling because the sun doesn’t come up til 7am. I would love to know how you do it!

  6. Loved reading this! I am so not an early runner but I love all the sensations you talked about. When I can, I do try to get out without anything – no music, watch or gps – and only run. It’s hard not to let my mind wander to meaningless things, but if I focus only on the run and how good it feels to move, it truly is awesome.

  7. Your posts are always so inspiring, thank you for sharing!

    Like a reader above, I am also always wondering about your runs in the dark. Could you please share with us where you run, and what measures you take to stay safe and how not to be afraid of the dark?

    Thank you!

  8. I agree that whenever i miss a run because I can’t get out of bed, I’m really annoyed with myself. But getting out of bed is the hardest part!

    Those magical runs, like that, are so rare but they remind us why we love this and why we do what we do!!! I want some leaves to fall here so I can go and run in them :)

  9. Despite my new addiction to early morning running, I actually skipped my run this morning. I did it on purpose, though, as I set my alarm later and decided last night that I would sleep in today. I had a rough day yesterday (hungover from a big birthday bash my husband threw for me on Saturday) and knew I needed the rest. However, I wish I had gotten up and done it, anyway. I’m sure once I was out there, amid swirling leaves and heavy clouds (about to rain here, too), I would have been happy.

    Now I need to get out there and do it before picking the kids up from preschool. So…out the door I go…here’s hoping I have a magical run, too! Hope you have a great week!!

  10. Beautifully written! Also, I have that same sweatshirt! Love it

  11. Isn’t it comfy?! :) So glad I got it in grey too!!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!! Your trip looked amazing!!! Have a great run :)

  13. Well I try NOT to talk too much about what I do incase some creepy person is actually reading my blog {yes I know that is totally irrational but you just never know} BUT I would say that running this early won’t work for everyone. There is no way I could have done it where I lived before – MUCH too dark to run alone. If someone else had been crazy enough to go running with me at that time then I would have done it but that’s why I usually was stuck running on the treadmill or waiting till later and pushing my kids. If you want to email me I can give you some *tips* that really helped me!

  14. Hey Mattie! Email me – I am really wierd about talking about all the things I do because you just never know who is reading what you post online – I know that may sound super crazy….it’s why I don’t talk that much about my kids on this blog either….there are tons of REALLY great people online but there are also creeps :) Okay enough rambling – you can email via the contact form if you want :) Have a great day!

  15. Those morning runs when you didn’t even want to start are amazing. Add in a dash of warm rain and a hubby who kindly encouraged you to do it, now that is a whole other level of amazing!!!

  16. :) :) Have a wonderful day Larissa!

  17. Love this post only because yesterday I had a really bad run and when I got done, I had to remind myself that I love running and actually I love the unexpected runs, the ones that I am not watching my pace or my time, I am just running to be free! Those are my favorite, I took today off to get my body and mind some rest. I will began hitting the streets tomorrow. Thank you for reminding me the greatness of running!

  18. I wish I would of got my butt out of bed and got my run this morning. My running partner text me and said she couldnt run this morning. I’ve gotten in a habit of hating to run by myself more so when it is cold vs warm. It wasnt bloody cold but not warm either put pajama on and went back to bed. I understand where your coming from when your husbands says like arent you going to run this morning. My first thought is always ‘Do you think I’m getting fat” I hate those little voices in my head making me feel insecure. I know deep down he not saying that, that it is just me beating my self up.

  19. This might be my favorite post on your blog! Love it!

  20. You make me feel lazy for not wanting to get up at 6! :) Beautiful post!

  21. That was a beautiful post!! Runs like that are what make it all worth it!

  22. This is such a beautiful post! When reading this I knew that you really, really love running! And in fact, it`s one of the most inspiring sports! I`d love to be able to run this early, but there is literally no street lighting here and I don`t feel safe enough. It really depends on where you live though, I think. And then, I am pretty sure that chances of “something happening” are higher in the evening than in the morning.

  23. Those are my favorite kind of runs! The ones you don’t want to do end up being the best ones and they leave you filling absolutely awesome, smiling, and grateful. I went for a nice 4 miler today. It was cloudy, but warm and humid, and it was peaceful. Was happy I was still rocking shorts! Have a beautiful Monday! :)

  24. Yes! The pure love of running! I headed out for a run the other day, and half a kilometre in it started pouring down, another 500m the hail began, then there was a bit of thunder and lightening (not much! and far away!) and then the sun came out with a double rainbow to boot! It was the most amazing run I have ever been on and I relished every step of being out in nature. it made me feel alive.

    PS – hope you don’t mind if I shoot you an email to re early morning running? I’m keen (but scared!)

  25. seejayess says:

    My training for my 50K routinely had me up before the sun. So, headlamp blazing, I ran solo in the dark for an hour or two. Save the occasional skunk, I LOVED running out there with no one else around (seemingly) for miles and miles.

    “Danced with the Leaves”, awesome!

  26. That sooooo sounds like my mornings except it is my wife reminding me that there is no time later!

  27. Dorothy – that is not weird at all – it is wise!!! The news has too many crazy stories and we need to be careful ALL of the time! I admire your accomplishments and just knowing that you fight with yourself just like I do- lol!

  28. Such a great post!! I’m so glad you’ve found something that makes you so happy. Running outside is pretty amazing! 😀

  29. I love the poeticism of this post. It’s one of the best feelings in the world when I go out for a run and it turns into the kind of bliss you described here. I hope I will feel strong again soon so I can really get back to enjoying days like these.

  30. I have been having the hardest time getting out bed in the morning lately. Thanks for reminding me that I just need to do it. :-)

  31. I LOVE this! You’re so right – the most unexpected days can produce the most epic runs. You never know until you’re out there doing it.

  32. I know this sounds like a ridiculous question, but what time do you go to bed? I have been getting up to run before work, but that requires me to get out of bed by 5 at the latest if I want to get an hour of running in. 5 isn’t so terrible, but my husband doesn’t get up until 7:30ish, which puts us on totally different schedules with me trying to go to bed by 9:30 and him not coming to bed until midnight. I am a teacher though, so my work schedule is totally inflexible and I can’t go in any later.

  33. This post is so beautiful! And I love running for the love of running. There really should be no other way…well except for speedwork and crazy long runs. Then again those have their own joy too. 😉

  34. Wow, it’s like you were in my head when writing this. There are SO many mornings when I have to drag myself out of bed and later I am truly thankful that I did. I will try to remember your running passion during these times when I hit the snooze 4x!! What a great motivation, it’s the reason why we all should be running to begin with.

  35. Great post, Dorothy! I too would love the tips for getting out of bed and being safe while running alone in the dark.

  36. I live down in SW VA in the mountains, and I know exactly what that dancing with the leaves feels like. I love it. The crunch as you run over them. Love it. This is by far my favorite post of yours, Dorothy….simply for this:

    “Running fast {fast is a relative term to the individual} is fun. Running races is fun. But running for the pure love of running is just about one of the best feelings in the world.”

    Amen, girl.

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