If it were not for my mom I may never have been a runner.

I used to run a bit for ‘fun’ in high school or more often in an attempt to burn calories in my never ending quest as a teenage girl to loose weight….but I would never have become a RUNNER if it were not for my mom.

We ran my first race together and she ran me into the finish of my first marathon. She cried after I finished and said it meant more to her than her first marathon. When I qualified for Boston she again cried and said it meant more to her than the first time she qualified. She has been the BIGGEST cheerleader of me when it comes to my running. Whenever I doubt myself, whenever I think that I have hit my limit, she reminds me to dream big – that my only limits are those I put on myself.

When I text her or call her post race and tell her I ran a PR or had an awesome run, she never seems surprised – it is as if she knew I could do it before I even did.

I love it.

I love having a mom who runs.

Last week we took our first real adult family vacation to the beach. When I got home tonight I had a text picture from her.

It was a picture of her favorite Saucony running shorts.

I love having a mom who runs.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to my usual running ramblings…..but for now here are some of my favorite moments of the week. I already miss the beach.


  1. That is awesome. I hope that someday my son is a runner and appreciates having a runner mom.

  2. Jessica (The Pace of Me) says:

    oh my gosh, what a great post! i love all the pics – every single one! the one of miles in the blue hat makes me think of popeye the sailor man. soo cute! i am smiling so big right now, my cheeks hurt. i simply cannot wait to catch up soon. big hugs!

  3. iseetrails says:

    Very cool that your mom and you share the love of running, and how lucky your kids are to have YOU as a mom! Loved this post.

  4. SupermomE12 says:

    What cute pics!! And what a blessing to have a mom that is so loving and supportive and is a runner herself. I just recently "got" a stepmom, and having a mom in my life that is loving and supportive of my running is so incredible. I hope one day my kids are glad to have a mom that runs. :)

  5. racingtales says:

    Gorgeous pictures! So great that you can share running with your mom! Mine never understood it. I recall her saying when I came back from a training run after I'd been selected for the high school cross country team, "Look how red your face is…I don't think this is good for you!" Good thing I ignored her. 😉 She's a little better about it now but still doesn't "get" it. Such is life, and the good thing is that it has made me very supportive of my boys' athletic endeavors!

  6. Thanks for following my blog! Now I found you :) You are a speedster! I wish my family ran, but I'm really the only one. That's awesome that you have such a close connection with your Mom through running – that's really special.

  7. Julie D. says:

    Your mom is too cool!! Looks like an amazing vacation. Love your pics!

  8. I love this post. I can't relate at all about having an active role model in my life…and that's exactly why I run.

  9. So awesome that your mom is so supportive and gets it… cuz she lives it! Just super :) And look at you and your lovely family at the beach! Looks like you all really enjoyed it :)

  10. eliz@thesweetlife says:

    Love the running shorts photo–adorable!

  11. Rebecca Samson says:

    Love your Mom! My Mom's always been a walker/runner until recently she's just been running. I'm so proud of her. She has already noticed the difference in her abs. I told her we have to do a 5k together. Um and seriously she has a lot of shorts!

  12. I RUN LIKE A GIRL says:

    I also have a mom who loves to run (and is the reason I am a runner) – its the coolest thing ever!!

    Love all of your adorable family pictures – can't wait to hear about your trip!

  13. Amanda@runninghood says:

    What a cool thing to have a mom that runs!! So awesome!! And you look beautiful in these shots!!! Hope you get on the HOod to Coast team!! I'm running it this year for the first time since I was prego with my first born seven years ago. Hey, I want to pick your brain on marathons and if you think it would be stupid for me to try another one in four weeks after this one I Saturday. What are your thoughts? I noticed that you have done some pretty close ones.

  14. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    my mom always ran, and i remember as a kid she would always encourage me to go with her! hope i can be the same role model for my kids, especially sage, one day

  15. Allison says:

    My mom is a runner too and a speedy one at that (in fact, I have never beaten her in a race). My brother does too so it's fun when we all sign up for the same race! :)

  16. That is so neat. I hope that in 20 years my adult daughters will run with me and they will appreciate having a mom who runs :)

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