In running [and life] it’s important to be realistic with yourself. To know your limits, to know when you are off, to know when it’s good to push, when its good to back down. A pregnant runner is no different than a non pregnant runner, we occasionally have bad days.

This morning I was happy to get up at 4:55. The Saucony Tech Rep was coming to the South Riding Running Club run, and I wanted to get my run out of the way, in case he needed me to help/chat/what not. I got up that early so I could fit in 10 miles before 7 am. Doable – right?

Mile 1 – 10:18
Mile 2 – 10:21
Mile 3 – 10:07
Stop – puke my brains out in some bushes
Mile 4 – 10:24
Walk home

I’m not one to quit. I was however realistic this morning. I’m 19 weeks so I shouldn’t be getting sick. My slowed down pace on the weekends is usually between a 9:00 and a 9:30 pace. When I saw mile one’s pace, I thought to myself, my garmin wasn’t working. Mile two I thought, man I’m off today. Mile three I wondered if I would have to walk all the way home and felt sick. I stopped puked, tried to rally and decided after another mile, I would try the run again tomorrow.

I was back at my house at 6am. Yuck. Who can say they already went for their run on a Saturday morning by 6am?

I was bummed, but I’m moving on. I’m being realistic that today just wasn’t my day.

It’s okay to have a less-than-great run. It just makes the good ones all that more special.
But he that dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose” – Anne Bronte


  1. ~ jessica says:

    Hey Dorothy – if it makes you feel any better I've also been running over 9 minute pace in this heat! Congratulations – it sounds to me like you are doing great.

  2. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    good job being smart!! xoxo

  3. Rebecca Samson says:

    Well said Dorothy!!

  4. I totally agree with the last statement you said. Bad days happen and it just makes the next ones that much more special. I had a really bad one in the heat this week…but I just moved on to the next one!

  5. Sometimes you gotta cut your losses and try again next time. Its good to have a short memory. I like what the Hungry Mom says…"be smart"

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