Wun: A wun is defined as any attempt at a run that despite all your best intentions turns into a run/walk. wun’s commonly occur during pregnancy. 

Monday morning I headed out in the dark for a solo run.  I love running early in the morning before the sun rises.  I find peace in the quietness and darkness surrounding me.  My goal was to run 2 miles with out stopping for a break.  Goal completed.

Mile 1, 10:52,  seemed relatively easy compared to my wun’s on the treadmill. 

Mile 2, 11:34, was a struggle.  I had no music, no one to distract me, so I was forced to be alone with my own thoughts. 

Mile 3, 18:52, was a walk – no running – no wunning – a walk.

Here were my thoughts:
1.  I am proud that at 34 weeks I can still run a mile.  When my body gives me more I will be grateful.

2. The last time I ran 10 miles when I was pregnant with Miles was when I was about 7 weeks along at the Army Ten Miler 2007.  The last time I ran 10 miles(running not wunning) this time around was when I was 26 weeks pregnant.  I am no longer running to try to have a quick recovery back to my training and racing.  I am running to be fit for myself and for this baby. 

3. I know my fitness will come back.  6 months and 2 days after having Miles I ran a 24 minute marathon PR and qualified for Boston.  Some of the worlds fastest women, put forth their best performances in the years immediately after having children. 

4.  So what if I have gained 30+ lbs?!  I’m proud that I am a runner who once-upon-a-time in-the-not-so- distant past did consider herself small and that I DID NOT and DO NOT have an eating disorder.  It truly makes me sad when I see women happy about only gaining a couple of pounds while pregnant.  Weight gain during pregnancy helps your baby grow.  Miles was 8.18 lbs when he was born!  I’m excited to see how big this baby is going to be.  My guess is bigger than his older brother.

5. I miss my friends.  I miss training with them.  I’m only 28 so I’m hoping that leaves a good 70 or so more years for me to run with them.  I need to have patience.

P.S. In case you were wondering.  My mom ran 3:49 at the Steamtown Marathon on Sunday, getting her a Boston Qualifier!!  I’m so proud on so many levels and feel lucky that I can brag about my mom today!

P.P.S.  The pic is of my friend Jessica after our WUN last weekend!!


  1. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says:

    Yeah for wunning! I love that you are simply continuing your healthy active lifestyle throughout your pregnancy. It's good practice for the many years that are ahead. Over decades of running (or any fitness pursuit) adjustments have to be made for many reasons, other responsilities, health, age, weather,…

    You look wonderful (so does Jessica)! And you have done your little baby proud allowing your body to change to help support it's growth.

    Congrats to you mom!

  2. Rebecca Samson says:

    I miss our wun's but I can't wait till we are running together again :)

  3. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    ha! a wun, thats awesome. getting close!!!

  4. Lol… I am all about the wunning. And you are doing great. And you are so close! That's awesome :).

  5. You look so cute!! You are doing so great running. I'm quite impressed!

  6. Congrats on some good wunning! You look great!

  7. Lesley @ racingitoff.com says:

    I've always called it wogging… I like wunning better.

  8. You look great and so true about the weight you will loose it in no time but it is amazing that you run a PR only 6 months after your 1 st pregnancy !!! You must have a super mom to be proyd of :)

  9. Runners Fuel says:

    That is awesome!

  10. I'm glad I read your post today. I am 24+ weeks pregnant and running few miles a day. This is a huge improvement from my first pregnancy, but I seem to be gaining the weight the same rate that I did with my first pregnancy. i was feeling rather "blah" about it yesterday, but your post was a good reminder about what is really important.

    You are quite inspirational:)

  11. I look like a blimp compared to your belly. I'm getting asked every day if I'm due next week. :( So jealous of your "wuns". But I'll be back to it soon enough. :)

  12. Stefanie Schocke says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I am at 22.5 weeks and not happy about my weight right now…so if I can only remember that in the next 17 weeks :)

  13. runningwithababyonboard says:

    you are absolutely adorable! what a cute little speed bump. :)

  14. Jennifer P says:

    Wunning sounds much more fun than wogging. You are so right on the return to speed and fitness. I was so much fitter and faster after my first pregnancy and knowing that keeps me motivated since having baby #2. Look foward to following you through this upcoming adventure!

  15. you are amazing and i love you!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  16. chaco sandals says:

    You are an amazing mom! Thanks for the new term, "wunning" I like it, a new learning for me. Good luck on your wunning! :)


  1. […] I just returned from a run…..though it was more of a walk than run AND it was broken up and not really what I would consider a quality walk. When I was pregnant and run/walking I called my runs, wuns….rather than saying I ran/walked – I liked the sound of it better, so I’m bringing it back, cause some days all I have in me is a WUN. […]

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