WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO DRIVE???  It’s something I scream out in my head at least once on every single run. 

When making a right turn do you only look left to see if cars are coming?  Or do you do what they should have taught you in drivers ed?  Look left, look right, look left, then turn.  At least once on every run I encounter someone at a turn who is in too much of a hurry to look right.  They usually come to a rolling stop at the stop sign, look left and then turn.  The look of horror on their face is always the same, as they quickly realize they didn’t look and almost hit a pregnant woman with two children in tow.

If you are reading this blog you are most likely a runner.  If you aren’t, then you are more than likely friends with one or related to one.  You care about your friends and family right?  Do the right thing, re-teach yourself how to drive.  Save a life by looking BOTH ways before turning.  Who knows next time it might not be a pregnant lady running – it might be someone you know going for a walk, or worse yet, a child who just happened to dart out after a ball.

Tell your friends and family – pay attention to the safety of others – don’t just make sure you aren’t going to get hit – make sure you aren’t going to hit anyone.

Thank you – I’ll get off my soap box now…..


  1. I concur!

  2. RunMishiRun says:

    you should try running in Queens…they are the worst!

  3. I agree. And speedy drivers make me angry, too. Especially in our neighborhood when you know there are kids out everywhere!!!!

  4. ditto!!! what is wrong with people!?!?

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