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My kids are home on winter break and I’m pretty excited about it! Yes, it makes fitting in a run a little trickier than normal, but I treasure these days where the morning snuggles have no reason to end and we aren’t tied to a time on a clock.

I love when we are free to do whatever we want, whenever we want. The older they get the easier exploring outside has become. When they were little, it felt like we would never get to the point where they could walk for hours without complaining, but we are finally there!!


This week we headed to one of my favorite {easy for kids} local hikes. It’s a quick hike/walk down to the water – which is great when they are impatient while walking to get to the “fun part.” To me there is something magical to be about being near water – be that a lake, river, or the ocean. It’s calming and helps me re-center, especially during crazy times of the year.

Osprey Daylite Backpack 1

Last week I spent a couple of hours online researching bag{s} that would work well for my 2018 adventures and after reading review after review settled on the Osprey Daylite and the Osprey Fairview. In this post I’m going to chat about why I picked the Osprey Daylite.


What I was looking for in a backpack:

  • lightweight
  • a color that I liked not only for hiking but also to use when traveling or for every day use
  • durable {I’m willing to pay more for things that last, so I’m not replacing them every year}
  • good price point {I’m willing to pay more but I don’t want to over pay for something that’s not good quality}
  • storage for a laptop
  • padding for comfort in the back
  • side pockets for easy access to water or my cell phone

Once I settled on an Osprey backpack I was torn between the Daylite and the Daylite Plus. Ultimately I decided that the size of the Daylite was better suited for what I wanted to use the backpack for.

I liked the expanded color options available in the Daylite. After much debate over whether the white was going to get dirty quickly I decided to go for that color anyways. When the backpack arrived I was pleasantly shocked that the white is more of a grey white that a true stark white. Against my grey shirt it almost looks grey!

At $50 it was the perfect price point. Now having used the bag, I would have been willing to pay more for it – so I think it was well worth the $50. At $50 it’s also really great price point for a nice, but not too expensive gift for your favorite active person!


What I like about it:

  • I like that this has a clip for your keys at the top of the bag. Easy to secure, so you don’t lose them in your bag or worse have them fall out on the trail when you stop to pull out something else. I always find a way to temporarily lose my keys – which for anyone who has taken everything out of their bag more times than you can count, you feel me.
  • I’m a HUGE fan of the color I picked {Frost White}. Chloe {my 11-year-old} also commented on how much she liked it. I honestly think it would make a really great school backpack for a pre-teen/teen as well.
  • The pockets on the side are the perfect for my water bottles.
  • The padding in the back is just enough to make me not notice I was carrying around my laptop.
  • It’s large enough to carry a good amount of stuff but not too large that I don’t like wearing it on my 8 speed bike.
  • It fit all the requirements of what I was looking for in a backpack!IMG_7159

You can find the Osprey Daylite on Zappos.com here. I love shopping on Zappos because they offer free shipping and free returns. I never have to worry that I’m going to dislike what I buy and have it cost me a small fortune to return it.



More pictures from our little adventure – – I never pass up a chance to hug a tree!!



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  1. Nice color! Good back pack for $50!

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