I just returned from a run…..though it was more of a walk than run AND it was broken up and not really what I would consider a quality walk. When I was pregnant and run/walking I called my runs, wuns….rather than saying I ran/walked – I liked the sound of it better, so I’m bringing it back, cause some days all I have in me is a WUN.

Wun: A wun is defined as any attempt at a run that despite all your best intentions turns into a run/walk. wun’s commonly occur during pregnancy.

Speed work was on tap for the day. I was excited about it and felt ready to go physically but my mind is a little off kilter this week. It’s been a rough couple of days emotionally BUT there has been a lot that has happened {like watching Chloe be brave and tackle indoor sky diving!} that was wonderful and that I’m thankful for – so it’s been a weird week. I’ll just leave it at that. I think those are normal feelings.

Thursday thoughts on running and going for a WUN @mileposts

Also thanks to FB and it’s wonderful or not so wonderful reminders depending on how you see it….pretty much everyone I know is getting a reminder that we have been friends for two years, which has then meant that life long friends have been asking me wait what?! We have only been friends on FB for two years? Then I have to remind them that EXACTLY two years ago I got sick of FB and deleted it all together for a couple of weeks…..and then decided to start it back again fresh. Oddly or not so oddly, I’m currently REALLY sick of FB and am thinking about deleting my account. I’ve said one too many things in the past week and then later been mad I said it and deleted the post…..nothing terrible, just one of those Dorothy write that stuff down in a notebook and don’t share it with the world type junk. So I’m doing that from now on….it’s going to be my b*tch book and any time I’m tempted to whine on social media I’ll just write all that junk down in a notebook for me and only me to read. A way to get the thought out and then move on without having to explain what I was actually talking about or my intention of the post. I think that’s a win for everyone – I won’t annoy anyone and I won’t get pissed at myself later.

Chloe Raine Face Drawing

It’s 83 degrees outside with a real feel of 86. I’ve been waiting for the warm weather to come and it’s here. My body however is not adjusted to this sudden change and starting a speed workout in the sun after 10 am isn’t ideal. I thought about driving somewhere completely shaded but decided I had too much to do today so I couldn’t “waste” time driving. I likely would have had a better workout, completed it, and been finished sooner than whatever I just did had I driven somewhere. I’m also here writing a blog post when I should be doing a zillion other things, so there’s that. Procrastination at it’s finest.

I had 4 miles of speed work that needed to happen. I did a 2+ mile warm up – first mile of speed was 6:51 and I felt like my head was going to explode. 1 minute recovery and I started the next mile. I felt like I was running 11 minute miles and my head was pounding, so I stopped at .57 and I guess at that point I was running a 6:50 average for that mile. I stopped at home, grabbed some water and then decided to “jog” the rest of the miles needed to complete 8 miles. Those miles then turned in to a wun.

Oddly I’m not mad at myself at all. This stuff happens. I don’t really feel like I gave up, more so listened to my body telling me, today is not the day.

After months of introspection I can tell the difference between giving up and respecting the day.

I really need to focus on making sure I stay hydrated on a daily basis. In hindsight maybe my head felt that way because I didn’t drink enough yesterday. The struggle of not wanting to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes is real bahahaha.


I’m running a 1/2 on Sunday and taking off Women’s Running instagram so I’ll be sharing my adventures over there. My coach said I could only run the half if I could run it and legitimately not race it. Which feels weird for me to show up at a race and not try to kill myself, but the more I practice having patience the more improvements I believe I’ll see in the long run. Alicia had 13 on my schedule anyways and honestly I’m a bit tired of running alone, so getting up at the crack of dawn to run around a marked half marathon course seemed like more fun than 13 solo!

It’s almost the weekend!! Doing anything exciting for Memorial Day? I wanted to write a little friendly reminder {that I’m giving to myself as well} that this weekend is about more than just the beach, bbq’s and lots of alcohol. If you are running on Monday and would like to commit your miles check out Wear Blue, Run To Remember. I had the privilege of listening to the founder of this group speak at Marine Corps Marathon. To say it was touching is a complete understatement. I’m not sure I have the exact words to say how I felt listening to her words, so I won’t because I don’t want to ramble on sounding ridiculous. This Memorial Day I’m making an extra special effort to remember why we have this holiday and to explain to my children that it’s not just another day off.

xoxo Dorothy

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