First things first – what are kettlebells? This isn’t a silly question. I didn’t know what they were till a couple of years ago – nor how flinging/swinging something with bell in the name was going to help improve my body composition and make me stronger.

Wikipedia can help you out with the WHAT the WHAT here.

Second – why did I start lifting when I love running so very much?

I started getting dizzy while running. For a period of time it was on just about every single run.

I can’t tell you how many miles I have walked back home to my house in tears. I’ve had two friends find me on the trail crying and have fallen a couple of times as a result of the dizziness. I realized during the period of time about a year ago when it was happening ALL the time {thankfully it’s not happening all the time now and my doctor is helping me figure out what it is}, that running was truly was a gift that could be taken from me at any time. I needed to find other things that I enjoyed. I wanted to see if I could grow to love them the way I grew to love running, in case running was ever stolen from me.


  What I learned in the process is that I LOVE moving. Lifting was my least favorite movement at first. I was weak and was frustrated with myself that I could run 26.2 miles but couldn’t even do 5 push ups in a row anymore. But like most things, you have to keep pushing through – you never know when that mental breakthrough is going to come. In a way it was just like running. Hated it. Hated it. Hated it. Till I loved it.   Don't give up on something just because you don't like it at first. Maybe you don't like it because it's hard and maybe hard is exactly what you need. I have no problem running less mileage now if it means that I can fit in a strength workout! Seeing results is the icing on the cake. I’m writing this post today after having done a hard kettlebell workout yesterday – sitting in my office chair is painful in the rear. Oh what a sweet pain that is. It turns out that if you want a butt and aren’t naturally born with one – you can work for it! I say that sarcastically because of the lies I once told myself. You aren’t built like that Dorothy. Women that have strong shaped arms, round rears – they must have some genetic predisposition to look like that – they were built that way.   Let’s think of it like a house {I found this helpful when I was moving past the lies in my head}. You have a house – it’s great but there are some things you don’t like about the house. Maybe it’s cluttered inside. Maybe there are rooms you aren’t using. Maybe you want to remodel. You don’t say, well we can’t change this house. It has to stay like this – messy, cluttered, or even structurally the same – you CAN remodel and build what you want. Just because a house is BUILT a certain way doesn’t mean with work, it can’t be built another way. Those women had arms I liked because they had worked for them. What was the harm in me trying to work to see if I didn’t have arms like that because I had never tried to build arms like that. I think this picture proves that my BS excuse of I’m not built like that, was in fact BS.  


So that’s why I started. The reason I’ll keep going is not because of the visible results, but because I feel good. It’s fun doing a goblet squat and feeling your muscles work. It’s nice waking up and feeling sore because of a good, hard lifting session. It’s fun being able to isolate muscles when you are doing a Jillian Michaels DVD and thinking AHHH this is what it’s supposed to feel like.

I truly believe that the only way to make a form of MOVEment a habit is to try things until you find something that you love. It may be like broccoli – you may have to try it ten times before you actually like it, but push through. Maybe you don’t like something because it’s hard AND maybe hard is exactly what you need.

I learned how to lift kettlebells by using these RKS Kettlebell DVD’s. They were $89.99 but are on sale on amazon for $24.99. I think that is a steal. I’d pay $100 for the DVD’s now if I had to do it again. There are 9 DVD’s total with 16 – 30 minute workouts.

I bought my 15 pound kettlebells at Target. This past weekend I moved up in weight for some of the movements and bought 25 pound kettlebells at Dicks Sporting Goods. I’ve seen them on sale for less at places like TJ Maxx and Marshals. They can be pricey, but are worth the investment.

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