If could go back in time and tell my non-runner self a few things, here is what I would start with…
  • You will not look like a gazelle running. Run anyways.
  • Move to the right when someone is passing you.
  • A nod of the head serves as a hello when you are to out of breath.
  • You may pee your pants–accept it
  • You won’t poop your pants (thank goodness) but you will have to accept that sometimes you gotta go in the woods.
  • Neosporin works in a pinch when you can’t find your Body Glide.
  • It’s socially acceptable to have “bathroom” talk with other runners.
  • You will not sound like Adele. Sing anyways.
  • Bloks will be something you eat, not something you build with.
  • You will find yourself oddly satisfied when you are really sore.
  • You will look at every runner you drive past and wonder if you know them.
  • Moisture wicking gear is more comfortable in the long run. You will buy it.
  • You will spend more on running apparel than anything else in your closet.
  • You will feel jealous when a friend tells you they ran today and it’s your rest day.
  • You will start to rearrange your schedule to make sure you get to run.
  • Vacations will become run-cations.
  • You will tell people you hated running. Many will respond with they hated it too.
  • At some point you will breakdown and add a running sticker to your car.
  • You will feel that it’s BS that all major marathons aren’t televised from start to finish.
  • You will eventually feel that it’s bad luck to wear the race shirt before the race.
  • Chicago, Berlin, San Antonio, Las Vegas, London are names of races to you, not cities.
  • You will form a bond with someone through shared runs.
  • You don’t need last names – Deena, Kara, Shalane, Desi, Paula, Catherine.
  • When asked your shoes size, you will respond with one size for your regular shoes and another for your running shoes.
  • You will run in your dreams, literally waking your husband up with the movement of your legs.
  • Every year you will tell yourself that you want to stop running marathons and “date” a new distance.
  • Each and every year you will remember that the marathon has your heart for life.
  • You can do hard things and you will.

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