I got my butt in gear this morning and squeezed in a Jillian Michaels DVD before taking Colton to school. He was more than happy not to have me telling him what to do and I was more than happy to try to get back in the habit of getting my butt kicked by Ms. Michaels.

After I dropped him off I debated running on the treadmill even though I could run outside, but my treadmill is making me crazy now because the speed is off. I don’t know if the belt needs to be tighter or looser or as my husband is telling me, if the treadmill is on the decline. I protested that we had just gotten that treadmill and a treadmill that costs $5,000 should last for oh forever, but he reminded me that it was a year or two old when we bought it from my brother in law and that we have in fact had it for almost 8 years. PSHHH.

Outside and I went. I froze, not in the oh it’s so cold kind of way, but in the it’s chilly and the rain feels like little ice needles pricking me. 6 miles was plenty for me. You don’t know the miles were supposed to be recovery based on average pace because I got antsy and did I mention the ice needles? and so I ran the last 3 way faster than I should and brought down my over 9 minute mile average for the first 3 to 8 something for the total run. Miles are miles today.

Rosey The Fenix

I recently got the Garmin Fenix in Rose Gold and it’s was LOVE at first sight. I’m kinda crazy about her! I happen to really love how she looks with my Newline Jacket. I wore this jacket before The Great Wall Marathon and the pattern brings back happy, happy memories. Newline just came out with their Spring 2016 line and I’m drooling.

Before The Race


How pretty is this? I wish I was in China right now running.


I often get asked what books I recommend for running, health, nutrition, etc. so I decided after organizing my book shelf the other day by topic to create an amazon store with what’s on my book shelf. This is easier because all the books are in one place and you can decide what type of book you are looking for. It’s hard to give blanket recommendations on running books I think someone will like when I don’t know their personality. I love Haruki Murakami’s memoir What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, but someone else may hate it.

The “store” is now under the BOOKS tab at the top of my blog. I’ll be adding to it as I work my way through my bookshelf!



I have a fun Brooks Shoe Giveaway over on my instagram page – you get your choice of a pair of Brooks shoes and one of my favorite water bottles – a Hydro Flask! CLICK HERE

Happy last week of the month my running friends!! I’m thinking about what I want my March goals to be. What are some of yours?

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