Last Friday I headed out for my “easy” run when Eric got home from work.


I could have run on the treadmill in the morning but I’m trying to do as much of my training as I can outside on the pavement.

I was lost in thought when I saw a turtle up ahead. It appeared to be moving quickly, or as quick as a turtle can move, but an upcoming cyclist made me worried for its safety. I’ve seen one too many animals that have met their end on the trail.

The turtle could have made it across the path just fine without my assistance, assuming the cyclist didn’t hit him, but I grabbed him anyways and moved him over to the grass out of harms way.

As a runner turtles often make me think of the fable of The Tortoise and the Hare…..

……so I thought about that turtle for the remainder of the run……

We can get across the road by ourselves, it might not be pretty but we can do it…slow and steady.

But sometimes……sometimes – you just need a little help – even though you know you can walk right across that road yourself. Yes, you can say no thank you, and keep going, but there is nothing weak about letting others help you from time to time. It’s okay to say YES, a little help would be lovely, thank you for offering.

As someone who hates to ask for help, who hates the feeling of owing someone some unspoken something, I’m learning that it’s okay to let people help you. That just because people in your life in the past have kept “score” doesn’t mean that others keep a running tally of every time they offered help and you took them up on it.






  1. Oh, yes. I totally get it. I hate asking for help but I have to remember that sometimes I like helping people just because, so other people might too and it’s not a burden. Though, that’s hard for me to process when I’m the one asking… sigh…

  2. What a lovely post Dorothy… Soooo right.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. Well written truth!

  4. It is SO HARD for me to ask for help. Last week, I was sad and needed a friend, so I actually reached out to a friend and asked if I could come over for a few and just be and it was exactly what I needed, but it was hard. Baby steps.

  5. krisbick says:

    There’s something about helping a turtle that makes you feel good (even the big ugly snapping turtles). They’ve survived for thousands of years yet still sometimes take the wrong path. Which makes for a special moment when you’re the one who can help, pretty cool.

  6. This! I have always hated asking for help and feeling like I will owe someone something if I do ask for help. I failed to link it to past relationships who were keeping score about this type of thing. Thank you for connecting those dots for me. The clarity, realizations, and truths found on runs! Thank you for sharing yours!

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