When you run what feels like all the time, even a slight change in weather from the normal can feel fun. The fog/mist yesterday morning had me excited to head out for my easy recovery run. About a mile in to my run I ran into my friend Steve, who owns Transition Triathlon with his wife Alex.

Life is random and I love how things eventually work out.

I met Alex when I was barely out of college, she was a friend of my moms who she met through her running group. On the weekends there were a core group of about 5 of us that always ended up being together on the C & O Canal for our long runs.

Alex is one of the sweetest most caring people I know, a person who EVERYONE likes. Steve isn’t so bad either 😉

Many moons ago when Eric and I were planning our wedding, I was anything but excited. Not because I wasn’t excited about getting married but because I was not one of those people who was like OMG cake I can’t wait to try cake, or yay flowers I get to spend $1,000+ on flowers. The process stressed me out and the amount of money that would be spent was making me feel ill. Though my budget was not even 1/4 of what some of my friends spent on their weddings, it still seemed crazy for me, for one day. That being said, different strokes for different folks – I do not judge anyone that wants all that – it just wasn’t for me at the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE attending weddings and from time to time I do feel a twinge of sadness that I didn’t have some giant party {I plan on having a big party for one of our anniversary’s that will include lots of wine and dancing to make up for it}.

My very best friends are twins and both of them had the most AMAZING weddings. I loved them and both of their wedding weekends are two of my most favorite wedding memories. So I promise you, in my wedding choice, I’m not judging anyone else’s!

I digress….

The week before Eric and I got married, we went on a hike to Great Falls. On that hike both of us came up with the same idea – screw the big wedding. Lets get married here. Ok! YESssssss we both agreed – this was something we could both get excited about.

We looked at the calendar and it clicked – 8.18 – one of my favorite dates was coming up in less than two weeks. Let’s get married next week Eric said. I emphatically said yes. Planning a wedding in a week was a thrilling idea to me.

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We went to the mall and I found a white dress at Banana Republic that I paid less than $150 for and I loved it. I bought flip flops at Gap, because in my beach wedding dreams I had envisioned flip flops and felt like they worked in a park. Screw heels. I’m still the same way – I don’t own one single pair of “pumps.”

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The one thing we knew we really wanted was pretty photographs – where would we find a photographer on this short of notice? We also were worried if we did find someone they would cost an arm and a leg and that was exactly what we wanted to avoid.

818 005

Alex, that’s who we should ask. Eric was like what? Alex, you know of Steve and Alex – she takes amazing pictures – her dad is an Amazing photographer and I think she gets it from him. Maybe they would be willing to come and take pictures for us. Worth a shot Eric said. So I asked them and much to my surprise, they said yes. I believe in the gift of time, I think it is one of the most important and special things someone can give you. Not only were they helping us but they were spending their morning doing something for us, when I’m sure it would have been a lot more fun going on a long run or a long bike ride 😉 The gave us the gift of photos but also of their time.

The day was perfect and I still love every single photo. Getting married by the falls is much more “us” than anywhere else we could have “planned” for.

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Now – what feels like a bazillion years later – Steve and Alex own a triathlon store that is less than a mile from my house. I run past it weekly. What are the chances of that?

I don’t often “run” into people I know on the trail but I always get a little pep in my step and a huge smile on my face when I run into one of them. They are good people.

So when I saw Steve yesterday and he asked how much I had left of my run – I said, I’ll turn around and run with you. I’m anal about my runs – I run what I plan, where I plan, at the pace I plan. It’s probably why I do best running alone. But for Steve changing the plan was fine and I didn’t think twice about it. He had some excellent life advice that he gave me in the 4 miles we ran together and I felt, as cheesy as it sounds, that I was meant to run in to him yesterday.

If you are ever in Leesburg you should come check them out! If you aren’t local you can find them on twitter HERE and facebook HERE

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And last but not least – Happy Happy Birthday to my little sister Amanda! Love you xoxo


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