My eldest two littles have had the day off of school the past two days because of teacher work days, which happens to coincide with voting. Voting is awesome. I understand the need for some schools to be used as places to vote. I also think that by giving kids the day off from school they make it harder on stay at home moms/dads to vote. While I don’t feel the need to have life catered to me or changed so it’s easier on me – I think it does a disservice to a large group of people who would otherwise vote but have to weigh the pro’s and con’s based on how their kids are acting. While some years I have brought them with me, other years there was no way I was going to drag a crying baby with me to wait in line. Or maybe I’m crazy and it’s just me that feels this way…… All I know is that if voting was say, today, and I didn’t have three kids for a couple of hours, I would have been first in line to vote.

My major in college was Political Science. I love the whole process, yet refuse to talk politics with just about anyone because I grew up and realized that the quickest way to make an enemy or sour an otherwise good friendship is to start talking about your political views.

But back to running…..

Eric had some things to take care of after work so a run wasn’t going to happen till after it was dark. Once I realized this was the case, I called my mother in law to see if she could watch the kids for me.

Thankfully she is one of the most flexible people I know and is always willing to help in a pinch.

Run 11 - 3

I had 4 tempo miles with a 2 mile warm up and a 2 mile cool down on the schedule.

Side note: Warm up people! When I see people posting things about “their 8 mile tempo” with no warm up, or cool down, just 8 fast miles – it makes me twitch. It’s especially important before speed work of any kind to warm up the body. My two unsolicited cents. Or maybe it’s not considered unsolicited since you are choosing to read my blog 😉

I do not do well with afternoon or night runs, I’m tired from the day so they are always slower. Effort is what matters I told myself.

I started the run going slightly uphill because then I knew when I turned around it would be slightly downhill. Cheating maybe, but I needed a little help on this run.

The first 4 miles went well. I started out the tempo right where I thought I was going to start. I needed to not start out at an idiotic pace for what my fitness level is currently. Mile 2 of the tempo went by fast and as I entered the 3rd mile I felt strong. Half way through I felt my stomach turning and knew that if I didn’t slow down I was going to feel sick, which then leads to dizziness.

I cut it short at 3 faster miles and tacked on some extra cool down miles.

.2 before the workout was over I got crazy dizzy. I pushed through knowing that .2 would take less than 2 minutes and then promptly had to sit down on the side of the trail to recover.

Run 11 -2 - 2

Don’t close your eyes if you are dizzy, it’s TERRIBLE. I won’t make that mistake again. I felt like my head was shifting back and forth – strangest feeling by far.

10 miles total.

So why am I getting dizzy? Oh how I would LOVE to know.

For the longest time I made no mention of this except to a few close friends and my husband. Not because I was hiding it but because it felt incredibly defeating. The motivation was there yet every run was ending up miserable. I’m talking about it now because I’ve gotten countless suggestions as to what it may be and I find these suggestions helpful in trying to put the puzzle together.

In other fun news {insert sarcasm}….

Last night I tried a new-to-me bar and had an allergic reaction. My lips felt like they were on fire while little needless were poking me. That was ZERO fun. Goodness gracious the human body can be so puzzling sometimes.

The weather is absolutely amazing here today! It’s one of those days that I feel happy to be alive and lucky that in the scheme of things, my problems feel small in comparison to what they could be.

Gear pictured:

Adidas Adizero Short Sleeve Tee Coming Spring 2016

Saucony Capris

Adidas ultraboost running shoes

Garmin Forerunner 220


  1. Interesting. I have always just taken my boys with me when I go to vote. I love having them see me be part of the voting process!

  2. You may be getting ill due to what you ate the night before the run or a few hours before the run, make them nutrient rich and non-allergy foods

  3. The human body is a crazy thing to figure out, and sometimes not fun. Your run looked great! Weird question: how did you get your Garmin information into your blog? I have been trying everything! Thanks!

  4. Hey! I just take a screen shot of Garmin Connect and then insert it like it’s a picture :) hope that helps!

  5. That’s awesome! I’ve brought mine along before too but other times I’ve had a crying baby that needed a nap and didn’t go. It’s not so bad when there aren’t lines 😉

  6. Screen shot worked great! Thanks!

  7. Register to vote by mail! That makes it soooo much easier.

  8. Christy D. says:

    Haven’t seen if anyone else suggested this but have you looked into vestibular physical therapy…they can do a move to help re-align the crystals in your inner ear to help with dizziness…pretty sure they can teach family members how to help you do it if helpful. Just a thought, so sorry you are having to deal with that…

  9. Duh! Doing that next time – totally forgot you can do that!! p.s. emailing you

  10. Yay – your welcome :)

  11. I liked that tidbit about political science! I was a major as well, but I really understand the whole “not talking to anyone”. Whenever you try to argue opinion with people, it goes south fast :/.

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