Ahhh you guys. I just fell in love with running even more after watching the ESPN Run TV show on Rock N Roll DC Marathon!439443_222869471_Medium

Over the weekend I received some messages about people in Latin America who saw the ESPN Run show that I was a part of air on TV. Needless to say I’ve been obsessively checking espnrun.com for the past three days, but I was so excited today about the Erica Sara Designs x I Run This Body jewelry collaboration announcement that I forgot to check.

One of the film producers pinged me earlier to tell me the show is now up on their site. 34 feels good.

I have a permanent grin on my face and feel all warm and fuzzy inside after watching it. Running is the best. Quite literally the best.

Before the scene where I cross the finish line and hug my kids there is a gentleman talking about how all the things you miss when you train for a marathon all become worth it after you cross the finish line.

His words feel perfect for how I feel today. I wrote a friend earlier about a big-for-me life decision I want to make. One that I think is going to add more life to my life. I asked for her support because everything in life is easier when your best friend is by your side.

I don’t see missing things as a result of running as really missing anything at all.

Running doesn’t take away from my life or cause me to miss out on anything – it adds to my life and helps me NOT miss out on all that life has to offer. The so called things I miss out on, like late nights, are worth giving up because I’m getting much more in return.

Here is the link to the TV show – http://espnrun.com/?q=runtv/42k-de-washington-usa


Let me know what you think!

xoxo Dorothy


  1. I wasn’t able to view the video on my phone. ? I’ll have to try from home on my laptop.

  2. I’ve never commented on a blog in my life – but I had to say that I watched this clip in its entirety, despite a. never having met you and b. speaking zero Spanish – I LOVED it! Congratulations on a great race, and thanks so much for your blog – it’s something I always look forward to reading!

  3. Thanks so much for letting us know you spotted us in the video! :-)


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