As I think back on some of my favorite memories of 2015 the Marine Corps Marathon kids race and really the entire race weekend – top out as one of my favorite “running” memories all year!

Marine Corps Marathon is one of my favorite races and the weekend is truly one of my favorite weekends all year. I often say what don’t I love about running when asked what my favorite thing about running is and it is 100 percent true. I love all aspects of running from working at races like Marine Corps to speaking at expos like Cherry Blossom or a Rock N Roll Marathon race, to learning the ins-and-outs and history of the sport from people like Jeff Darman and Phil Stewart, or cheering on runners on the sidelines at Boston {I’m still not sure which is more fun – cheering or running Boston}. I really truly love it all when it comes to running, so spending the weekend downtown for a marathon that I wasn’t running still seemed like the perfect way to spend a weekend.


I was at the race through a partnership with Team Beef, promoting the benefits of eating lean beef for runners.

{I’m not here to debate whether or not “running on veggies” or “running on meat” is better. Truth is one is not better than the other because I believe that we are all unique individuals and what works for some of us doesn’t work for others. While I do believe that the nutrients that beef provides are very beneficial – hello iron – and I believe that beef is a very important part of my diet, I also understand and respect other views!}

Through this partnership I have learned a lot about the production of beef and the industry as a whole – If you want to learn more Farmland is an interesting movie to watch.


Friday evening before the pep rally I had dinner with some of the female cattle ranchers that were in town running the marathon. I had never met a female cattle rancher. It was really fun{and interesting} chatting about what they do and where they live! I consider myself a student of life and LOVE learning about what others are passionate about.



After dinner we headed to the MCM Pep Rally. It ended up being a bit different from anyone had expected but at races you quickly learn to roll with the punches.


Saturday we were all up early to head over to the start of the kids race before they closed the roads getting in to the event. This was my first time being a part of the kids race, yet it quickly became something I hope to attend again in the future.


As someone who wasn’t active in sports {or really much of anything except reading and watching the news} as a kid, I have a soft spot for kids running. The sport has so much to offer children if introduced to it as something positive and not as punishment.2465

There is something amazing about a little person crossing the finish line and feeling the magic that so many marathoners feel.


My “job” there was to lead the stretches for a few of the waves. Prior to the race, I was all geeked out about what stretches would be best for children. Eric said I was going about it all wrong. Kids didn’t want to stretch in the formal sense – I had to make it silly and fun. Okay silly and fun. Got it.


When we were holding our legs to stretch – I told the kids they could lean on one of their new friends standing next to them so they didn’t topple – that was met with EWWWWWW and then laughter.


After a wave went off it was time to cheer.

If you have no desire to ever run a race, I dare you to go out and cheer and not be inspired to run one.

The kids loved all the mascots including “patty melt” a friendly burger and of course Miles and Molly, the MCM race mascots.2558


As someone who was terrified of public speaking, who had zero confidence as a child and who wasn’t “sporty” like the girls I wanted to be so badly – this kids race meant a ton to me. More than finishing the marathon could have. I wish I could go back in time and talk to my little self and tell her, it’s all going to be okay.


Adults often say how easy it is to be a kid, I would argue the opposite. It seems easy to us as adults but when you are little it’s not. If there is a child in your life who is struggling, maybe running and good nutrition are part of the puzzle.


You can find my 10K race recap from Marine Corps Marathon race weekend HERE

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