I had every intention of posting this yesterday on TUESDAY but life got in the way. I could wait till next Tuesday but tacos are always on my mind!

If you live near Leesburg and like tacos as much as I do – you should check out Senor Ramon Taqueria!

When we moved to Leesburg a couple of years ago the only thing we didn’t love was the lack of restaurants in the middle price range. If you wanted fancyyou were covered – if you wanted cheap – like fast food – you were more than covered, but in the middle $ Leesburg, especially downtown Leesburg, was lacking.

With the addition of some new restaurants, we basically don’t ever need to leave….which is how I like it most weeks :)

Chloe’s soccer team won their game on Sunday so my favorite taco-loving-mini-me and I decided to celebrate. Her suggestions were Rio, Chipotle and Senor Ramon. Basically I love everything about those suggestions and her HA!Every day should be taco Tuesday @mileposts

But really though….how cute is she and how yummy do those taco’s look?

Every day should be taco Tuesday @mileposts

Since this post is random…. I’ll keep with the theme and throw out some more randomness. This Geico commercial is hilarious to me! Whoever does the creative ad work for Geico is doing a good job! Almost makes me want to switch my car insurance 😉

This post is not sponsored by Geico or tacos. xoxo Dorothy


  1. Cavakia Therlonge says:

    Glad I decided to read your post because Sundays are my cheat days and I’ve thinking about some Mexican foods. Tacos sounds like the perfect choice!

  2. I’ll always chose tacos!! They are my favorite! That commercial is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!

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