I’m on my way back to Virginia today after 5 fun filled days in San Diego! Here are some summer running tips to get you through the last month of running before fall temperatures {hopefully} start creeping in.

Summer is here in full force in my neck of the woods. Many of my runs have gone from feeling effortless to something resembling a shuffle. Here are some things to remember about summer running if you are finding yourself in the same spot as me.

5 Tips For Your Best Summer Of Running  @mileposts

Forget About Pace

If the humidity is hitting you hard you may have noticed that your pace has slowed. Cue Googling how much your pace should be adjusted per mile during the summer. What Google isn’t going to tell you is that as George Sheehan said, “We are all an experiment of one.” That is all well and nice that an online calculator told you to expect your pace to be 20 – 30 seconds slower per mile. Your pace may be much slower in the realm of the minute or more per mile range. While averages are nice, they don’t tell you how your individual body is going to react. Run for distance and stop worrying about the pace calculations until it cools off or the humidity drops. Come fall, you will be cruising and your worries about a slow down will be a thing of the past.

5 Tips For Your Best Summer Of Running  @mileposts

Monitor Hydration

It’s important to be hydrated year round, but it becomes more apparent during the summer months when you not only feel sluggish but thirsty on runs. You can only chug so much water at once. Purchase a Hydroflask or other comparable large water bottle and measure out how much you drink a day. Keep sipping all day long. If you still find yourself feeling a bit off in the hydration department, consider adding a nuun tablet to your water to keep your electrolyte levels balanced. If you aren’t the type of runner that carries water on a run, consider starting to bring along fluids, at least until things cool off a bit.

5 Tips For Your Best Summer Of Running  @mileposts

Wear Sunscreen

Just like making sure you are hydrated year round, you want to make sure you are using sunscreen on every run, whether it’s summer or not. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer responsible for the majority of deaths from skin cancer. The majority of melanoma cases are caused by exposure to sun. As runners, we are typically outside often. Pay special attention to the tops of your ears, tops of your shoulders, and forehead when applying sunscreen. It’s easy to get burnt while running even on the cloudiest of days. On days that the heat and humidity are slowing you down, you may find yourself outside much longer for your long run than expected.

5 Tips For Your Best Summer Of Running  @mileposts

Take Care Of Swollen Feet

Do your running shoes suddenly feel tighter than they did just a couple of months ago? Yet again, another unpleasant side effect of the summer is swelling. While not all runners will experience this, many will. If you find that you are getting blisters from shoes that weren’t causing them before or that you don’t feel like you have a thumbnail width in your shoes like you did when you purchased them, consider sizing up half a size during the summer months to account for the swelling.

Give Yourself A Break

I’m not suggesting that you should not run, just that you remind yourself you have been here before. Every summer I find myself having a momentary freak out. I tell myself, This is the year that my body gives up on running—maybe I should quit. I don’t feel good on runs, even when I take them indoors. Yet every year, come fall, I start to feel like myself again and the struggle of the summer is worth it as I line up at the start of a marathon. Don’t beat yourself up emotionally. Do the best you can do with what you have to work with and just know that being a runner is all about patience and riding out the low points to get to the high points.


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This post first appeared on the Women’s Running Magazine Blog HERE


  1. Christelle Menard says:

    I always love so much reading your blogs!! This last one is very reassuring to me, as i feel the same about you with running on summers; it is not my favourite season for running as over here (Bordeaux, France) we have very hot summers! At the moment we have over 30°C, and i have started a training for my next half marathon that will be in September… So i’m definitely slowing my pace!!!
    Take care xxx

  2. Oh my I wondered why my shoes felt like they were rubbing more than usual (the same brand of shoes by the way) Thank you for this post!

  3. Never knew your feet swelled more in the summer! Why is that?

    Great post, thanks for sharing! I recently wrote on running in the heat and how to make carrying water less annoying. I try to ignore pace, too. It can be frustrating after all the spring race gains to feel like you’re slowing and losing fitness.

  4. I really love this post. Thanks for your sharing. Hope that I could read more and more useful article like this. Keeping moving forward

  5. techicool says:

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  6. Huh, I’ve never noticed more blisters in the summer, it’s the winter for me. Hmmm… Good tips on summer running, I always think I’ve somehow lost so much fitness and running is hard and then I remember I just ran in feels like 100+ temps, and I can’t compare that to perfect runs 55 and cloudy. :)

  7. This is so helpful! :)

  8. kel311990 says:

    I completely agree running in the summer can be brutal. I have the same issue in which running is tough and then all of a sudden you are on top of the world and feel like you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. This usually occurs in the fall, the best time to run in my opinion.

  9. Agreed about taking care of swollen feet. I ran a 100km ultramarathon over the weekend for my 23rd endurance event this year and my right foot is a bit puffy but healing. Do you wear more than one pair of shoes when running ultras?

    My mate and I are running 37 endurance events this year to raise $20k for cancer research & awareness. Feel free to check out our site (thewoundedpelicans.com) and if lmk if you’d like to collaborate somehow… maybe we could interview each other or get a pic together.

  10. Great post. Often we forget about the simple things that are so important when running during the hot months. With the severe heat wave over the past few week in almost every part of the country, it is really important to pay attention to these tips.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Fantastic stuff! Great practical tips for any runner ant any level of the game. I’ve been upping my morning runs now that is been so warm, trying to stay out of the heat to avoid the burn and the dehydration. Great article, look forward to more!

  12. Thanks for reading!

  13. YES!!! Fall is the best and I’m actually growing to love winter running too :)

  14. I always enjoy reading your articles. Thanks for sharing this information, the running tips and advice is interesting. Steady progress everyday is key for me!

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