I’ve been having vivid dreams lately and was stuck in one this morning when my alarm went off at 4 am. They are the type of dreams that you wake up from and have to really think about whether that was a dream or if what happened, really happened. There was no tossing and turning last night. I went to bed and I slept till my alarm went off.

I’m pretty good at talking myself out of things OR in to things as the case may be. I told myself that I MUST need more sleep since I had slept hard and of course my mind agreed, yes Dorothy that’s the smarter idea. So I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep instead of getting up to run 7 miles in the dark.

My treadmill has been NO GOOD lately, so it’s not a viable option most days. The pace seems off and as my husband likes to remind me, I’ve put a lot of miles on it so our time together may be soon coming to an end. Sigh.

7 miles pushing Colton didn’t seem all that bad. I mean YES it’s bad in the holy cow this is hard type of way, but I felt like I could do it.

Three miles in to the run I was reminded that this exact scenario had played out last summer. Getting up at 4 am to run alone is a BREEZE compared to pushing a heavy 5-year-old in a running stroller on a trail that has hills. I was done and done.

I’m glad I have the stroller option, but unless it’s a run of 4 miles or less, I’m not even going to consider pushing him.

……and if I type it out, I’m less likely to let my brain convince me otherwise in the early morning hours.

It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago I was FREEZING at a race in the rain. Such is the nature of this area I guess…..cold cold cold then WHAM hot as heck. It should stop coming as a shock to me but every year it does. Don’t let this picture fool you, I was shivering! Side note: I wear this Rally Jacket from Brooks non-stop. I need to order it in another color ASAP {I have the blue purple combo too!} because it’s the best to throw on before and after a run. I’m a fan of track jackets in general and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Fit Foodie 5K Race www.mile-posts.com

Things have been hectic and crazy because of the end of the school year stuff with my little people BUT I am still posting like a crazy person on instagram because it’s my favorite!

Stroller Running www.mile-posts.com

On Monday’s I take over the Road Runner Sports Craft Classic account {I’m training for their San Diego 1/2 marathon coming up in July}.

This past Saturday I took over the Active.com instagram account and shared my Wine Country Half adventures. I’ll do a race review/recap/tell you how I puked my brains out in another post – I know that sounds so fun right?! They also repost fan pictures, which is always cool. I mean really who doesn’t like seeing their pictures reposted?! Clearly a zillion people do based on how many follow instarunners on instagram!

Chloe Raine Race Day www.mile-posts.com

I’ll be doing a take over of their kids account soon!! You can find that account HERE. Their website ActiveKids is a great resource for finding activities for your kids.

Oh and as if I wasn’t clear enough about how much I love instagram. My latest post for Women’s Running is all about instagram and my tips for creating a running focused account!



  1. Stroller running sounds tough, especially in the heat! I love your outfit (the jean skirt) with the buttons, it’s super cute!

  2. Stroller running is hard. I used to run with my kids in a double … it was nuts but then I would start feeling sorry for myself and my neighbor who ran with a triple stroller would blast past me. Yes … Triple. Triple.

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