In December I started my training for Rock N Roll DC Marathon but some things have changed since then so I won’t be running that marathon!

Spring racing plans! via @mileposts


I’ve learned to be more go with the flow when it comes to race plans. It works for me. Because my focus isn’t currently about running PR’s it allows me to be flexible in my training. I aim to have a base level of fitness at all times, so thankfully I can pretty much run a half marathon any day of the week and finish if need be. It makes it easier to throw in races when I want to.

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I’m partnering with Gold’s Gym for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler which takes place on April 2nd! I’m excited about this partnership and excited to run a race that I truly like, but a tiny part of me is bummed that it changed my tentative plans to run Rock N Roll Raleigh with my girl Jess. What it does mean though is that we still have to plan a girls trip to see each other. Since we both LOVE the beach we may do that instead. I’m not upset about the fact that maybe a beach trip sans running will be in store for us this year! Always a silver lining. An upside to the partnership is that Eric and I now have memberships to our local Gold’s gym. I haven’t been a member of a gym in a bit and I’m excited to get back in to taking some classes and maybe make some new local friends!!

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Another race opportunity popped up – that I can’t yet share about – that has changed my marathon plans drastically. So instead of doing the Rock N Roll DC Marathon I’m going to do the half! I really like the RNR DC race as a whole. Part of me wants to not be smart and do the marathon but I know the half is smarter so I’m trying to convince myself that being smart the way to go. I’m debating staying down there again for a night vs driving in the morning of. It was SOOOO much easier last year just waking up and walking to the start.

A Change In My Rock N Roll DC Marathon Race Plan | Mile Posts

I love marathons but to be honest, the older I get the more my body likes the half distance. It’s also easier for the stage I’m at in life with my kids, so there’s that.

Before both of those races though I’m going to be heading to Florida in February for another half marathon {more on which one later!}. Did I mention I like the beach? I do. It’s the only thing I can legitimately say I HATE about where I live. I need to be closer to the beach….other than that I love where I live. Florida in February sounds heavenly to me.

So roughly 5 weeks till my first half marathon of the year, 2 months till my second half of the year, a little under 3 months till my first 10 miler of the year, and a little over 3 months till my first marathon!


So much to look forward to this year!

Are you running Rock N Roll DC or Cherry Blossom 10 Miler? I’m thinking about adding another Rock N Roll race to my race plans this year! Which one is your favorite?

This was the sky before the start of RNR DC last year!! So absolutely breathtaking!!

A Change In My Rock N Roll DC Marathon Race Plan | Mile Posts


  1. I am running RNR DC half for a friends birthday. We are making a weekend of it and going up on Friday and home on Sunday. I am praying for good weather!

  2. Steffany R. says:

    I can’t wait to see you in DC again! It really is the best race!

  3. I’ll be at Cherry Blossom 10 miler! Hoping to “run” into you!

  4. I’m running the 10 miller too. :) Hope to see you there, although I doubt it because you’re so FAST!!!

  5. Heather @being_shortt says:

    This post led me to your other posts on PRs, and running for fun. I NEEDED both of those right now – thank you! And a half in Florida in February? Perhaps Gasparilla?? Because that’s a big one here for us in February! :) Happy Running!

  6. I’ve only done one RNR race before (I did DC the year before RNR took it over), but I’m running RNR Nashville this year and I’m stoked!

  7. I’m running the 10 Miler too! I run the 5k every year; this will be the first year I do the whole thing. Very excited, and a little scared!

  8. Florida in February?! I’m doing the Gasparilla, I’d be so happy to meet you :)!!

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