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I thought about writing separate posts to update you on a handful of topics/thoughts that are revelant to me, but these days I have less time and I’m betting you do too. So rather than dragging out my soul keeping I’m going to update you on most in one post. They may not matter to you at all and HEEYYYY that’s cool too – while this blog is public it’s also for me!

Rock N Blog has opened for 2017! I’ve been an official member of the team for two years now I think?! But I’ve been a fan of the races for as long as this blog has been around {2009 is when I started – that’s insane to me!!}. I’ve decided NOT to apply to be an ambassador again this year. I felt like an ambassador long before I was an official one so I am going back to that. I’ll still be running their races and still be tweeting/giving them social love and inviting you to come run races with me – I just won’t be part of the official team. I’ve decided that since there are limited spots and so many other bloggers that want to be a part of it, if I was picked again, I would be taking a spot away from someone who would love to be on the team for the very first time. That’s my thought process behind it. So if you see that I’m still using the #rocknblog hashtag it’s cause I’ll always feel like I’m part of the “team” even though I won’t be. If you are one of those people who wants to apply!! You have till the 22nd to do so and you can find that application HERE

Next up is Brooks! You guys may remember that last year I shared with you that I was excited to switch from being a brand ambassador for Saucony to Brooks. It felt like the right move at the time and I was VERY excited to work with a brand that I used to be employed by when I was first out of college. I got to to go the Trials over the summer with the other #runhappy ambassadors and felt the love from them year round. They supported me in ways they didn’t have to – sharing my Garmin #irunthisbody watch face on their social channels, contacting me to show their support when Women’s Running Community decided to steal my exact {and I do mean exact} words from a blog post and try to claim my idea as their own. They have been awesome and I love them.

I decided however that after a year of wearing their shoes and other brands that it didn’t makes sense to be an “official Run Happy ambassador” anymore. I wear a lot of other brands of shoes and won’t stop doing that any time soon unless a brand wants me to sign an awesome LeBron James type deal {hahahahahaha}. I do this because I want to be able to speak to my readers and those of you who follow me on social about all of the brands. I got my running start in a local run specialty store and really like testing new shoes. I enjoy being able to tell someone what shoes might work for them from multiple brands. What works for one person isn’t going to work for another even if the shoe is in the same category – say neutral. When I run in different brands I am able to talk to you on a level where I am not just promoting one brand. That’s where it got tricky with Brooks. They were awesome and didn’t limit us only to Brooks. They are of the opinion that if you run in other shoes you still will like their shoes and at the end of the day if you don’t feel like Brooks are the best for your feet – they you probably don’t align with their team. I DO LOVE BROOKS and I could have stayed on the team and worn other brands but it just didn’t feel right to me in my gut. I try to listen to what my body tells me when it comes to stuff like this. You will still see me talk about them, wear them, and promote them because I like the brand, love the gear, and the shoes. It will be natural because all of it is natural and always has been.

Now to Women’s Running…..I’m moving from being a blogger to a writer. What this means – I’ve decided to only write for them once a month. I have a lot of goals and dreams for this year and trying to come up with content every week was stretching me thin. I’m thankful they offered this new opportunity for me to be a writer and I’m excited to have just finished my first article for the print magazine!! That may have been a one-off thing, or it might happen again – I don’t know what the future holds. I am however thankful that they took a chance on me a very long time ago and have helped me grow over the years. I’m not sure how long I will be writing for them but for now – this feels good. I still feel like I’m a part of #teamwr but won’t be pulling my hair out because I’m focusing too much on content for them and not worrying about my path in life. If you want to read my latest post for them on Dry January – you can check it out HERE. My articles will still be in the same spot under Mile Posts.

I’ll be taking over their instagram account this weekend AND posting on mine as I run the A1A Half Marathon in Florida and spend time in FT. Lauderdale. This race couldn’t come at a more perfect time – I need sunshine and a vacation.

As I step back a bit from one writing gig, I’m grateful to be expanding another. I shared I’ll be writing once a month for but I’m SUPER excited to share that I am going to be working with them on their triathlon channel too. All my writing will be from the vantage point of being a beginner. How intimidating it can be to start a new sport, etc. So if you have been thinking about taking the triathlon plunge – join me – let’s be newbies together!!!

I have more soul keeping updates but I’ll save those for another day <3 Thank you for reading here, for following me on instagram, and for supporting this blog/writing/running gig of mine. I feel blessed and do not take for granted that I was able to figure out a way to make everything work from home and earn and income so I can be with these cuties! They grow too fast :( Soul Keeping Updates: Rock N Blog, Brooks, Women's Running & Active

Ultimately they are my WHY so if something in my life is hurting my relationship with them, because it’s causing me stress, then I have to reevaluate. Reevaluating relationships is something I have been doing a lot of lately.

xoxo Dorothy

Soul Keeping Updates: Rock N Blog, Brooks, Women's Running & Active



  1. Thanks for being so real with us. It’s a good thing to remember (for everyone) that you can love something and not be an ambassador for it. It’s about being real.

  2. says:

    I just signed up for my first super-beginner triathlon, too, which happens on March 11th… I look forward to following you on all the new adventures.

  3. Wow! Good for you. You’ll never go wrong listening to your instincts. Awesome that you believe in yourself & have the courage to do it.

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