My friends at Brooks Running have some safety tips for you to help keep you safe while out on the roads. After their suggestions I’m linking to some articles I’ve written on safety and what it can often feel like to run alone as a woman. I hope you find these tips and articles helpful!! A safe runner is a happy runner <3


Running in low-light hours is something you’re used to. You know how to be seen when it’s dark out, but do you know why it’s important to be recognized? Being recognized as a human lets drivers known to use extra caution when passing you – more caution than what they’d use compared to when passing a traffic cone or road sign, for example.

o   Recognition is achieved by combining a system of technologies that map to the range of lighting conditions (including daylight, dusk and darkness) and cognitive science to study how the eye sees at night.  Brooks Nightlife is designed with the colors and specific reflectivity points that increase visibility and also the chances of being recognized.

o   Pairing fluorescent colors with strategically placed contrast colors and retroreflective detail that map to bio-motion principals creates a silhouette in motion, which helps ensure the brain recognizes what it’s seeing as a person and not a static object.

·         And here are some visibility tips…which conveniently spells out BROOKS!

o   Be Visible: Wear bright colors and reflective gear during low-light hours.

o   Run Against Traffic: If you’re running next to a road, this helps cars to see you as they approach.

o   Obey All Traffic Laws: Clearly signal to cars where you are going.

o   Open Your Eyes: Wait, watch and listen for cars before crossing intersections.

o   Keep Your I.D. on You: And don’t forget to carry your cell phone at all times.

o   Stay on Well Lit Paths: And while you’re at it, run with a friend or in a group.

Tips & Articles For Staying Safe While Running via @mileposts

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