Today was day three of Miles being home sick. Chloe was home Monday and Tuesday but felt well enough today to head back to school. Surprisingly she was upset from day one that she had to stay home – she wanted to go to school. Imagine that?! They have eggs in her class room and she was worried the chicks were going to hatch and she was going to miss it. She has a thing for animals.

Tuesday morning as I was changing the sheets on my bed, she came running up to tell me that Simon wasn’t moving and to please come help. I could tell in her panicked little voice that she was worried it was over for him. I rushed downstairs to find a very clearly dead hamster. Oh sweetie was all I could muster before I broke down crying. My tears turned in to her tears, as she knew what mine meant. I wrapped him up gently in a dish towel so she could hold him and we went and sat on the porch together. The sun was slowly rising, the birds were chirping, and we were crying.


I’m not a hamster person but Simon, her hamster, was the cutest little thing. He liked to snuggle and would lay on your chest and fall asleep as long as you had him partially covered in a blanket. Chloe had been worried for the past couple of weeks that he wasn’t feeling 100 percent, so we had been giving him extra love. One night I “snuggled” him while I watched TV with Eric for over an hour. He was a little love bug.

Chloe liked to tell me how he was a runner just like us. Always in his wheel running when he was awake. I told her it was fitting then that our little runner decided to go to hamster heaven on the 26th of the month {4.26.2016}. It made her smile.

I know he was only a hamster and that he had only been in our family since her 8th birthday, but he was a loved member of this household.501

She played with him every single day with out fail. She said goodnight to him every night before heading up to bed. She cleaned his cage, changed his water, and told me when he needed more food or stuffing. He taught her responsibility.

She sat on the porch for over an hour tears streaming off her face, holding him in the little towel, before she finally said, okay I said goodbye. She is very sad and I’m sad for her BUT on the bright side, she was home when it happened and because she was sick she got to spend time saying goodbye instead of finding out when she came home from school that day.


Watching your children experience sadness isn’t fun. When I called my mom to tell her the news she said ohhhh I still remember how I felt when my hamsters died. It brought up memories of me having to put my dwarf rabbit to sleep, holding him as I felt the life slip away from him. Pet deaths are never fun. I pray that Bailey and Daphne {our dogs} don’t leave us any time soon.


Miles being home today meant that I could either run on the treadmill or push him in the stroller. Miles and I said goodbye to stroller running together years ago. Mother’s Day 2014 if I am remembering correctly. Not long before that Chloe and I went on our last stroller run together.

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A new stroller and a serious desire to not run on the treadmill this morning made stroller running with an 8 year old sound doable. 2 miles in to the run and I thought – HOW ON EARTH did I ever push a triple stroller with three kids in it?! Mind over matter I told myself.

The paces don’t show how hard I pushed, but I worked my butt off on this run, tempo effort on a 6 mile run.


Miles was a sweetheart the entire time and though I realize it may have been crazy to push him I’m glad I did it. Sometimes we need reminders that we can do hard things.

  • Mile 1: 8:15
  • Mile 2: 8:28
  • Mile 3: 9:11
  • Mile 4: 8:49
  • Mile 5: 9:33
  • Mile 6: 9:35

The elevation gain wasn’t very large but MAN OH MAN when you run with a running stroller and an older kid, a bump in the road feels like Mount Everest.

I find Garmin stats to be really interesting and these didn’t disappoint. My average cadence on the run is about 50+ steps less than I typically run in a minute! The white line in the middle of the pace chart is where I stopped at the turn around to take off my jacket, because in true Dorothy fashion I over dressed.

Garmin Stats From A Run With Miles

My new stroller is the BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Stroller. It’s crazy how easy it is to push compared to my BOB Ironman that is now 10 years old!

You can lower the handlebar up and down which is a really great feature that I’m glad they finally added. The new extended weight capacity is 75 pounds. That may not seem that large if your child is tiny, but Chloe who will be 10 in September doesn’t even weigh 75 pounds!

With the revolution you can combine both your regular stroller purchase with a running stroller purchase. I’m of the line of thinking that I’d rather carry a child everywhere than not own a running stroller. Which is exactly what I did when my kids were little – lots of baby wearing. The only double stroller I ever had was my Double Bob Ironman and there was no way to use that thing for anything other than running.

Garmin Run With Miles 1

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