Morning running friends!!

For as down as last week was, is as up as this week is. A good reminder that a. sometimes we are our own worst enemies and b. bad days are just that, a day.

Maybe you have a string of bad days or down days, but at some point if you pick yourself up, no matter how hard that may be, things get better.

A longer run is also always good for clearing the head. My 10 miler on Sunday was good not because it was a particularly great run but because I was really able to think and sit with my emotions on a few situations in my life. I made some personal decisions that have me feeling lighter emotionally and a bit clearer.

There are people, places, things, emotions that bring us down in life. I believe that it’s best to eliminate things that bring you down no matter how hard that may be. If you literally think of them as weights in your running shoes it makes it easier to grasp why you should remove these obstacles to your happiness from your life. No one wants to run with rocks in their shoes. They poke, they hurt, they are a bother. They stop you from finding your stride and make you feel heavy. They can even at some point make you quit because they either nag you long enough or they hurt you so much so that you just don’t want run anymore. What in your life now is a rock in your running shoe?

What rocks could you toss aside to make you feel lighter?

What is on my mind today:

I thought this article was a good read — In vilifying Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova, Americans are splashing murky waters

It’s easy to quickly cast a judgement without knowing the facts, something I have been guilty of. I don’t know if she did or didn’t dope, but the media has a way of spinning things. Also if she did dope, shame on her, though I’m inclined to believe her {though I will admit I’m naive at times and fiercely defended Lance back in the day when people who literally KNEW he was doping told me that I had to grow up and not be naive} AS an AMERICAN shame on us for letting former dopers also participate in the Olympics.

I shared some EXCITING TO ME news on instagram this morning – check it out HERE

Anna Beck, one of my favorite jewelry brands is having a flash sale on their INSTAGRAM page today! swoon.

I’m rocking this kick butt Adidas hat a new friend gave me in Eugene as I cheer on Team USA. I’m also thinking I NEED it in this all black style too. Hi, my name is Dorothy, and I have a hat addiction.What rocks could you toss aside to make you feel lighter? @mileposts

My favorite snack this week has been light coconut milk, white nectarines and sea salt. The perfect mix of sweet, salty, and creamy.

My favorite snack of the week! @mileposts

I didn’t run yesterday and that’s okay! The summer is coming to a close very shortly and once my three little people are in school mornings will be for running. I don’t want to wish this time away but I am soooooo looking forward to cooler temperatures and some time to myself every morning.

I did a 5 minute warm up on my treadmill and then did some light lifting. Moderation.

7 more days till one of my favorite days of the year 8.18 – which also happens to be my anniversary to this guy…..

What rocks could you toss aside to make you feel lighter? @mileposts


I’m going to be on an adventure next week {that I can’t wait to tell you about soon!!} on the actual day so there will be some celebrating with our little people this weekend. The older I get the more I am thankful for things like anniversaries where you take a moment to pause and see just how far you have come as an individual and as a couple.

On a random note – I love this picture from my wedding day. I was happy, yet I look like I’m thinking WTF. So if you ever meet me in real life and think man she looks like she is NOT nice, nope it’s just RBF – promise I don’t bite.

What rocks could you toss aside to make you feel lighter? @mileposts


I wrote a post for Women’s Running on Friday about safety and I think you should read it. 6 Important Safety Tips To Follow On Your Next Run

I’ve written about safety a handful of other times for them and likely will write more about it in the future because NO RUN is worth your life – we have to be smart when we run.

Why You Should Worry About Yourself On The Run

Stay Safe On Morning Runs

This Runner Chooses To Unapologetically Just Keep Running

BTW it’s NOT smart under any circumstances to run with your children and wear noise cancelling headphones. Being less judgmental is something I work on BUT in this case I’m throwing shade at the woman I saw on the trail this week pushing her infant in a running stroller while wearing giant noise cancelling headphones. I understand that maybe because the baby was in an infant seat and facing her she figured she could see when her baby cried or needed something BUT like my parents always said to me, it’s not you I’m worried about it is everyone else and what they are going to do. I could have run up behind her, grabbed her and she would have never have heard me coming. It’s dangerous. I understand that stroller running is hard and can be boring, which makes it even harder, but NEVER in my almost 10 years of stroller running have I ever once worn headphones on a run with my children. Don’t do it. It’s not safe. After reading about TOO many women that have lost their lives senselessly on runs in the past month, I think it’s important to talk about what is and isn’t safe. If you know better you can do better. While we can’t prevent things from happening to us, we can run smart, especially when children are involved.

Do you struggle with RBF? Rocks in your running shoes? Do you think it’s safe to run with headphones while pushing a stroller?


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  1. Good Post

  2. Great post! Especially like the RBF part. People asking, ‘Is everything ok?’ or ‘Are you mad at someone?’. I can totally relate!
    Also, like the piece on stroller running. Having two youngsters and ran with both, I have never worn headphones with them. Just not worth the risk.

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