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I just got back from an easy 6 mile run. I’ve been taking my easy runs easier in an attempt to reduce stress. My doctor says that I need to work on stress/anxiety and attempt to reduce it as much as possible. He believes that some of the constant aching in my stomach is in fact my body manifesting anxiety. I am inclined to believe him.

6 miles – 9:10, 9:06, 9:13, 8:36, 8:25, 8:20

Picked it up a bit too much at the end but that’s because I wanted to be home… stomach hurt. arg.


I’ve partnered again this year with the Northeast Beef Council at the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon! I’m really excited because Marine Corps is one of my all time favorite races. Last year, though I didn’t run the marathon, was one of the most special experiences I’ve had there and I have a feeling this year is going to be even better.

I debated back and forth about whether to race the 10K or run the marathon. I wasn’t convinced I could ramp up my mileage in time after letting training take a backseat to everything else this summer. After a couple of long conversations with my mom, we both decided that I could get in enough miles if I wanted to just take the race easy. Once I was convinced, I then convinced her she needed to join me! {because it’s always better with a friend – right?!}

She ran Boston this past spring injured and it was a suffer-fest. I shed a couple of tears while tracking her online because I knew that she was out there alone in pain. I was very worried she wasn’t going to finish. She toughed it out, which ultimately she is happy about, but it came at a price. Lots of rest and PT helped her get moving again but she hasn’t felt like her previous self in a while.

Running Marine Corps Marathon With My Mom via @mileposts

That’s the long way of saying my mom’s marathon days may soon be coming to an end. Though 26.2 holds a very special place in her heart there comes a point in life where you can love something but also be ready both physically and mentally to move on to other running things you love or take a step back. I am realizing that at some point sooner rather than later I too may take a step back from 26.2 for a while. It’s taking more than it’s giving me right now and I need to get to a place where it’s an equal exchange in order from me to justify the amount of time it takes away from other things I love and enjoy {including just running for health and happiness with no goals that relate to numbers involved}.

We have always wanted to run a marathon together and finish together so that’s exactly what we will be doing at Marine Corps in one short month. Our stretch goal would be to run under her BQ time so she can make it back to Boston one more time {her goal is to run it one more time making it her 10th time completing the race}. At the end of the day though, the goal is to finish regardless of the time on the clock. We are both excited to cross something off our bucket list and are focusing on the memories we make a long the way.

Running Marine Corps Marathon With My Mom via @mileposts

Do you have a running bucket list? Will you be at Marine Corps Marathon?


  1. Love!! That is so special and really similar to my dad and I with cycling. I wish I was running the 10k again this year, I’ve run every year for the last…6 maybe? I went to register a few weeks ago and it was already closed :( so sad because it usually doesn’t fill up! Best of luck!!

  2. <3

  3. Marine Corps is on my bucket list! And I am running it this year too! I’m also planning to run and not race it and try to enjoy the experience. Similarly I am trying to take a step back and try not to push it as hard and get back to finding more joy in my running. I trained really seriously all year and burnt myself out. I ran a marathon earlier this month trying for my BQ. I didn’t reach my goal and was devastated. I realized that I had become so stressed in my running that my heart wasn’t even in it when I got to the starting line. Thanks for this post! It really resonated with me!

  4. Love that you are doing this race with your mom! It is going to be such a fun and special race :) It reminds me of me and my dad….he’s my favorite running buddy!

  5. I have a stomach thing too and it’s definitely stress related. I use to think it was food and did a food diary and there wasn’t a common thread.. after getting my kid into kindergarten (special ed private schools application process is difficult here in nyc) the stomach aches went away. And since then I realized the stomach aches are stress. When it happens now I lie on my back on the floor for 10 minutes and it goes away. I can’t seem to run through the pain. Good luck finding something that works.

    bucket list – nyc marathon w/o crying at mile 23.

  6. Love this!! Making memories with your momma!! You both got this!

  7. It’s going to be SO special running with your mom. MCM is on my list! I have stomach issues (IBS) and stress is so linked to my gut health. It sucks because when you are stressed, a distressed gut only makes me MORE stressed in some sort of vicious cycle.

  8. I’ll be at MCM for the 3rd year running for wear blue:run to remember. Escorting my best friend’s children who are Gold Star family members.

  9. How fun to be racing with your mom! I wish my mom was a runner! I ran MCM as my second marathon. Great race!

  10. Bryan Krouse says:

    Your doctor is very insightful. stress is manifested in the body and the location varies with the individual. Please read the link below. I, too, suffer from this, which is referred to as Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS). John Sarno is the leading authority on this, which I link to below.

    I really hope this help.


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