Last week the show that I was a part of for Voice Of America, about running and Rock N Roll DC, aired!

Here is the link to the footage.

I was smiling watching it, even though I only understood a fraction of it!

Running is awesome like that. You don’t need to understand what someone is saying when a picture of Boston pops up on the screen – you feel the energy. You don’t need to understand what someone is saying after they complete a half marathon – you see the joy on their face.

Chloe watched the entire show with me and was teasing me because of my smiling. She just about died laughing when the host of the show said “now that was inspiring.” Everyone needs a daughter like Chloe 😉

I was trying to document how awesome my hat was last night and she was messing with me the entire time – making jokes about people {me} who take selfies – ha. Really though, the hat is awesome, it needed documented 😉


I love what one of the women towards the end said that people ask her…..

Why are you paying to run?

It’s a really great question – if someone asked you why you PAY to run races – what would you say to them – I want to know!

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