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I shared this last night on my instagram but I wanted to share the message here as well.

The photo on the left was taken yesterday – 5/30/17

The photo on the right was taken in 2011

#ihavearunnersbody via @mileposts

Have a moment? Let’s chat! I often get asked {sometimes in a nice way and sometimes in a not-so-nice way} how I, a thinner person, has the audacity {someone else’s word – not mine} to talk about body positivity through #ihavearunnersbody. I get the – oh I’d love to look like you – or what do YOU know about weight struggles? I know more than you think and I’d venture to say there are a plenty of us that though we may appear fine to you on the outside now – have struggled. I started running as a way to lose weight. It worked and I lost over 30 lbs from my peak weight. Instead of that weight loss making me happy it made me desire more. It was never enough because I was never enough. I wanted to feel like I belonged in the running world and at the time the people I saw who ran were very thin. So I fought against where my body wanted to naturally be. I dropped down to 110 pounds and thought I was fat. I remember the race pictured clear as day. My disordered mind told me I was fat – I immediately put on a shirt once I finished.  It took me YEARS to FULLY accept as a universal truth that being thinner doesn’t make you any more of a runner or any better of a person.

I’m not going to say the road back to the girl on the left was easy. It wasn’t. Mentally it took a SH*T ton of work – more work than it took to drop down to that unhealthy-for-me-110. I’m now 20+ pounds heavier and guess what – I’m happier and healthier. I still struggle at times but that’s life and THAT’S OK! I started #ihavearunnersbody to help others who struggle to see themselves as a runner or find themselves defending that title to others when people make insensitive comments like oh you run? In plain clothing I don’t get told I look like a runner anymore but I don’t care a. cause I am a runner and b. because I no longer define my self-worth by what I look like #theresonlyoneyou #youareworthit #progressnotperfection #irunthisbody


If you run, you have a runner’s body. End.Of.Story.


  1. Thank you for this. I am very overweight and am embarrassed to run I don’t know where to start… and when I run I feel like I’m not supposed to. I have friends who struggled with their weight in the complete opposite direction as I have. Both extremes are not healthy for us physically or mentally. I’m sorry there are people out there talking about audacity… they have no right to judge. Just know there are people who yes wish I could be healthy like you but there are some of us who know that you didn’t get sprinkled with fairy dust to get there. You keep on inspiring those who want to receive it. Thank you…

  2. Love the message. Thin doesn’t EQUAL healthy or fit at all…. when will people finally get that through their thick sculls?

  3. Love it! You look truly happy on the left, so that’s what matters, right? :)

  4. When I got back into serious running a few years ago I went from about 132 lbs down to about 113. Believe me- I’ve gotten an earfull of “eat more you’re too skinny” ” you look like a boy” “where did your boobs go!?” comments. OK…so I haven’t quite balanced out the calorie intake yet- but I’ll get there. Its totally not about avoiding food- I love my ice cream ! With numerous races I train for throughout the year it has been an uphill battle to get weight up. Ideally I should be like 118-122. I feel good and I’m running like a well oiled machine so I just tune out the noise. You look fine to me in both pictures. All that counts is how you feel on the inside. That’s ALL that counts- ever ! Rock on !

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo of your real self. One thing I have learned as an MRTT chap leader the past few years is that we all do have a runner’s body, we are all different and runners fast and slow come in all shapes and sizes. Gotta be you

  6. Chrissy says:

    Thank you!! I dropped 50 lbs 12 years ago as I discovered my runner’s soul and then veered into disordered behaviors: excessive training, etc…I started working full-time 2 years ago and have been struggling with my body softening some as I run a bit less often and try to balance sleep and hubby time. I love how you’ve shared your struggles with your own “balance–” thank you!!!

  7. I love this post. I’ve always been a tiny person. I never had any weight frustration until I had a baby. And then I had body image issues the whole pregnancy and after. I loose baby weight fast but with every kid (3) the body image issues get worse. I try to remind myself that I’m not fat, I don’t need to lose weight. I may feel the need to tone my muscles but I also need to take my time with it and be careful about it and not let myself get out of hand.
    I love that you use the term “right-for-me” because weight isn’t something that everyone should have in common. There’s no magic number. Everyone needs to be healthy for them.

  8. you delivered a good message. And you have proved to the world that if you want to achieve no any excuse will come across for it.
    Keep going !!

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  10. Hey I really enjoyed reading this article and I love this blog! What a spirit and inspiration you are to mankind! I love your passion and drive thanks so much for sharing all the top information you do with us :) Hope to read more!

  11. I appreciate the message. We all have different body types. Being in good condition by running doesn’t guarantee being thin. I started running to lose weight. It has been a struggle for me. But I’m happy with the outcome of feeling great. I recently ran two Ragnar events and had a blast. Being fit and having fun makes all the difference. Thank you

  12. Sharing our video cause it was so fun!

  13. Perfect! Running, exercising, rock climbing or anything else you do – DOING it is what makes you a runner, exerciser, rock climber or anything else. Great job getting past the lie that you have to look the part. Or that there IS a look to the part. Definitely not. Do what you love!

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